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19 Women and A Guy Had a Chat In 27 Sentences and 50 Shades of Black & White...

They couldn’t have found a more sincere and kind supporter.  Why would they think otherwise?  His words were so soft, so deeply kind, and so well designed to flatter and draw in comradery as quickly as possible. 722 more words


None So Brave

“De Oppresso Liber” (To Liberate the Oppressed) ~~Motto of the U.S. Army Special Forces

A poignant Afghan proverb declares, “Cowards cause harm to brave men.” 1,588 more words

Holy crap!!! What was that???

I was reading, Jake was building a Lego creation, Sahara was on her phone, and Ted was getting ready for bed Saturday night. The dogs were outside having a potty break, and suddenly I heard this shriek, and they all went wild and flew off the porch, just carrying on something terrible. 196 more words

Know Your Farmer

Is a child molester worse than a child killer?

I just want to clarify that without a doubt  – no form of abuse or harm, whatsoever to any living thing, is all right by me.   388 more words

Kait King Author

Story Problem Disintegrates!

The other night when reviewing my Otto and Socks storylines, I could have sworn I had a disconnect between the 2nd episode and the 3rd. This weekend, I set time aside to resolve this annoying problem. 272 more words

The Cabin

How To Tell the Difference Between a Nice Man and a Predator -s.

I went running yesterday. Usually I stay in my apartment complex and run in circles, which I find incredibly boring. One reason is to avoid taking a spill because of the cracks and uneven places on the sidewalk, but another reason, another big reason is so I don’t have to hear or see anyone else. 502 more words

Narratives Of Southern Identity

Child Abuse: Phase Two...from behaviour to desire

Understanding the Predator – Desire

Previously I discussed the behaviour of the paedophile.  Now I’d like to address the desire that spurns the predator into scarring our children. 503 more words

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