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Penguin Predators

Being both land and sea animals, penguins face a variety of predators.

On land, Skuas (remember them, the rodents of Antarctica), Kelp Gulls, and Snowy Sheathbills threaten the penguins by carrying off the eggs or the young. 167 more words


Sundown Singing

This is what we hear when the sun goes down.  I don’t have a camera with a good microphone, so you may have to turn the sound up to hear what we hear. 39 more words


To Fix the Bathroom Issue...

You know, the “bathroom issue.”

Where should transgender people pee? It’s an issue, you see (as I have been told time and time again) not… 482 more words



Hi Everyone!

I am writing in the early morning hours just as the sun is coming up and right after I read an article about a hate filled meeting held in a town that is dear to my heart. 644 more words


Victims' advocates warn about new 'Benadryl Cocktail' rape drug

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Sexual predators have used a number of drugs to attack their victims.

Now predators have begun using a common over the counter medicine to incapacitate… 225 more words


Killer whales stress narwhals out just by being in the area

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The warming of the Arctic is bad news for so many species, but for killer whales, it’s offering up a buffet. While the ice had previously prevented access to large areas—like Hudson Bay—the whales can now find their way into those waters during the summer. 756 more words


Ah ben tabarnak....

29 juin 1990 Chris Chelios échangé aux Blackhawks, 29 juin 2016 PK Subban échangé aux Predators.  Est-ce une coïncidence qu’un des, sinon le meilleur défenseur de sa génération depuis Chris Chelios parte la même date?   134 more words