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TIME to think of TIME!!!

A moment once lost will NEVER come back…NEVER EVER!!!


We all advocate the value of time and like all the FB posts on valuing your precious time. 149 more words


Happy birthday!

Today is our nation’s birthday, so we’re off celebrating with our families!

Happy birthday, Canada!

~ The Sisterhood


I wish I could put yesterday into a bottle and open it up now and then.

Saturday was a very, very hard day, but yesterday was amazing. God, I need more days like that. But I suppose if I did have more days like that, then those days wouldn’t be so special. 27 more words

 What does time mean to you?

The chances are that, like everyone else, you feel time rushing away and that there is never enough to do all the things that you want to do.

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Sjogrens Syndrome

Precious Time

Don’t be eager to mark a day off the calender with an “X”, because you mark a day off of your life.

-Randall Johnson writingtonight@wordpress.com

Randall Johnson

They are mine.

This morning I kissed my kids good-bye before work, and as I went down the line, I said a different thing to each one:

“Have a great day at school today, don’t forget to pack a snack.” 294 more words


Pat Benatar: Precious Time

Oh Pat, how did I love thee back in the 80’s.  You were, and kinda still are, one a hot rockin’ chick.  I always really liked Pat’s music but for some reason I never really considered myself a fan.   295 more words