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Do Black People Need Black Billionaires?

Remember the black preachers, politicians, and business people like Bob Johnson who tried to convince us Trump would be good for black people? 499 more words


Human Type of Crisis 4: The Represented

In the fourth human type of crisis, Hardt and Negri refer to the represented, who is the epitome of subjugation and corruption of the other three types, namely the indebted, the media man and the secured. 528 more words


Academics on the picket line

As a retiring academic, I’ve so far stayed out of discussions on the current dispute about proposed pension changes. After all, I’m receiving my pension already; although I left before my sixtieth birthday, I was lucky enough to have been able to pay into the scheme for many years (with no career breaks) and to leave at a relatively high point on the pay scale. 1,004 more words


Isolated, unprotected and scared to speak out

In case you are able to engage your students into reading longer texts, I would like to recommend the following one that I found in the “Guardian online” today: 69 more words

Critical Thinking

The wave of worker resistance in European food platforms 2016-17

by Callum Cant

Official strike statistics do not sufficiently describe worker resistance in food platforms. The workers have irregular employment status, and they tend to use informal strikes and protest tactics. 169 more words