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Last 5 Itchy Ear Preachers

People are prone to collect preachers to suit what they want to hear.  Paul warned Timothy about this.  We’ve seen a first set of five… 355 more words


5 More Itchy Ear Preachers

Paul warned Timothy about the time when people would gather teachers to suit their own passions and preach to itchy ears.  We already considered five last time… 307 more words


5 Itchy Ear Preachers

Paul urged Timothy to preach the word in his final letter.  One of the reasons he gave was that the time would come when people would not endure sound teaching, but instead would accumulate teachers to suit their own passions.   426 more words


10 Pointers for "Untrained" Preachers

Last time we looked at some pointers for preachers who have had formal theological training.  This time let’s ponder the situation for those that haven’t.   1,000 more words


10 Pointers for Seminary Trained Preachers

The periodic 10 Pointers series is going to add two more posts this week.  Previously we’ve considered younger preachers, older preachers, and preaching teams.  Here’s a set of 10 pointers for those of us who have had the privilege of studying in a Bible College or Seminary.   910 more words


3 Ways Preachers Fear Listeners

Preachers can fear listeners.  When they do, the ministry suffers.  Here are three ways preachers fear listeners:

1. I am scared because you are there!  … 332 more words


What Are You Giving Away?

“The value of a life is always measured by how much of it is given away.” – Andy Stanley

Any preaching ministry involves giving.  You give of yourself in preparation. 

306 more words