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What a word that is.. S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H…. That means so many things to everyone. I’ve had so many people tell me how strong I am. I just want to scream sometimes and say “NO I’m NOT!!!” I carry on day to day. 202 more words


Make new friends....but keep the old?

At my age making new friends is not an easy task.

When is the last time you made a new, real friend? A year ago? More? 300 more words


The Aftermath

In the aftermath of my first husband’s death, I learned that when someone close to you dies you only have a finite amount of time that you are allowed to just wallow in your grief. 571 more words


Late Night Thoughts

Some nights so many thoughts flood into my mind that I can’t sleep…thoughts, literally, about everything!  Hopes and dreams, passed events, troubles and sorrows, joys and inspirations; everything. 840 more words

Precious Time.~by Mykal Osie

Precious Time.

Flow of a stream,
A trickle,
Tender and soft,

Moss on trees,
beautiful fern leaves.
Nature’s fragrance
So fresh So clean.

On the moist ground… 65 more words


Precious Time.~by Mykal Osie

Precious Time.

The flow of a stream
A trickle
Tender and soft

Moss covered trees
Beautiful fern leaves
Nature’s fragrance
So fresh So clean. 66 more words



I get scared to admit that I am happy, to say I am doing great. I remember 2-3 years ago, I felt no hope. I was lost in chemical emotions drowning in handfuls of prescribed medications. 263 more words