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Is a child molester worse than a child killer?

I just want to clarify that without a doubt  – no form of abuse or harm, whatsoever to any living thing, is alright by me.  I spend most of my waking moments and my work towards protecting our kids and vulnerable populations like animals, the elderly and handicapped as well.   363 more words

Kait King Poetry

Commercial directors making today's coolest adverts

The whole commercial makes no mention of brand or models excepting the tiny-print identifiers appearing for a second or two. If you’re in the market for something like this – you already know what you’re looking at!

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Dealing with Death on the Farm

We have had our share of losses this year on our little farm.  We buried one of our favorite ducks today.  He was a Muscovy named Whale, and he died of unknown causes.   497 more words


Join the Club (Closing Time)

During one summer in college, I worked as a buss-boy and bar-back at a Mexican restaurant in Ocean City, MD.  It was kind of ironic that in a popular Mexican restaurant, all of the cooks, wait-staff and buss-boys were American or Scottish.   399 more words

More information about the two spotted spider mite

The two spotted spider mite

The two spotted spider mite is oval in shape, about 1/50 inch long and may be brown or orange-red, but a green, greenish-yellow or an almost translucent colour is the most common. 83 more words


About the Red spider mite

About the Red spider mite

Spider mites are arachnids and are related to all spider species.
These tiny, highly destructive pests are common in greenhouses and on house plants and can also be found on outdoor plants during the warmer summer months. 213 more words