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CNC Machining Basics

Creative minded people who are just entering the world of manufacturing, or production, may not have heard of a CNC machine, or be familiar with the benefits that CNC machining can offer to their ideas and industry. 376 more words

CNC Machining

The Different Areas of Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC machining has been one of the standout developments in manufacturing over the past few decades, helping to revolutionize the way that components and products are designed and created. 363 more words

CNC Machining

The Golden Age of Manufacturing

There is little doubt that we are currently in a golden age of manufacturing, with technological developments helping to make the industry more exciting and innovative than ever before. 366 more words

CNC Machining

All In The Family

In a recent, very unscientific poll, I asked our employees to give me one reason why they liked working at CCT.  Each and every answer included something about the family atmosphere that is felt here at the shop. 415 more words


Parts is Parts

At CCT, we make a lot of cool parts for the electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical industries.  I like to walk the shop floor a couple of times a week and photograph the more interesting parts.   110 more words


Skilled Labor Force Needed - Apply Within

Many of the articles and posts I read about the manufacturing industry decry an upcoming lack of skilled workers to fill massive amounts of job openings in the next ten years.   230 more words


Why Everybody Is Talking About Precision Machining and What You Should be Doing

The Upside to Precision Machining

With companies specializing in manufacturing ceramic parts for an immense array of applications, consumers and industries trying to find precision ceramics don’t need to search far and wide. 542 more words