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Learning in a degraded habitat

Habitat degradation can have major impacts on fish communities. Changing the environment can shift the balance of power between species, allowing some species to flourish while others suffer. 1,245 more words


Natural born killers

Australia is planning to use dingoes to kill wild goats, originally imported by the British as food for lighthouse keepers and sailors, which have infested islands and are destroying the natural habitat. 489 more words


Robber Fly

I love the robber flies…they are aggressive and impressive predators, and they tend to sit still from a perch and then launch themselves suddenly at insect prey. 30 more words


Here's to a New Week

I am so ready for a new better week.  This one just has to end. With the heat and the worry over my moms in the yard, I decided not to set up for the Rhodes Pride Days’ farmer’s market.  450 more words


Love in the Anthropocene

This ambiguous project I have been trying to define since I became my own person really just boils down to love.  I want people to love each other the way that i know they can, because it is how I love. 539 more words


Gym time, and abuse

So, I went to the gym today to abuse my muscles some more and after a good upper body workout, I moved to the treadmills to burn a few more calories.  407 more words