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"Great white sharks and tuna share super predator genes"


A high metabolism and an impressive swimming pace are two reasons why tuna and great white sharks are such effective predators. New research suggests the two super-predator traits shared by the fish are derived from a similar set of genes.


Mark Avery, Backed Up By Sc(lie)ence?..

Mark Avery, you’ve probably never heard the name before but, if you have, you’ll know he’s a talker of nonsense, a manufacturer of sc(lie)entific evidence and misinformation when it comes to Driven Grouse Shooting.  543 more words

Predators on the Prairie

A couple of unlikely collaborators have recently given us a lesson on the importance of cooperation and teamwork. And it appears you don’t necessarily have to be friends to benefit. 456 more words

Southwest Saskatchewan

Do red imported fire ants have any redeeming qualities?

by Steve Byrnes, Texas A&M AgriLife

Red imported fire ants have earned a justifiably bad rap across the south and most Texans would be hard put to name a single redeeming quality the ants have. 553 more words



We have had a mouse issue lately. A while back a field adjacent to our neighborhood was cleared and since then there have been mouse sightings at night. 305 more words

The City Moon

The city moon illuminates
a chill and shadowed world;
the other side of sunny smiles
laid open to behold.

Its mellow glow radiates
stupors borne of opiates; 138 more words