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These tears are precious let’s
not waste them. Save them for future
you may need them again.

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Lessons From Ledisi: How High Performers Handle Being Overlooked

I’m sure I’m not the first person to write about this over the past several days and neither will I be the last. But if you know anything about R&B music, you know that Ledisi is one of the most prolific vocalists of our time. 423 more words

Challenges & Championships

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Have you ever felt shaded? The icy breeze of a cold and aloof welcome? I'm talkledisi-press-2015-billboard-650ing palm tree shade, but not the tropics. The kind you feel when you're not the top pick... for that opportunity you're qualified for, worked hard for. How does it feel to be overlooked? Has it ever happened to you? Do you pout, cry, complain, or rise above? This blogger, who happens to be my husband, lists 3 ways high-level performers with great character handle the cold shoulder. And what better example than the recent Grammy performance snafu. Read on....  

All I Want is a Slushie

I read this story this morning and I just loved it.


It reminded me that not all people take advantage of the vulnerable when nobody else is looking.  259 more words



Dear ones, did you know that you are loved?

You are loved and you are so worth it!

Did you know that your hearts are sooo big?

498 more words

The Proof Of Your Faith

The Proof  Of Your Faith

There are no words  to fully describe  the blessing  we have  in coming  to realize  God’s love  and mercy  to us  through Jesus Christ.     512 more words


The Bike

I was one of the kids that would bike to wherever they needed to go. I didn’t do it because my parents couldn’t drive me but because I loved riding my bike. 382 more words

Delicious Life


Time with you is something I hold dear, the
Seconds, minutes and hours are pressed forever on
To my memory, I try not to think about but cannot… 107 more words