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The Folly of Protesting for the Sake of Protesting

College campuses around the nation seem to be seething over with despair and frustration. Nearly everywhere student organizations are banding together to display their angst for the world to see. 324 more words

Occasional Transpositions

Writers ought, perhaps, to leave the protective cosiness of their homes and socialise every now and again, see other people so as to have more to draw on than their solipsistic selves; they may want to see a touch more of the tangible world beyond their doorsteps and escape the bubble of the hyperbolised world constructed by the media. 451 more words


Autumnal Burnt Oak, 6am

I walked the length of the road from up at the junction to the station down the hill where the road caves in before rising again. 154 more words

Short Story

It Is Rigged…and We Must Revolt

One of the most popular memes in Donald J. Trump’s campaign is his claim that the system — and more recently the election itself — is rigged.  976 more words


How the Gig Economy Profits off Desperation

by Paris Marx, via The Bold Italic, Oct 12, 2016

“Children are running the company and they act like they are still in college. The poor cleaners are being treated like slaves; the children make fun of them behind their backs; this company is a tax-evader and a moral concern to the working class.”

1,904 more words

Berlin 03.10 "Schwarzer Montag" Solidarisch mit polnischen Frauen / Czarny poniedziałek / Black Monday

Strike of Polish Women Workers in Berlin on October 3rth starting from S+U Warschauerstr. Berlin starting at 13.00

Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Berlin.

Hallo Ihr Lieben. Wir treffen uns am 3.10.16 um 13.00Uhr auf der Warschauer Brücke, zwischen Sbahn und Ubahn Stationen. 350 more words


Regaining My Power: What I'm Worth

I got a call on Friday with an offer to do a day of flagging on Saturday. It paid $12 per hour, which is pretty good for flagging. 676 more words