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I am wary of you
You’re a storm in the brewing
Everything about you
Screams trouble, weeks of trouble

So when you ask me
To let myself go… 94 more words


Important Information for Current/Aspiring Bloggers

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This post isn’t related to Christopaganism and Spirituality, but I felt it was too important not to share.  Being new in my blogging escapades, I readily admit that I have a lot to learn.   161 more words


Here are 5 easy pointers to consider when planning on teaching your children, nieces, nephews, friend’s children or any other young adult lucky enough to share a yoga practice with you: 1,026 more words


Pantry ethics

Store some spare non perishable food in a pantry, in a cupboard or even in a box or bag under the bed.

Reasons:  Severe Weather making it damn near impossible to get out, injury or sickness, inflation, currency devaluation, war, social chaos, earthquakes, EMP destroying the electric power grid & anything electronic or you’re on a budget and have been relying on a local fruit and veg person, who you find out goes out on horseback with others and a pack of hounds regularly, who wants to chase down wildlife, that if it goes to ground to get some people with terriers to dig it out and set it to run again, until it nearly dies of exhaustion, then get the hounds to rip it to bits! 60 more words


Aware of the leeches

aware of the leeches

they enter…

marshy rice field

– #Haiku by Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue, illustrated by Jessica Tremblay (Old Pond Comics)


Wired Connection for iPads

Guest post by Beau Binder

LOW EMF/RF Wired Network Configuration of iPad Tested Successfully

Some interesting — and hopefully also good — news.

I just had success with connecting an iPad via wired Ethernet to the Internet and enjoying the additional freedom this configuration offers. 293 more words

Environmental Health

Shooter drill

I don’t know if it’s the sign of the times, or the fact that my hubs was out of town, or the simple fact I suffer from anxiety. 311 more words