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Daily 5 – 2/19

Been busy on the weekends recently and going to be for next couple weeks so it will be difficult for me to post on those Saturdays and Sundays. 622 more words


boredn530: Legitimate Predator

Howdy folks.

We don’t oft come across a legitimate predator; When I say that, I mean a fully functioning adult as opposed to a college dropout in his 20s. 30 more words


network: Predator

Howdy folks.

network joined Pikii just within the past week. A user posted that he was blackmailing her with her nude photos (Why she sent them in the first place, I’m sure I don’t know.) 22 more words


Carrie Underwood Shuts Down Divorce Rumors

By: Rob Stone

With her husband headed back to work, singer Carrie Underwood is trying to shut down rumors that she and NHL player Mike Fisher are getting a divorce. 82 more words


Predators and Prey: The Truth about Gun Control - Bohdi Sanders

Predators and Prey:
The Truth about Gun Control

Predators do not target strong people who are ready, willing and able to take them down. Anyone who knows anything about self-defense will tell you this. 827 more words


Patrick Jeppesen: Predator

Howdy folks.

Patrick Jeppesen is a Pikii user living in Denmark. Charge: Willingly being a predator.


gamer3354: Predator

Howdy folks.

gamer3354 is a Pikii user who wasted no time coming onto a fourteen-year-old girl. Charge: Coming onto a fourteen-year-old-girl.