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Doesn’t it just make you so mad when you can’t find the right words for something? It’s right at the tip of your tongue, but you don’t remember. 153 more words

Motivation from coachsarahvasquez

Life is an accumulation of how we perceive a particular event.
We #worry ourselves towards #insanity on something that hasn’t even arrived or might not ever come. 314 more words


Introducing Abloom & Awry!

I’m very excited to announce that my third collection of poetry, Abloom & Awry, will be published next spring by CavanKerry Press, one that I have aimed for over the years, a Jersey press that makes some of the most handsome poetry books out there. 188 more words

Precise Gene Editing in Plants

CRISPR offers an easy, exact way to alter genes to create traits such as disease resistance and drought tolerance. Anew gene-editing method is providing a precise way to modify crops in hopes of making them yield more food and resist drought and disease more effectively. 98 more words

Accidental Perfection? Nope.

Hey TD,

I walked out of the hospital this morning saying to Sandra, “God is just absolutely amazing.”  I mean, how many of you would be perfectly content and happy if you had a 99% success rate in everything you do; if everything you tried was 99% successful?   228 more words



Thermite. It burns brilliantly in flashes.

Set, mixed properly. Installed to open defenses.

Incinerates rigid stronghold walls.

Precise and compounded, peeling off every known… 23 more words


Day #7 The great fruit and vegetable fiasco!

When Master T knows he’s correct … he is emphatic and relentless at ensuring that everyone is clear and have their facts straight and accurate!  Neurotypical peers for the most part seem to be able to let go and move on … but T cannot leave these things unresolved.  279 more words