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5 Comic Books That Will Help You Enjoy Them Again

Did you use to enjoy comic books when you were young? Does the violence and objectifying use of women deter you from reading them again? Maybe you don’t mind the violence and you just think they are childish. 478 more words

Scripture for Friday, October 20 (10/20)

The scripture for today, October 20 (10/20), is Deuteronomy 10:20 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“Fear the Lord your God and serve him. 146 more words


The Fallacy of Spiritual Fathers / Delegated Authority

Many things led me to leave the Apostolic Pentecostal denomination, but the most prominent reason was the dictatorial and cult leader control pastors take over God’s heritage – the flock. 1,165 more words


Forgotten Heroes and Killer Robots

Many of you will know the feeling of stumbling across a miniature you were once proud of but which you hadn’t seen for ages; the mixture of fondness for a well loved piece, joy at its rediscovery, pride in the way that your skills have improved and faint embarrassment that it’s not quite as good as you once thought. 367 more words


Dystopian Future [359 words]

The clouds churn overhead, ripples of thunder echo in the barren wasteland below. Just a few short years ago a town stood in this spot, just a few short years ago humanity thrived in this desert, just a few short years ago Armageddon came and threw humanity into the wind. 315 more words


A Commandment Taught By Men

Isaiah 29:13

And the Lord said, because these people draw near with their mouth

And honor me with their lips

While their hearts are far from me… 510 more words



Written by: Pastor Marcio Sierra Jr.

During a conversation that I was having with my daughter some time back, she asked me a question that made me laugh. 986 more words

Word Of Encouragement