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So some days ago, Friday 1st December 2017 to be precise was the World Aids Day (WDA) and a lot of awareness was made and everyone was advised to be cautious to reduce risks of infection. 437 more words


Winter Season Health Precaution and Tips (15 Tips)

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Lots of Running, Impressive Hair, and a Not-Boring Book for Christmas

In 1820, James Fenimore Cooper read aloud to his wife Susan from a boring English novel. At least legend suggests that he thought it was boring and he expressed as much to his wife. 577 more words


The overstated dangers of nuclear radiation

The safety requirements for operating nuclear reactors are based on the principle that there is effectively no safe dose of radiation, a ludicrous proposition when we consider the lack of ill-effect from relatively high levels of ambient radiation (eg from granite in Aberdeen etc) or exposure to X-rays or gamma-rays for medical purposes. 210 more words


What would happen if your wallet and your phone were stolen while you were traveling?

Imagine this: you’re traveling outside of your country and…

😮 Your bag is stolen. Your phone was in it and so was your wallet, so here you are in a foreign country without money or a phone. 524 more words

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Stay Safe from The Delhi Smog.

The pollution level in Delhi is alarmingly high. The last 2 days have seen New Delhi engulfed in smog causing irritation to the eyes and the throat. 430 more words