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Generation AIDS

This blog was originally published on 22 March 2012 and remains one of my personal favourites. Note it was published before we redefined Generation X as Millennials (or maybe somewhere in between X and  Y).

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The perils of planned extinctions

1. The perils of planned extinctions

Claire Hope Cummings
Project Syndicate, Sept 6, 2016

A cynical move is underway to promote a new, powerful, and troubling technology known as “gene drives” for use in conservation. 2,172 more words

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Preparing your kids for emergencies - it makes it much less scary

You don’t want to scare your kids or create anxieties about bad things that can happen.

But what if something happens?

We’ve all heard the incredulous stories about the 4 year old who called 911 when she found her dad on the floor – and saved her dad’s life, or the 8 year old, walking home from school who avoided being kidnapped because the person insisting he was sent by his parents didn’t know the “code word” his family had created to verify these types of claims. 1,733 more words

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Taking Dentures Out at Night: An Advisable Precaution

People with dentures may wonder if they should take them out at night. They should, and there are good reasons why.

Summertime Sadness? Only for your skin

Three words to describe Dubai: Sunny, Hot and I nearly forgot, SUNNY. The one thing found in abundance, apart from sand, is the sunny rays that continuously shine through 365 days of the year. 320 more words


The essential safety precaution you should take before traveling abroad - YouTube

Business Insider

There’s one crucial safety precaution that you should take before leaving the country and it could end up saving your life. The best part is it’s free and easy to do