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Workin' 9 to 5.30 - Unpaid overtime and work life balance

Molly Johnson’s research on work – life balance: Work life balance is more of an aspiration than a reality for many Australians. Unpaid overtime is commonplace in many Australian workplaces with more than half of all workers stating they worked unpaid overtime in the week leading up to the survey. 180 more words


A Portrait of Employment Insecurity in Australia: Infographic

Therefore, a grand total of 5.98 million Australians held a paying full-time job with basic leave entitlements last year. That’s less than half of the labour force. 19 more words


Our Tragedy, Our Rage: The Politics of Precarity

It is a feeling all its own to have The Fates not only work against you, but crush you beneath their heel. Not petty troubles or a small “rough patch,” but to witness entire chunks of your life reduced to ash.  3,805 more words


Why The Universal Basic Income Is Not The Best Public Intervention To Reduce Poverty or Income Inequality

“The future without work” seems to justify the need to substitute work with basic income because there simply will not be sufficient jobs.

This thesis, however, seems to ignore that historically, there has never been a relationship between technology, productivity, and jobs available. 127 more words


The World Wide OneUpmanship

The World Wide One Upmanship (2016, 8x4FT mixed media on paper and card)

This is a piece I made in response to being asked to make a site specific piece when in the initial stages of planning my current show at Bowery Gallery. 70 more words

Word power in the picture-perfect province

Never underestimate the propensity of the human mind to concoct new terms to express its latest preoccupations – or, in this case, its ability to find them perfectly suited to a place like New Brunswick, where two official languages provide plenty of linguistic elbowroom for clever word play. 554 more words


Marx’s Theory of Working-Class Precariousness Its Relevance Today

Worker precariousness has become a major issue globally.
Much of this, however, is divorced from the central role that this concept
played in Marx’s critique of political economy. 270 more words