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The main reason I went to Zimbabwe was to preach in a series of revival services in two different Baptist churches, both of which were started along several others by Chinhoyi Baptist in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe. 360 more words


The Church Is Not A Catering Company.

Nobody likes favoritism, but everyone is guilty of committing it on some level. We like to keep certain people happy the best we can while others we leave on the hook to drag along. 672 more words

Sermon Outline: Isaiah 15-16

(Picture, “War & Poverty” by Kelly Short — I am using this picture because it provokes one to sympathy by seeing the horror of war — is one of the primary effects of Isaiah 15-16) 1,094 more words

August 25, 2016 Resources: Suicide of the Republic; How We Got Our Bible; Sound Preaching

One highly misunderstood (and under-understood) area is how we got the 27 books of our New Testament. Michael Kruger, who has written what looks to be… 238 more words


A Daily Death (New Message)

A Daily Death (Click to Open)

Many people view the Gospel as a means to become rich and achieve supernatural health. The has been propagated by ministers who preach the so-called “prosperity gospel.” This false teaching has been spurred into popularity by the materialistic society which exists in the western world. 58 more words

Christian Life

Preaching With Passion.

The message we have been given by God to preach is a wonderful message. It tells of how God has come to us in Christ to rescue from our sins and our disastrous position. 204 more words