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Is a child molester worse than a child killer?

I just want to clarify that without a doubt  – no form of abuse or harm, whatsoever to any living thing, is alright by me.  I spend most of my waking moments and my work towards protecting our kids and vulnerable populations like animals, the elderly and handicapped as well.   363 more words

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Camouflage: Nature's Fashion Statement with a Purpose

Guest contributor:  Phil Wyde

Have you ever wondered why animals look the way they do;  why there are so many small brown birds;  why a fawn has white splotches on its sides;  why a zebra has black and white stripes?  929 more words


Converting Garages into Livable Spaces

According to an article in the Gallatin observer, many people decide to upgrade from their apartments or condominiums out of a need for more space. But even after moving into a new home, homeowners may soon begin to outgrow the room they have. 485 more words

Child Abuse: Phase Two...from behaviour to desire

Understanding the Predator – Desire

Previously I discussed the behaviour of the paedophile.  Now I’d like to address the desire that spurns the predator into scarring our children. 503 more words

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They say that hockey in the South can’t work. Well don’t tell that to the hockey community in Nashville, TN. In less than 20 years the Nashville Predators have made the Buckle of the Bible Belt hockey crazy. 356 more words


SAGE GROUSE, and then there were none

A few weeks ago a pair of Sage Grouse came walking down our driveway and fairly close to the house. Forty years ago there were fifteen Sage Grouse somewhere around every day but, each year, there were fewer until there were none. 239 more words

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