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Deeply moved? The problem of motivation and recruitment in the Creative Industries

We all think the Creative Industries are an exciting place to work, but the recruitment and marketing messages we collectively send out don’t seem to be working, and still attract only a narrow band of people- as evidenced in the stubbornly slow changes in levels of diversity and gender imbalance. 2,198 more words

Precarious couriers are leading the struggle against platform capitalism

Deliveroo, Foodora, Giovo. The success of these companies depends on the exploitation of an invisible precariat. Now, against all expectations these workers are mobilizing across borders to claim their rights. 150 more words


Postcapitalism, Ch. 7: Beautiful Troublemakers

In 1980, André Gorz said the working class was dead.  But in the decades since, the global workforce has doubled in size and has spread out across many demographics.   2,090 more words

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The Precariat Shoppe

The precariat is a term coined to describe the segment of the population that lives without security or predictability. These days it often refers to the former American middle class that’s currently experiencing reduced circumstances. 1,184 more words

Our Brand Is Crisis: Greek Economy 'Experiencing New Normal'!

FT: real wages in #Greece underwent a ▼10% contraction in the period 2007-2015, worse than any other advanced country bar the United Kingdom

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) …

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Karen McLean 'The Precariat'

Trinidadian artist and Goldsmith graduate Karen McLean presented an installation recently at Lewisham Arthouse. The neat ‘house’ shapes were made from molasses; they changed over time as they melted and dripped, forming ‘islands’ on the floor. 21 more words