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Looking after Number 1

Today I read a quote on social media, which I 100% can relate to. It sums up the situation that I have found myself in recently but most of all I feel empowered in an odd sort of way. 183 more words


Silver & Gold…Really?

So the question that I get asked quite a bit is, “Should I have gold and/or silver and how much?”

Great question! And for me it is an easy answer, but maybe for different reasons than you might think. 2,206 more words

Opinion & Observation

What is Precious to You?

May 4, 2015

What is Precious to You?

“Keep what is precious, and leave the rest behind” a piece of advice given by one of the characters in BOXES the play. 85 more words

Like the cool kids

The problem with the big cities like London, you meet with millions of people day by day, and you simply don`t have enough time maybe to realize, how brilliant is some of them! 292 more words



Some times we cannot control the people and circumstances of our life. If we control our reactions and how we deal with it then we have control over our own lives. 78 more words

Galesmind Fables


There are times in life when you just need that reassurance that everything is all right.  Where you need those arms around you to keep you grounded, to let you know you are loved, protected, cherished.   99 more words

Clothing And Accessories

Rozanne (on your 85th birthday)

The triumph of your name

Expelled from a Litany of names

The inimitable flower the rose

That blossoms from such names

As Rosencrantz or Roseola or Roscoannie… 26 more words