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1.5 shot of espresso.

The lady in her 50s who came in every time with her ‘is this fresh?’ question wasn’t alone the last time she came. She came with her husband (or partner), who seemed quite understanding and nice at first. 110 more words

Daily Nonsense


Cornell’s Dovecotes boxes gave me inspiration for creating my multiple box. His boxes “are abstract, geometric assemblages that focus on line, volume, and shape. The Dovecotes boxes are guided structures that are made of simple shapes. 40 more words


Simplify Your Sentences in Writing

Academic writing is different than other types of writing. It needs to be clear, concise, precise and hence makes me stressful to complete the word count requirement. 58 more words

Ceritera PhD


To experience exactitude, Krevolin’s 1st step in his five step process to creating a screenplay, “the word,” serves as a great starting point. The word that I would choose for My Sister’s Keeper is cancer. 184 more words



Picoult’s mood of the novel reminds me of Calvino’s exactitude because the serious but emotional tone creates a precise mood, which was intended by Picoult. To begin the novel, Anna starts with: 212 more words

Jodi Picoult


To visualize multiplicity in My Sister’s Keeper, I found it helpful to think of Krevolin’s second question in the Big Seven. “What does your main character want/need/desire?” This reminds me of multiplicity because Anna’s wants/needs/desires builds around the plot of the novel. 103 more words