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Psycho (1960)

Psycho =41. Norman Bates =41. Mass Murder =41. Slaughter =666. Marion Crane =666.

An anagram for Beast, Bates =198. The film premiered with 198 days… 53 more words


ESPN's John Saunders: Super Bowl Sacrifice

Longtime ESPN host John Saunders died on 8/10, a date with 81 numerology (8+1+2+0+1+6), exactly 180 days before Super Bowl 51. Saunders =510 is remembered as a founding member of the… 675 more words


Will Smith Calls for the Extermination of Donald Trump Supporters and Cries for a Fat Pig | Kaitlan Collins - The Daily Caller

While promoting his latest film “Suicide Squad” at a press event in Dubai, the 47-year-old actor said the Republican nominee makes him embarrassed to be an American. 40 more words

Social Engineering

Watch this crisis actor get shot in the neck on TV (video)

Apparently, there is a popular TV show called Mr. Robot.

(I no longer watch television – gave it up cold turkey years ago. So this is all news to me.) 42 more words

Jason Bourne: MK-Ultra Coding

Jason Bourne =44. MK Ultra Assassin =44 (Kill / Execution / Lone Gunman / Manipulated / Military / Mossad Job / Police State / Spy Grid / Spy System). 360 more words


Hillary prophesied in Science Fiction

When Obama got elected as the president of the United States in 2009, I immediately figured the president after him would be a woman, most likely Hillary Clinton. 835 more words


All Hail World President Clinton

My sincere apologies for yet another post on Shillary, but her Gematria is the gift that keeps on giving. IMHO, the stand-out quote from the DNC was Hillary as… 255 more words