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We can easily make the Martha mistake.  I don’t mean the Martha in the kitchen mistake though.  At the end of Luke 10 we see Martha graciously rebuked by Jesus for desperately trying to love her neighbor as her first priority, when she should have first loved the Lord and allowed Him to minister to her before she tried to minister to others.  752 more words


Why Might We Not Preach Christ?

Why would any preacher not preach Christ?  Click here to hear a short answer.

And one more question, am I preaching Christ?


Preaching Christ and Preaching About Christ

Here is a brief video response to the question, “what is the difference between preaching about Christ and preaching Christ.”  Click the image to go to the video.


Legalism's 5 Misses

Legalism will always contain a rich dose of truth, but it will miss something far richer and more helpful.  Here are a few of the great misses of legalism: 447 more words


10 Symptoms of Legalism

I had a good conversation on Twitter the other day about legalism.  I asked for definitions and got some great ones back, including:

Legalism says it is still I who live, for though the Son of God loved me and gave himself up for me I don’t really trust him. 

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Legalism and Preaching - part 3

Legalism is not only possible for Christians, it is likely.  The default leaning of our flesh is toward autonomy. That autonomy can manifest in overt rebellion (antinomianism) or in self-righteous religiosity (legalism), but both are manifestations of a separation of God’s Law from God Himself. 467 more words


Legalism and Preaching - part 2

I remember the look on his face. An elder in a church genuinely believed what he said, “we may have problems here, but legalism is not one of them. 512 more words