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I found you again,
hiding in amongst all your
periods and. . . .

Letters, tall and oh so proper,
a calm, intimate facade
that abruptly lets loose… 80 more words


Because of you…

She was a very strong and courageous woman.

She had a very difficult life and she had to learn to be tough in order to survive in a world made by men. 475 more words


Why killing more of Utah’s cougars is a bad idea, part two


By Sharon St Joan

To read part one first, click here.

A fallacy – that killing cougars protects calves


Concerning the mortality of young calves, only 1 to 2 percent of these deaths are caused by predation — from all predators, including dogs. 1,331 more words

Animals And The Earth

Why killing more of Utah’s cougars is a bad idea, part one

By Sharon St Joan

Standing on a rock in the sunlight surveying the lands below or leaping through a rushing stream, cougars, like all wild animals, have a striking, incredible beauty – an intrinsic worth and value as individuals and, collectively, as a species. 914 more words

Animals And The Earth

Response to The Unorthodox Doll

Here is the link to the post I ‘m responding to.   I recommend going there and looking at the pictures that I had to remove.  Doll’s words are Bold and Black.   1,469 more words

Scanorama Books lets kids take a deeper look at animals... and dinosaurs

When I was in my early 20s, and the first Jurassic Park movie hit theatres, one of the coolest books I ever saw was a 3-D X-ray book about dinosaurs. 273 more words