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Risk-based or Hazard-based Regulation

Originally published on 27 August 2015 – Re-posted for the Risk School series

This is a three-part blog. In part one I look at the irrationality of hazard-based regulation.

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Risk School


Yesterday while jogging some kids from my neighborhood were smoking. I felt bad so I tried  to stop them but they ran away because I knew them. 195 more words

Top 10 Travel Mistakes


Yes, you are busy.  But taking a short amount of time to review travel tips and follow some advice could save you a lot of time, aggravation and heartache down the road. 2,030 more words

How to handle common dental concerns that your kid might have?

In a our last blog we discussed basics of good dental hygiene for your child. Today, we will briefly touch upon some common dental concerns and emergencies that kids might have.  581 more words


Aldi recalls biscuits made in 'dirty' factory

The following has been released by Aldi

  1. ITV Report
  2. 30 March 2016 at 12:30pm

Aldi recalls biscuits made in ‘dirty’ factory over pest contamination fears… 305 more words


South African Gold Companies Form Working Group on Lung Disease

South African gold-mining companies, some of which are being sued for historical incidents of lung disease, formed a working group to pay compensation to affected workers and prevent new cases occurring.

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Southern Africa

Health department urges precautions ahead of Merrie Monarch Festival

With thousands of people expected in Hilo for the Merrie Monarch Festival, the Hawaii State Department of Health is encouraging both residents and travelers to take extra precautions in light of an ongoing dengue fever outbreak. 713 more words