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fragment 8

“I have nothing in common with people who have to wait to learn a lesson before taking precautions.”

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Today’s life is the fastest we could ever had, because everyone is in a race of their own. Everyone wants to earn more and more money and in this race of earning money we are not taking care of our health. 351 more words

Serious Skin Care

Serious skin care is all about maintaining a glowing and healthy skin throughout your life. As you get old, the body’s natural skin care mechanisms get weak. 269 more words



the damage that i have done —

shards of glass – precautions –
objects that instill confidence,
blade-sharp, plied twice-soft,
images of white-red before
my eyes, i think the only… 156 more words


Precautions against Health Effects of Air Pollution

Urban cities are plagued by ever-increasing levels of air pollution. Emissions from vehicles and factories as well as the increasing amount of particulate matter in the air are posing a dangerous threat to health. 235 more words


A Prudent Person Foresees Danger

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.
The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. — Proverbs 27:12

슬기로운 자는 재앙을 보면 숨어 피하여도 어리석은 자들은 나아가다가 해를 받느니라 — 잠언 27:12… 17 more words

Spiritual Learning

Three Reasons to Skip a Flu Shot This Year

We sometimes hear that folks are going to skip their yearly flu vaccine because they don’t believe in flu shots, they never get sick, or they think that flu shots don’t work or are dangerous. 524 more words