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What to put in your Survival Bag (part 2- Earthquake Preparedness)

No one wants to prepare this kind of bag because it means it is really happening, but we need to be strong and be prepared. 577 more words


The natural disaster

Hello readers,

I am back with my blogs.Today I have some bad news for you and I am going to tell you the bad news in the blog. 269 more words


30km running distance record achieved!

I am very pleased that I smashed my previous longest distance of 23km by completing 30km yesterday. It was also my longest continual exercise at 3 ½ hours (just over 33,000 steps!). 846 more words

Low Carb

Momo Challenge

What is the Momo Challenge

The Momo challenge is an online hoax account created by users on different social media outlets. The challenge scares users, mostly younger children, into doing several different challenges, by threatening to harm the user and their loved ones if the tasks aren’t carried out or if they share information about Momo with their parents or others. 844 more words

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Weight Loss - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

Some of the best-recommended protein sources are:

  • Lean meat like chicken.
  • Fish and seafood- Trout, shrimps, lobsters and salmon.
  • Eggs rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
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Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy: 9 Health Benefits, And Precautions To Take

As an expectant mother, are you always watchful of your eating habits? Are you careful and picky about what you choose to eat every day? If yes, then you must think about including sugarcane juice in your diet regularly. 839 more words


Hollywood and Mind Control

The Beginning of Hollywood Entertainment Industry

The Hollywood film industry started in the period of the first World War, which lasted from 1914 – 1918. Artists and entrepreneurs from New York and Chicago, attracted by it’s striking landscapes, arrived in Hollywood, which was a rural area of the Los Angeles district. 1,531 more words