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On Young and Precariat Workers

Above photo taken by Mary Finch

Below is an editted version of my contribution to the discussion on British Perspectives at the Socialist Party’s March 2017 National Congress: 815 more words

Socialist Party

Round two: the boss is the boss even if he is a bad boss.

People tend to tell me I am not in the right of things when it comes to complaining about bosses and their (apparent) incompetency to perform and deliver. 315 more words


The Rise of the Intern Economy

Internships and the Informalization of Labour in Italy by Marco Marrone

There is an increasing tendency around the world to hire interns, often

without pay and with very little possibility of achieving a real education… 189 more words


A universal basic income for everyone - could it work?

Finland has already started by selecting 2,000 people at random who will receive just under £500 a month tax free in a two-year pilot scheme, the first in Europe. 575 more words


RAD Analysis: Reduce Democracy (2 of 11)

Chomsky lays out the reduction of democracy as an ongoing battle between the elite and the populace over property rights. This age old conflict seems to have two obvious solutions, create institutions that reduce democracy or create institutions that promote equality. 540 more words

An Analysis of 'Requiem for the American Dream' (1 of 11)

Like many other people my age, I have joined the ranks of Netflix and Hulu users forsaking traditional cable. I can honestly say I don’t particularly miss it. 106 more words