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Taskers in the Precariat: Part 2 – Essential Reforms

In “Taskers: The Precariat in the On-Demand Economy: Part 1,” I defined three types of taskers — on-demand, crowd labour, and zero hours employees – and highlighted the problems associated with these new forms of work: insecurity, low and fluctuating incomes, chronic uncertainty, lack of control over time, and the dismantling of occupational communities. 1,380 more words


Colourful activists protest in Shibuya over Japanese fast-food worker wages

Today on April 15th Japanese activists protested in Shibuya for higher fast-food worker wages, joining demonstrators around the world on the global day of action demanding better wages for fast-food workers. 389 more words


TeachHigher: a critique of claims from the University of Warwick

Last week I received an email from a departmental secretary about TeachHigher. The department I am based in – Sociology – has been enrolled in the TeachHigher pilot scheme for several months now, but this is the first time that PhD students have been officially informed of this. 1,206 more words



This was the reason I went on benefits…I was a precariat, or a desperate economically insecure person underemployed in an unfair job market.  I had been fired 30 times or more by age 33.  131 more words

Job Insecurity

Poor Women Priced out of “Family Planning,” Film at 11

Extra, extra, read all about it! Poor women are priced out of “family planning!”

Seriously. Someone had to do a study on this to confirm it was actually happening. 529 more words

What Have You Done for Me Lately? : The Angry Precariat Uprising Is Coming

Dear Corporation(s): You’re in for it. You  are at the precipice of an ocean of backlash from a workforce that has suffered nearly a decade of salary stagnation, job insecurity and corporate upheaval. 843 more words


15 reasons why we need basic income for all

Basic income is a guaranteed minimum income that is given unconditionally to all people. The idea is that the amount should be big enough to cover you living expenses. 370 more words