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Precious Time

There is never enough time. I wake up each morning with a list of things to do and as I cross items off, the list seems to grow. 256 more words


Lay with me

The request came at a moment I needed it the least.

My two-year-old, whom I had just put to bed for his (hopefully) two-hour nap tip-toed out of his room and declared he wanted to watch TV instead of going to bed. 356 more words

There are millions of people around the world and each person has their own quarks. Similarly each couple experience their relationship differently. Even though there are some characteristics that all relationships share, our experiences are all different. 389 more words


Holiday Moodboards

While I’m away I thought I’d fill a page with beautiful inspiration that I have collated over the months.  A happy moment that I get great pleasure from putting colour and form together to make cohesive mood boards that bring joy. 73 more words


It Was a Ruff Morning

Not the way you want to start your day, cleaning up doggy diarrhea! I love my old girl, but she really did a number on the kitchen floor this morning. 387 more words


Hiking + Picnic at Bukit Keluang

I always need good (but not healthy) food, water, beach, some fresh air, rocks, trees, many leaves (and the list goes on) once in a while.And as for now I would definitely go for something free (or less cost), nearby, easy access, environmental friendly, and stress reliever. 603 more words


Precious Time

THREE WEEKS?!?! How has it been three whole weeks since my last post!? Time is flying and I feel like I’m barely holding on.

These last 21 days have been packed full of fun adventures. 726 more words