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The wave of worker resistance in European food platforms 2016-17

by Callum Cant

Official strike statistics do not sufficiently describe worker resistance in food platforms. The workers have irregular employment status, and they tend to use informal strikes and protest tactics. 169 more words


Made For Play - Work, Pleasure, Survival

Made For Play is an anomalous platform for art and research, organised in London with its partner and host, Furtherfield Gallery. A question lies at the heart of the project: ‘if technology is changing capitalism, how is capitalism changing the self?’ Through a programme of a lab, exhibition, public events, and an independent publication, Made For Play rethinks the role of the worker as they draw on internal resources and self-made networks to develop new avenues of pleasure and survival. 178 more words


The Consumer

It all begins with living your dreams. Not the actual dreams but the alternative, achievable dreams that you drift into as you spend your way to an identity you think a comfortable compromise – given the circumstances. 858 more words

Urban Life

What's the matter with America?

Last week, Thomas Frank welcomed Paul Krugman to the ranks of those who believe that the American working-class in recent decades has often voted against its fundamental economic interests by supporting conservative Republicans. 440 more words

Black Friday strikes at Amazon warehouses in Italy and Germany

source: libcom

The CGIL, Italy’s biggest trade union confederation, Cisl, Uil and Ugl have called for a strike on Friday at Amazon’s main distribution hub, following a failure to negotiate bonuses with the company. 204 more words


Whatever Happened to Working For a Living? (Cont’d.)

“Politically, every transformation has begun
with a repudiation of the certainties of the previous age.”

– Economist Guy Standing

Last time, I quoted at length from economist… 521 more words

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