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5 Movies That Didn't Have To Suck

Every movie has the potential to be amazing. With proper casting and writing anything can be a fun watch from the random sci-fi actioner (Edge of Tomorrow) to the cheap cash in (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones). 1,259 more words

Think of the Children: Josh Duggar & Pedophilia

I was home schooled for sixth and seventh grade. My mother went through cycles with the schools I attended. She would put me into a new school and then move me out at the end of the year because the administration was terrible. 1,570 more words


Braided! How?

My camera always accompanies me when I’m out in the yard. I had been taking pictures of this and that.

Then I found this daisy fleabane ( 164 more words


Nature's Way

In April, few days would pass that I wouldn’t see a tom turkey fanned out in a clearing or hear a hen clucking.  During their peak mating season, I could sit on the porch and hear the wild birds calling to each other. 284 more words

The Coachwhip - a colorful snake

The Coachwhip (Masticophis flagellum) is a fast, colorful, non-venomous, but sometimes aggressive snake that can get up to eight feet long, but most are three to five feet long. 406 more words

Natural History


My gut tells me everything I need to know”

Everybody has Intuition, but do we all make use of it? Intuition is your early-warning alarm to detect criminal minds scheming to entrap you or anyone around you. 390 more words


Life....and death, in Yellowstone National Park

In the Disney movie the Lion King, the young lion Simba asked his father about how and why they as lions can kill other animals for their food. 531 more words