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The Moment

Reflections on Shuffle-Play

The Moment – by Toad the Wet Sprocket

Not long ago, a friend was talking about retirement. She wasn’t talking about it in some far-off “someday” kind of way. 750 more words

All the time in the world or just one last kiss

Oh how time flies. Just when you thought you had the time of your life it is gone forever. Did you value the road it took you to get where it was time to part or did you only saw it as a struggle? 797 more words


Video Review: Pat Benatar "Precious Time"

In the driveway, the security guard moves out the way as the gate opens. He tips his hat to Pat Benatar as she drives inside. 467 more words

Music Video

Where Did Time Go? 

I’m surprised it’s already Friday. Another week had passed. June is almost ending. It’s been half a year since I lost my job. My online job, even though it’s part-time but I got two. 336 more words

Personal Affair

For this Life (Gratitude)


Bound by the earth and stars

Which is to say, alighted by the

Offering of full freedom


I walk along the shore

Guided by the soft and roaring… 84 more words


Precious Time

In the UK, Mother’s day was on the 26th March – yesterday. This was only my second mothers day and it made me think about alot. 257 more words

My Life


Winter was raging and pounding with fury, just outside your door. Winds screamed frost cursings as you led me towards the fireplace. You pulled me close, made me feel naturally fit for your very embrace…  And in a moment when so much needed to be told, we shared the most precious luxury we could allow ourselves…  You suspended time with a smile, offered me the comfort of quietness, and I suddenly knew that I wanted to waste the rest of my life in your arms…  Drinking your silence, one sip at a time… Getting drunk on just being. 8 more words