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What Have You Done for Me Lately? : The Angry Precariat Uprising Is Coming

Dear Corporation(s): You’re in for it. You  are at the precipice of an ocean of backlash from a workforce that has suffered nearly a decade of salary stagnation, job insecurity and corporate upheaval. 843 more words


15 reasons why we need basic income for all

Basic income is a guaranteed minimum income that is given unconditionally to all people. The idea is that the amount should be big enough to cover you living expenses. 370 more words


Rejection and acceptance

The thing about academic life – especially casual/un(der)-employed academic life – is that you are constantly putting yourself, and your work, out for judgement and scrutiny. 256 more words

Taskers: The Precariat in the On-Demand Economy (Part One)

Revolutionary changes are taking place in the global labor process, creating new labor relations while expanding the ranks of the precariat. Informed observers predict that within the next decade, one in every three labor transactions will be done online as part of the “on-demand,” “sharing,” “gig,” or “crowd labor” economy. 1,402 more words


Understanding precarious work

In a new review article posted to the JCA website, Tom Brass looks at approaches to precarious work. In both developed and underdeveloped economies, neo-liberal economic growth has become increasingly dependent on insecure, temporary and low-paid forms of employment. 28 more words

The precariat and the basic income [Part 2]

In my previous post on Guy Standing’s recent talk on the precariat at Goldsmith’s College, I rehearsed his argument about the economic and political changes that created the precariat, the characteristics of precarious life, and the composition of the precariat. 1,175 more words

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