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OUR HIGH-TECH FUTURE: 5 technologies that will shape our tomorrow

Have you ever wondered what kind of technologies will become established in our world in the next 20, 30 or 50 years? Super-thin mobile phones with holographic screens, robot servants, perhaps those flying cars from the Back to the Future films we are still waiting on?. 607 more words


The New Dream Book: Now Available!


This work is a bit longer and more fleshed out than some (even some fortune telling works.) Primarily a work of dream interpretation, it also covers prognostication by moles and card throwing, and contains a very simplified, extremely short oraculum of sorts that nonetheless does not follow any other prescribed method; due to its date of manufacture it might actually be the first work to utilize a chart-like grid oracle, which was then improved upon later. 45 more words

Premier League Predictions - Week 20

Football, like life, is influenced by change. Change is inevitable from personnel to style to the dominant sides, nothing has really stayed the same in football. 205 more words


Preview and Predictions for this weekend's biggest games

Preview and predictions for this weekend’s best games

There are no College Football games or NFL Playoff games taking place this Saturday, which means everyone will be devoted to spending their Saturday watching College Basketball. 1,700 more words


N&R Predictions 18

Fell on our faces again last week. Nobby still without a win this season. Here are this weekend’s selections:

Man C home to Newcastle… 42 more words


Box Office Predictions: Jan 19 - 21

This weekend may not have much when it comes to competition, but some things will be different this weekend. “12 Strong” and “Den of Thieves” are now in theaters and “12 Strong” will be the film to kick “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” out of the top five. 288 more words