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Directions on washing clothes to be precise

So colours don’t run or garments shrink size

You notice a pair of beautiful shoes, your eye drawn… 96 more words


dBridge: Digital Dread/Fashion Dread

First release on Youngsta’s “new” Sentry label. Although why he should decide to enter the label fray now with such a bland offering is anyone’s guess? 135 more words

Deep Dubstep

entries for travelogue

on his belly to piss on his tail, man dreams of getting laid in the birthplace of tunnel vision

/ my son he keeps showing me how to find the same animal

died of different

In Search of a Perfect Patchwork Point

Today toddler has been all-day at pre-school. I know I should perhaps feel a bit guilty but I enjoy these days when I can be me again and not “You are not Alison, your name is Just Mummy!” It makes me smile every time he says it, partly because his face is so determined and full of menace. 537 more words


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME!! - It's my Birthday!!

Wow! I’m here for another year! I would write something all deep and insightful but mostly I am so grateful to be alive.

Today is my birthday, my new year and as I reflect on the greatness that that I was blessed to experience in 2016 I am even more focused on what is with me in this moment. 192 more words


Getting An Precise Carpet Cleaning Quote, Lake Forest CA

Getting An Precise Carpet Cleaning Quote, Lake Forest CA

Acquiring an correct carpet cleaning quote in today’s net age is an straightforward task, granted the right homework and question answering is performed beforehand. 10 more words