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Eat more raw: it's not just what you eat, but also the way you cook it!

As a fermentation fan and a non-strict vegan, eggs are not normally part of my diet. However a recent scientific study that came out of China got me thinking more generally about food preparation. 525 more words


Prebiotic vs probiotic ?

You are taking a probiotic and you think you understand what that does. Now people are talking about prebiotics and you’re not sure whether you should be taking that as well ? 330 more words


Black cumin, miracle noodles and possibly failing meds

The title sums up what this post is about. If it seems to be all over the place, and that is where I have been lately. 880 more words

The Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics

What? I’m sorry what? All I’ve ever hear about is antibiotics and probiotics and now there’s another? K it’s hard to keep up! BUT apparently there is something to this, Read on HERE to learn more.

What is the Link Between Anxiety and Gut Health?

When it comes to your mental wellbeing, your gut may play a much bigger role than you think. Research is now suggesting that there can be a very strong link between your gut and your brain, to the extent that your chances of developing anxiety or depression may  be heavily influenced by the health of your gut. 499 more words

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The Good and Bad Bacteria Balance

There’s a bacterial balancing act going on inside your gut microbiome: the microorganisms in your intestinal tract. And you want them to be dominated by good bacteria (probiotics) that keep you healthy. 420 more words


Tummy Troubles? Consider These Supplements

Bloating, gas, constipation diarrhea.  These digestive and gut-health issues are not the easiest things to discuss and are even more uncomfortable to experience.  Yet, according to the National Institutes of Health, about one in five Americans suffers from digestive diseases, including GERD- style heartburn (65 million prescriptions per year), constipation (63 million cases), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (15 million cases) and Crohn’s Disease (1.8 million prescriptions). 979 more words

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