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Workers afraid of losing insecure jobs if they take leave or complain about pay

Paul Karp reports that “Most workers in part-time or casual positions are afraid to speak up about pay and conditions and feel they can’t take leave without risking their jobs, Victorian unions have told an inquiry into insecure work.”


The Ugly Truth about Airbnb, Uber and Task Rabbit

Raw Deal: How the “Uber Economy” and Runaway Capitalism are Screwing American Workers

by Steven Hill

St Martin’s Press (2015)

Book Review

Raw Deal is about all the creative ways Wall Street and Silicon Valley have invented to exploit American workers since the 2008 meltdown escalated the wholesale destruction of US jobs.  693 more words

Attacks On The Working Class

Frozen wages, insecure jobs, struggling youth, rising inequality, shrinking unions … join the dots

Shirley Jackson looks at the way active labour market policies that include education, allowances, job creation and a commitment to people not the dark forces of economics work in the Nordic countries. 43 more words


Unions rally to support young people in precarious jobs

Melanie Simms  gives an overview of trade union actions aimed at addressing the “precariat” and in particular young people who are increasingly trapped in to insecure work.


Trump, Sanders, and the Precariat

While the white working class is shrinking in the US, it remains the largest voting block in the country. That may be why leaders of both parties are concerned that white working-class voters, especially in the Midwest and South, are supporting populist candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. 1,012 more words


outdoor adventures with philosophy

Part of the process of generating the precariat comes from dumbing down the educational system. The game is to maximise profits, by maximising ‘throughput’. In the United Kingdom, hundreds of publicly funded university courses provide academic qualifications even though the subjects are non-academic.

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Brave New World

No One is Talking Precarious Labour. Why Not?

When it comes to labour on university campuses, a divide has emerged between tenure-track professors, and sessional (temporary) instructors.[1] Sessional workers are precarious workers. And they are far from the only precarious workers. 1,604 more words