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Can't Be Too Safe

Ron and Dennis they were complete strangers to me. They’d responded to a Craigslist add I’d posted looking for off-roaders. First we met for coffee and the first time we went off-road it to one of Ron’s places – in the middle of nowhere. 134 more words

My Life

The 7 Most Common Injuries in Parkour

#1 – Foot and Hand Bruises:

These are impact force injuries. They occur when your taking too big of an impact, using improper form, or haven’t conditioned properly for your body to take the impact. 734 more words


9 month itch

“She felt conceiving was a pain

He felt conceiving is a pleasure

Together they experienced pain and pleasure

Sleepy eye, lethargic style

Both nourished the kid… 55 more words

Say No to Bugs

Summer is coming and it is that point of the year where our sleep fears the bugs.

It is a universal fact, that as summer starts, there are various insects, specially bed-bugs who make our house their own and provide sleep lees nights. 108 more words


Emergency Cash

Have some…

In addition to your savings, which is mandatory, you should just set aside a comfortable amount for emergencies. This can be in a second or even third bank account, separate from your main cash flow and primary savings, and reserved  126 more words


Fire Marshal: 13 Fire Deaths In Maryland So Far This Year

BALTIMORE (WJZ) –The number of fire deaths has increased by 30 percent in the first 42 days of 2015 compared to the same time frame last year. 761 more words


Precaution is Better Than Postcaution

A giant storm is threatening to upend my way of life – that is, knock out my power.

Ideally, this will not happen, but I may not be able to keep up this daily blogging thing, despite my  294 more words