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New Pepsi ‘Fire’ cinnamon flavor debuts in May

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Following the same logic as the creators of Fireball Whisky, Pepsi is coming out with a limited edition cinnamon-flavored Pepsi known as Pepsi Fire. 131 more words

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"My diapers will blot out the sun." "Then we will change in the shade."

Today marks Emilia’s seventh day home from the hospital. I’ve learned a lot over the past week: about myself, about parenting, and about Lauren. You like to think as you reach your thirties that you have most of the world figured out. 865 more words


Home At Last

We made it. Right now it is the morning of our third day with Emilia home. Lauren is sleeping on the couch with Emilia while the two cats, the dog, and I stand watch. 1,102 more words


So Long And Thanks For All The Wipes

Big news:

Emilia is coming home tomorrow!

Last weekend it was suggested by the nurses that Lauren spend the night. According to the night shift Emilia was waking up more during the night now and seemed to be hungry.  1,122 more words


The Light at the End of the Soother

I know, it’s been too long.

A lot has happened over the past week so I’ll do my best to get everyone caught up. Without further ado the following announcements have been approved by Emilia’s public relations office: the Ministry of Official Media (M.O.M for short). 914 more words


Buzz holding his birth weight!

Buzz is surprised at how heavy he was at birth! I wouldn’t know what he felt like at birth as I couldn’t hold him for about ten days but even then he felt lighter than this. 23 more words

Fun With Buzz

Birthdays and Workdays

This is my fourth day back at work and Lauren’s fourth day with Emilia at the hospital by herself. Emilia is doing great; she has continued to gain weight and as of today is at a whopping 4.1 pounds! 751 more words