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I mean, does anyone really believe that Google is interested in building those autonomous vehicles for the element of consumer novelty? In huge parts of America… 53 more words


Youth unemployment: local communities essential for helping young people find work

Youth unemployment has been a feature of developed economies since the 1980s. As the Australian economy continues to open to global competitive pressures, the decline in the availability of manufacturing work and the growth of the services sector have changed the nature of work. 139 more words


Blessed are the meek...

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth, Matthew 5.5

(not all the data is in, but it’s been looking increasingly unlikely during the last 2000 years) … 1,583 more words

Why Basic Income Can Never Be A Progressive Solution

by Francine Mestrum, for Social Europe, April 14, 2016

Most advocates of basic income only answer the arguments of the right – mainly concerning the willingness to work – and never imagine there can be valid arguments for the left to resist their proposals. 1,144 more words


Digital: Precariat Punk

Precariat Punk

A haggard youth intended as a character study for my ongoing dystopian narrative project, with no reference used but drawing some elements from self-observations. 110 more words


The Precariat and the Future of Work

Guy Standing:

On March 23-24, the New Zealand Labour Party convened a conference based on its Future of Work Commission. It came at a propitious time, in that the world of labour and work is undergoing momentous changes. 111 more words