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Precious Time

Don’t be eager to mark a day off the calender with an “X”, because you mark a day off of your life.

-Randall Johnson writingtonight@wordpress.com

Randall Johnson

They are mine.

This morning I kissed my kids good-bye before work, and as I went down the line, I said a different thing to each one:

“Have a great day at school today, don’t forget to pack a snack.” 294 more words


Pat Benatar: Precious Time

Oh Pat, how did I love thee back in the 80’s.  You were, and kinda still are, one a hot rockin’ chick.  I always really liked Pat’s music but for some reason I never really considered myself a fan.   295 more words


Kiss a cow!

What? Why?

Well, why not?  They are cute and look at those gorgeous eyes they look at you with!

What a lovely stress free life they live, (if they are looked after properly) walking around a field in beautiful countryside, munching on grass, “ruminating”! 139 more words

Life Change

Light and Love Woven and Spun

I know today is Friday and it’s usually picture day but I think today is a sharing day. It is 8-something in the morning and I am not making use of the still-quiet house and doing my workout. 460 more words


This girl breaks my heart.

This week Ellie cut her first tooth. She went down the slide at the park and squealed with delight. She just switched to size 3 diapers. 320 more words


Make it Count.

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick Tock.

Time: something that is understood by many, but appreciated by so few. It is both evil and loving, short and long, cherished and avoided. 604 more words