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Dreaming My Life Away

“I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine,
anytime, night or day.
Only trouble is, gee whiz,
I’m dreaming my life away.”

Bad poetry but a great song sung by the Everly Brothers during my senior year in high school. 443 more words

On Dreams

Every morning I wake up tense, my fists clenched and my arms pressed into my chest. It’s as if I’m braced for impact, like I’m about to crash-land into the day. 1,247 more words

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Dear Belle Jar,

  1. My favorite funny phrase of the week, if not the month: "Sesame Street witness protection program."
  2. This was the good dream, eh? Seems like this one might be worth dissecting with a therapist as well.
  3. I'm amazed and impressed by how detailed is your recollection of the dream; are you practiced at recording dream content right after you wake? My dreams are vivid, and increasingly realistic, enough to recall fairly well, but your telling was amazing!
  4. Have you ever tried interpreting your own dreams using guide materials? Typically, some insight can be gleaned, if not absolute enlightenment.
  5. I also love the ideas about what babies might dream. Well done.
  6. It takes a lot of courage to share such personal parts of yourself. Kudos and thank you.
  7. Your imagined explanation to the alien race is spot on and rings true for me.
  8. Your writing is excellent. I love how you shape the piece to come full circle back to birth, in light of death.
I guess at bottom most of us are just babies when it comes to dreaming. Helpless, vulnerable, at the mercy of the subconscious. But we can also make meaning out of it in a much more sophisticated way than the unborn ever can, even if it feels terribly inadequate. I encourage you not to give up on making some additional, positive use of your anxious dreaming. I'm still open to the notion that our dreams are just our subconscious mind's way of trying to send us an important message, or at least one worth exploring. All of my dreams are anxiety dreams when they're not apparently meaningless bits of mundane life that I often mistake for things that really happened. Or did they? Lately, they've focused almost entirely on past situations in a way that suggests to me I have some unfinished business to resolve, whether with others or just within myself. I have family with the ability to predict things through dreams, and a friend who can control the action in lucid dreaming. Is deja vu just the recollection of a predictive dream? Surely the space between waking and sleeping desires, fears, and memories is not such a chasm. As an aside, this reminds me of my post about synchronicity. What is the relationship between apparent coincidence and the subconscious? Great work. Keep it up.

I Dreamed of Murder


    I was within a deep trance-like vivid dream, and was at first myself- climbing a fence and entering into a trailer.  I was then aware that I was no longer myself- as I made coffee, watching the TV as I did so, and collected things in preparation to leave for work. 577 more words


best predictive dream of 2014

And the official hack deeper award for Twitter’s best predictive dream of 2014 goes to @laurensc0tty, who tweeted the following less than 24 hours before… 54 more words


Dreams: A Feast for the Mind

Dream symbolism. I’ve been meaning to blog on this topic that’s close to my heart for a long time. As I prepare to publish my second novel… 1,484 more words

Laura K. Cowan

aaahh sorry about that my bad


dreams are so weird aren’t they

dreams, how odd are dreams, we spend apparently 33% of our life asleep, and most of that will be spent in dream land, what amazes me is the whole world of dreams and how much we see in it. 978 more words

Waffling On

North Korea: The Judas Factor

For anyone following the situation in North Korea – this is for you. I had a dream two nights ago, and I’ve just figured out what it means, thanks to ABC News. 1,221 more words