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3 Weird Things To Avoid Doing on Social Media

It is easy to live in the moment and lose perspective.  For instance, let’s think about social media.  As a preacher or church leader, just press rewind and imagine doing the following things back in the old days (i.e. 516 more words


7 Ministry Diet Tips, From David Murray

I have been really enjoying reading through The Happy Christian, by David Murray.  When I finish it, I will offer a review, but meanwhile I will post some highlights along the way.   523 more words


Easter, For Me

Here is an Easter reflection on the Cor Deo site that was posted earlier this week.  Let’s never forget that Easter was for me.


Last 5 Itchy Ear Preachers

People are prone to collect preachers to suit what they want to hear.  Paul warned Timothy about this.  We’ve seen a first set of five… 355 more words


5 More Itchy Ear Preachers

Paul warned Timothy about the time when people would gather teachers to suit their own passions and preach to itchy ears.  We already considered five last time… 307 more words


5 Itchy Ear Preachers

Paul urged Timothy to preach the word in his final letter.  One of the reasons he gave was that the time would come when people would not endure sound teaching, but instead would accumulate teachers to suit their own passions.   426 more words


10 Pointers for "Untrained" Preachers

Last time we looked at some pointers for preachers who have had formal theological training.  This time let’s ponder the situation for those that haven’t.   999 more words