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Killing Off Our World's Predators is Killing Our World

Humans have done a lot of damage to our planet, but some of the worst has been killing off the predators. It’s a crime against nature and here’s why. 380 more words


The club: Man search?

It’s Friday! Or Fri Yay as it’s being called these days. The day when the working week is done, the school run, 9-5 hustle, college and uni lectures and rush hour traffic can now all be packed away into the week that was. 721 more words


How Wolves Change Rivers

The importance of the cycle of life, predator and prey relationships, and how humans fit into the scheme of things…

Please do watch:

What I love about using Holistic and Sustainable management principles is that people play an important part in every aspect of the farm.  76 more words


The Department Predator's Mark Equipment Establish testimonial-- is it any kind of good?

The Department 1.2 upgrade consists of 4 new gear sets, among which is the Predator’s Mark. Allow’s have a look at it.

The Department Killer’s Mark – Gear Establish testimonial – 19 more words


An Open Letter to Heterosexual Men Protecting Me From Transgender Women

To the heterosexual men feeling the need to guard me and other women while we use the bathroom:

I grew up being taught to fear you. 689 more words