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I shared with you in my last post what happened on Sunday, 9/20/15. After that, we came home and slept most of the day Monday. So much so, that neither me or my husband could sleep Monday night. 558 more words

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What should Volkswagen do? | MBA Learnings

Second-year student Rohan Rajiv is blogging once a week about important lessons he is learning at Kellogg. Read more of his posts here.

We started our second year with a one week pre-term course on Leading and Managing Crises. 658 more words

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Well That Was Fun


I wrote about the blood pressure issues in my last update. Well, around 7ish this evening (what I thought were) contractions started coming. Turns out, when you have a lot of scar tissue it can make Braxton Hicks extremely painful because it’s like they’re shoving up against a brick wall. 299 more words

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Advice, ASAP

I really need your input readers, please.

I checked my bp before bed (like usual) at midnight, and it was 141/88. I waited the recommended 4 hours and checked again around 4:30 this morning, and it was still high at 142/97 (this is after sleeping and laying on my left side). 183 more words

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Place Your Bets

My family has a pool going on when Alexis will be born. So far there’s 21 dates taken (they are doing it from this past Thursday the 17th until October 20th) at $5 a date. 752 more words

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34 weeks, 3 days

I have been a horrible blogger lately (again). I start thinking about writing all these different things and then I get sidetracked…very easily sidetracked. Seriously, I have the attention span of a gnat anymore. 563 more words

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Solving the world’s problems in 1.5 days

By Lucia Liu

Social Impact is a process. And it actually doesn’t start with finding the solution.

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in Kellogg’s Social Impact Days, a pre-term event that brought together nearly 100 first-year Kellogg students who share social innovation interests and are passionate about positively impacting the world.  524 more words

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