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Semi-Precious Stones: The Broken Doll

She lay face down in the dirt like some unwanted doll, discarded by a spoilt child. A plaything, a toy – once treasured, but now tossed aside: broken and abandoned, her owner having found other interests to occupy their roving mind. 849 more words

Day 267

Some loves are all that: fresh and bright and calm. These are rare and precious.

366 Days With You

Why is Modesty Important?

Modesty is hard.  I admit it, staying modestly dressed takes commitment and struggle in this day and age.  I love fashion and really enjoy shopping, but when I put that and modesty together in this culture I’m faced with a challenge.   1,112 more words

Desiring Heaven

Quiet Walk

The river harkened to my call.

Legs were weak.

Spirit was dampened.

But will was strong.

One foot in front of the other

led me closer to the wavy… 116 more words

No Man's Landfill

My 43rd birthday – yesterday- started at about 4:15 AM with Felix wailing. His grandfather had given him a dreamcatcher keychain. It had been Precioused. In the night, one of the feathers had fallen out. 543 more words