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Preaching: "Watching and Waiting"

Definitely not a new sermon, but I realized I never published this one from the fall. Because it’s one of my favorite texts, it’s worth preserving! 213 more words


The Faithful Gardener: 3 Areas God Prunes in Our Lives

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.  Every branch in me that does not produce fruit he removes, and he prunes every branch that produces fruit so that it will produce more fruit.”

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Chris Reinolds

Unexpected Blessings: Sermon Based on John 20:19-31

Locked inside Greensville Correctional Center with 150 inmates wasn’t a place I expected to be blessed. It was a Sunday night, like those we just read about in John’s Gospel; shut up in a place where sadness and despair and fear also live. 1,722 more words

Christian Life

On Binding Consciences: The Word of God and the Words of Man

It’s tough being a pastor. I know because I’ve never dared try, but I’ve watched others try. Sure, you can always avoid preaching on anything so concrete and close to home as to ruffle any feathers, and some ministers have perfected the art of doing so for years on end. 2,378 more words

Christian Ethics

When you realize you have idols

Over the weekend I took the Emergency Vehicle driving class that took place at Frankfort High School, about a half mile from where we live.  In October I joined the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company so I could drive the ambulance when there was nobody else to drive it.  421 more words

Walking The Walk

Failure is an option. Embrace it.

Failing one of my A-Level units and being held back a year before going to University felt, at the time, like the end of the world. 582 more words


5 NT Passages Your Pastor Has (Probably) Never Preached On, But I Will - James 2:26

(Christian Today posted an article about 5 Scriptures that most pastors won’t tackle from the pulpit. I decided that see if I could. This is number 2 of the 5 Scritpures from their article, which you can read… 974 more words