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Predictive Programming: In the TV show "Jericho" a Nuclear False Flag is Blamed on North Korea

Watched a video by TruthMediaRevolution titled “Forget Gotham Shield….Operation Jericho is in full swing” where he talks about a video he made in 2015 about the really popular TV series “Jericho” that aired in 2006. 426 more words

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Fooled again.

For Richie Allen’s recent interview of David Icke on the U.S. attack of Syrian airfields based on false intelligence, click here.

An interesting video from Jonathan Kleck… 154 more words


Logan the Wolverine

IMDB Trivia for Logan reads: “In the UK, the first wide release showing of this film was at the unusual time of 10:23 p.m., rather than the usual midnight showing for a major release. 213 more words


Camp Soros.

Dave Hodges provides a chilling but, I think, accurate analysis of what may come unless the president acts swiftly in our country’s best interests to counter various Soros-funded treacheries and subversive elements left over from the Obama years. 89 more words

New World Order/Globalism

Bill Gates, Chelsea Clinton predict global bio-terrorist pandemic | Infowars

On January 18th, in an article titled, “Bill Gates is Teaming Up with World Leaders to Stop the Next Deadly Pandemic,” Business Insider reported that “Governments from Germany, Japan, and Norway have pooled funds along with the Gates Foundation to raise a total of $490 million so far. 880 more words
New World Order

Split (2017) Decoded

I watched M Night Shyamlan’s Split last night in Bangkok, the audience all standing for the national anthem set to a visual memorial of the King. 449 more words


The Simpsons Predict Lady Ga Ga Superbowl Show: Predictive Programming | The Vigilant Citizen

Sparkling in light, Lady Ga Ga is lowered onto the stage. Symbolic to that of the fallen angel Lucifer (latin; the light bearer).

According to an… 51 more words

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