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Spalding's May 22 primary voter turnout rate only 19.48 percent


Spalding County Election Supervisor Marcia Ridley has released the breakdown of votes for Tuesday night’s primary.

Reported below are the vote totals by precinct. 249 more words

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An Introvert Walks into a Caucus...

In the United States, a precinct caucus is the smallest unit of politics one can participate in – it’s the beginning of the beginning.

Last night, the Republican and Democrat caucuses took place in little class and conference rooms all over the state of Minnesota. 989 more words


Geometry Of Redistricting Workshop & Hackathon At Duke


The MGGG held their 2nd satellite workshop on the Geometry of Redistricting at Duke, 2-5 November 2017. Beyond the fancy name, this was a workshop to learn about gerrymandering (how it is done, how to spot it) and to look at how mathematics can help understand what we see (simple metrics, up to advanced tools). 1,640 more words


ROBBED IN Times Square

Last night my wallet was lifted in Times Square. It’s mostly my fault because I’m a lifelong New Yorker and should have known better. We were leaving a Broadway theater and I stopped to buy something on the street, showing my wallet. 687 more words


Prencinct Bar and Restaurant, Wangaratta, Victoria.

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Prompt: Norm 2.0, Thursday Doors – November 2, 2017

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The big pay back

Detective Mici woke from a deep sleep he thought he heard a noise. He reached for his gun; and left the bedroom slowly making his way down the dark hallway. 722 more words

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