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The Emerald Moment

This morning was about as perfect a summer day as you can imagine. Bright sky, low humidity and a cooling breeze combined to transport my thoughts to some green realm where the soul-healing quiet was only occasionally broken by the gentle rustle of shade trees. 25 more words


The Arithmetic of the Darker hue of the Orange.

Yet again, it was the unpermitted.
Surely I have a thing for it.
No, I do not have to suppose anymore.
And in my confidence, 157 more words


You Are Precious...

You are precious and are worth dying for. God absolutely delights in you and wants to be in a relationship with you- if that isn’t The God you have heard about, you have only heard religion..which isn’t God. 580 more words

Essential Oil Highlight

Tapestry of Sorrow

Tapestry of Sorrow
by Michael Romani

Decisions made have consequence
That is as is accepted
Some good and some bad
That is to be expected

We cannot frame
Things as otherwise
Tomorrow holds yesterday's blame
In all the past plans devised

We give our very best
In all of out battles
We will know no rest
Until justice is done

Hard fought this must be won
Giving no quarter to the enemy
My only sorrow is in having left this undone
I will give my all to those precious to me

(c) June 23, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved
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First Post! Hmmmm

*WARNING* This is my first post, don’t mind my grammar.

Is it just me or I get completely puzzled when making my first post on social media? 566 more words


Kids ruining family photos are such precious little devils (26 Photos)

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