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India Plans to Acquire Predator Drones from the United States to Combat Terror

India’s Defense Minister visits Washington on Monday and at the top of his wish list is to push the Obama administration to provide New Delhi with lethal drone technology – a request defense analysts believe will be granted. 325 more words


Disposition Matrix (Part-5) - Noble Justice

Anwar Al-Awlaki didn’t survive the September 30, 2011, drone strike. The convoy of Toyotas that he and his henchmen were travelling in was literally wiped off the face of the earth, by no less than eleven Hellfire missiles, fired from eleven Predator drones at the same time. 1,638 more words

Disposition Matrix (Part-4) - Operation Troy

Just in case you are a sucker for Anwar Al-Awlaki quotes….


Da’awah will carry on, Tarbiyah will carry on, and Jihad will carry on and all of these are building blocks for the Ummah in it’s next stage. 1,641 more words

Disposition Matrix (Part-3) - Missed

The Global Hawk is a persistent bastard. The single Rolls Royce turbofan engine that it carries on its back can keep it in the air, doing figures of eight at 60,000 feet, for upwards of 32 hours between refuelings.  1,613 more words

Pentagon Drones Are Spying On US Citizens

Drones are no longer used in foreign operations. Now they are being used to spy on Americans. Unfortunately, this may be the sad beginning to a terrible chapter in US History. 53 more words


American Pastoral #26

Remiss in posting here, verging on a year – more or less on the road all the time, Marcella and I.   For that time the numbing cacophony of American politics has rumbled as a background noise throughout the culture, interwoven with the other threads of our communal quilt: football, baseball, basketball, the now-customary gun massacre in a shopping mall or school, or even church.  1,617 more words

American Pastoral

Pentagon officials: U.S. deploys Predator drones to Latvia for first time

WASHINGTON — The U.S. deployed MQ-1 Predator drones to Latvia for the first time this weekend, the Pentagon announced Monday.

The move is part of the “European Reassurance Initiative,” an effort by the U.S. 219 more words