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Card 1 (The Hierophant) : How you feel about yourself now »
You feel a need for advice or wise council or perhaps spiritual consolation. 425 more words


Rules and Randomness go hand in hand, just like Quickness and Digression. Rules, in graphic design, create a framework. Without these guidelines, content could end up unorganized, similar to literary digression. 216 more words


Analogy: Sewing

Exactitude can be described as a person sewing an article of clothing. The e-lit work is exactly (no pun intended) that: a person sewing clothes. 73 more words


Calvino's Exactitude

“Literature alone can create the antibodies to fight this plague in language.” (Calvino, p.56)

In the third memo of Calvino’s five, he describes the quality of exactitude.

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Lighting Misconception - Do you really need to take over the sun?

This blog talks about the perception of using huge professional outdoor lighting without understanding that in photography, the controllability of light is more important than the amount of light, the writer also discuss what he looks for in lighting system.   597 more words