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Behind The Scenes of Predictive Programming: The Lying Wonders of Hollywood's "Prophets"

Since the “Simpsons” aired on national television in 1987, the cartoon series has had several shows foreshadowing events that have actually come to pass.  In their article, … 1,520 more words

End Time Prophecy

Saudi Prince Turki Executed

The Saudi Royal Family has executed one of their own princes, the first such incident since 1975 when King Al Faisal was regicided by his own nephew. 811 more words


Marvel's Luke Cage

Marvel’s Luke Cage =930, released on 9/30. Luke Cage =390. Nigger =360. Power Man =630. 

  • Power Man =42. Nigger =42. Racist inside jokes, unfortunately par for the course; Luke Cage created by a Jew versed in Gematria named…
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RIP King Kigeli of Rwanda

ANOTHER KING IS DEAD. Kigeli V Ndahindurwa, the last ruling king of Rwanda =61 before the monarchy was overthrown in ‘61 has died on 10/16/16. 281 more words


Subliminal Messaging And Predictive Programming: How They Work And Why Some People Are Immune

Subliminal Messaging And Predictive Programming: How They Work And Why Some People Are Immune

By Daisy Luther on ActivistPost

Today, just for fun, we’re going to go down the rabbit hole of how entertainment and the media manipulate people. 1,877 more words


Mean Girls & The Lord of the Rings: Saturn Symbolism

On Oct 3rd, the date known as Mean Girls Day (a reference from the Lindsay Lohan movie), Lindsay Lohan had her ring finger ripped off by an anchor in a Turkish boating accident – just a few hours after Kim Kardashian had her wedding ring stolen right off her finger. 517 more words


Kim Kardashian Robbed At Gunpoint - A Publicity Stunt 

Publicity Stunt =1333. Kanye West =33 had to exit his gig at The Meadows Music & Arts Festival =330 when he heard that Kim =33 Kardashian-West =63 was a victim of Armed Robbery =63 by “Armed Masked Men” =63 in Paris =63 who allegedly made off with some six million dollars worth of jewelry. 821 more words