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Cycling, Photography, and Pre-Visualization

I started cycling last summer. My girlfriend is an avid cyclist. She biked from the west coast of Canada to southern Ontario (two weeks a year over the course of 6 years, I think) with her father, some uncles, and a couple of cousins. 553 more words


Your Leadership Game, Part Two

By: Jason Pistillo

This is the second in a three-part series about developing one’s leadership “game.” This post, we’ll focus on practice and instinct.

Practice & Instinct… 426 more words


It’s All About That Background...

I love to talk about backgrounds. For me, the background is often one of the most important elements to a photograph. That’s why when I get to a location, my Background Alert System is turned on and I immediately start looking for a killer background to host my subject. 393 more words


A Winter Wonderland Vision

Spring has sprung!  Well… sort of…  In one of our regular late March snow storms, I grabbed my camera after work and cruised on down to a small trail system a few blocks from my house.   526 more words


Location Scouting

In addition to solidifying our production schedule, we spent some time checking out locations this week. Some will be used to give context to scenes (like the one in the government office), and others will be used for live action scenes (like the chase of the dark figure or the nature scene). 93 more words


Storyboard Development

This week focused on the pre-visualization process of our film. Initially we had thought the storyboard would be a simple visual representation of the script, but we quickly learned that the storyboard is more valuable than that. 196 more words