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Sharing a National Geographic video on hippos and crocodiles:


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Common Sense

Hawks and Hades

The small bird seemed to come out of nowhere. Like a Kamikaze pilot—zipping, diving, buzzing— he harassed the B-52 Bomber…a hawk.

No doubt, the bird had a nest nearby and he wasn’t going to tolerate the presence of a big and dangerous predator in his territory. 314 more words

Christian Faith

Canucks Defeat Predators In Shootout

After a tense few hours, the Canucks get to travel away from Nashville with a win, angry Nashville fans and probably a few tacos on the way to Chicago. 270 more words

Failed Religious teachings.

“Muuuuuum….Why do Hot Cross buns have crosses?”

This from the relentlessly questioning 7yro.

I challenge anyone to try and deliver a broad overview of Christianity in under two minutes, which is the precise amount of time you get given as a parent before eyes glaze over and they’re on to the next subject. 236 more words


It took 20 years for the Predator franchise to continue. Maybe with the not-so-success of the second instalment there was hesitation to bring out another, but director Nimród Antal braved the elements to bring us that third instalment in 2010, simply entitled… 351 more words