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What's A Little Thunder. . .When You're Two Miles Up A Slot Canyon?

The walls at the mouth were 50 feet apart and 80 feet high. There was literally nowhere to walk except in the Virgin river. We’d gotten off the bus at the last stop The Temple of Sinawava. 964 more words

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Towards an innovation principle: our paper on an industry horse knocking at the EU door.

Our paper on the innovation principle, with Kathleen Garnett and Leonie Reins is just out in Law, Innovation and Technology. We discuss how industry has been pushing for the principle to be added as a regulatory driver. 53 more words

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Security and YOU

A sensitive subject, which up until this day, isn’t handled accordingly by world governments. The dangers and risks aren’t shown to end-users in an understandable way. 595 more words

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5 Ways You Can Prepare for a House Fire

What kind of morbid person would write a blog about preparing for a disaster in your home?  I’m not an insurance agent, an actuary, a pyro, or anyone that would make money off your misfortune. 1,216 more words


Children and the internet

I remember all too well how it all started out for me. My first time ever dealing with a ‘Windows‘ computer at the age of 6. 663 more words

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An Empowered Women makes more informed, confident decisions about her Safety when she is at risk.

Thousands of women and girls each year are victims of gender violence in our country. the most recent statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau show that crimes against women have increased 34% in the past four years. 401 more words

Repeat after me: the precautionary principle does not imply reversal of the burden of proof. Neither does it mean 'when in doubt, opt-out'.

Allow me a succinct grumble about the precautionary principle. A recent Guardian item on trade talks post-Brexit refers ia to proponents of Brexit wanting to use future trade talks eg with the US, to ditch the precautionary principle. 269 more words

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