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The Babies Have Arrived!


Josh and I are thrilled to announce that the babies have finally arrived!!! After 6 long weeks of bed rest and ruptured membranes, after twin to twin transfusion syndrome and laser ablasion, after plane and ambulance rides to and from Mount Sinai hospital, Baby A (Ainsley Grace) and Baby B (Morgan Grace) are here!! 849 more words

How Long Do the Effects of Being Born Premature Last? Until Adulthood

The longest-running U.S. study of the effects of being born premature is a mixed bag of bad and good news: while the effects of prematurity can persist into adulthood, babies born too early are largely evolving into children and adults who are remarkably resilient. 743 more words

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Watcha doin' with that...

Health is affected by everything surrounding the body, everything put into the body, our thoughts, and how we cope with outward and inward stressors.  The very first choices, unfortunately, are not our own.  1,102 more words

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