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Berlin 03.10 "Schwarzer Montag" Solidarisch mit polnischen Frauen / Czarny poniedziałek / Black Monday

Strike of Polish Women Workers in Berlin on October 3rth starting from S+U Warschauerstr. Berlin starting at 13.00

Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Berlin.

Hallo Ihr Lieben. Wir treffen uns am 3.10.16 um 13.00Uhr auf der Warschauer Brücke, zwischen Sbahn und Ubahn Stationen. 350 more words


Regaining My Power: What I'm Worth

I got a call on Friday with an offer to do a day of flagging on Saturday. It paid $12 per hour, which is pretty good for flagging. 676 more words

Tapping into the crowd - quick comments

This friday I participated in the “Tapping into the crowd” at Copenhagen Business School. (see the program here)

Part of the conference evolved around understanding what crowdsourcing is and what gain be “gained/learned” from crowdsourcing. 259 more words


The Rise of the Unorganizable

Wildcat strikes in informal sectors are challenging unions’ assumptions about where and who to organize.

 by Tomasz Frymorgen

Are They Really Unorganizable?

These campaigns contradict long-held beliefs about organizing casualized labor. 94 more words


Ignorance is the New Black (or the stupid things journalists say about the economy)

While listening this morning to an early morning radio programme I was struck by one of the comments made by the broadcaster. This comment was made during a discussion of the economic consequences of Brexit. 1,228 more words


Developments in the youth labour market since the GFC

Geoff Gilfillan research paper from the Parliamentary Library: Young people bore the brunt of softening in the labour market in Australia following the impact of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). 365 more words


Australia’s race to the bottom to part-time jobs with low-pay

Bill Mitchell says:

Over the 12 months to July 2016, the Australian labour market added only 219.8 thousand (net) jobs. 190.1 thousand of them have been part-time – that is 86.5 per cent. 324 more words