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Between legitimation and imagination: epistemic attachment, ontological bias, and thinking about the future

By Jana Bacevic

A serious line of division runs through my household. It does not concern politics, music, or even sports: it concerns the possibility of large-scale collapse… 2,576 more words




Phenotype risk scores identify patients with unrecognized Mendelian disease patterns

“We describe an approach that aggregates phenotypes on the basis of patterns described by Mendelian diseases. 40 more words

Postdiction, Prediction, and Preregistration

“Sometimes researchers use existing observations of nature to generate ideas about how the world works. This is called post-diction. Other times, researchers have an idea about how the world works and make new observations to test whether that idea is a reasonable explanation. 87 more words

Remember Tomorrow?

We humans have an impressive ability to plan for the future — lapsed New Year’s resolutions and overambitious project planners notwithstanding. We can make decisions in the present (like bringing an umbrella) that make our lives easier in the future (we stay dry). 1,362 more words


NOAA Climate Outlook Predicts Cold, Snowy Beginning To Spring

The 3/22-28 Week-2 forecast favors below-normal temperatures across the northern two-thirds of the lower-48, with above-normal temperatures favored from the Southwest through Gulf states. Odds still generally favor above-normal precipitation in most areas.

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The Ides of March

On 15 March 44 BC,  Julius Caesar, dictator of Rome, was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate house by 60 conspirators led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus. 119 more words

On This Day

NCAA Tourney Predictions: Round 1

By Ryan Decker

Welcome to the best time of the year, and the best tournament ever created.

The NCAA Tournament begins today with 64 teams all eyeing a trip to San Antonio for a chance to cut down the nets. 1,264 more words