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Negative effects of internet on students

Internet is the most powerful invention today and it is very productive, but didn’t you know that there is a negative effects of internet on specially to us students? 537 more words

5 Absolute Ways to Stay Away From Online Predators

On Spotafriend, you can find practically unlimited opportunities to meet friends and have fun. Like any app, though, you still have to know how to stay safe. 328 more words


Risk-free food

Food plays a unique part in our lives. At minimum, it is essential for life, but it also has great cultural significance. For those of us lucky enough to live in peaceful, prosperous societies, eating can be an important source of pleasure rather than simply a means to keep us alive. 1,024 more words


5 tips to deter potential thieves: Being present in travel, doesn’t mean you're not also aware

While you are enjoying your travel experiences with your travel companion(s), as discussed in my last blog post, often overlooked is a sense of awareness around you. 981 more words


What is Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)?

*We Know This is something out of the box, But Still We Picked This Topic Because, Some Of You Guys Ask Us To Elaborate This Topic, Over E-mail! 424 more words


Rethinking energy supplies

With the double shock (to most) of the UK vote for Brexit and the election of President Trump across the pond, many people predicted a further series of political upsets this year. 998 more words