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Health Benefits of Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes, or sunchokes as they are often called, are starchy root vegetables that have nothing whatsoever to do with artichokes. They have great health benefits including the standard nutritional profile of the garden-variety potato which is high in potassium and other nutrients like vitamin C, B6, iron. 1,367 more words


Gut Bacteria is the new black

Tamie Cleaver | November 23 2016

Gut bacteria is the new black, super cool, suits every shape and size, it can even make you look skinny! 659 more words


Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Long Term Health

Recently I have been thinking about the long-term effects of following a strict low FODMAP diet on my body. Whilst it is easy to still lead a healthy, nutrient rich diet, there are many articles warning of the dangers of not consuming enough prebiotic and probiotic foods, due to many being on the shunned list of ‘High FODMAP’. 321 more words



Our intestines are heavily populated with a diverse collection of microbes, collectively called microbiota. Most of them are ‘good’ bacteria, they promote good health and are essential for our well being. 496 more words

Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Antibiotics, oh my!

Chances are, you’ve heard of these trendy little guys called prebiotics and probiotics at some point or another – possibly at a yoga class or a juice bar. 565 more words

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Guts & Us Part 2

If you’re coming in now reading Part 2, and want to find part 1 of this post click here.

The good news is you don’t need to part 1 to appreciate part 2. 738 more words


Culturelle or Align?

which one is better for IBS: culturelle or align? culturelle has inuline which might be bad for IBS. Or is it good? it is a prebiotic.