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Predictive Programming: Are WE Creating What the Powers-that-Were Command? [videos] ~ May 2, 2015

You know I blog about love. You know I also blog about the importance of holding a high vibration. You know how the Law of Attraction works (kinda?)You know how these concepts are tied together by Abraham-Hicks. 491 more words

AARP subliminals: reverse engineering a mind virus

In a recent post I described how predictive programming and subliminals are used to plant an idea or event within our unconscious, and nurture it there until it manifests in reality. 701 more words


Jericho, 911 and the Big One.

April 4th, 2015.


Jericho was an American TV series produced by CBS Paramount Network Television and Junction Entertainment that was wildly unsuccessful when it aired in 2006 -2008, lasting only 29 episodes and being cancelled 7 episodes into it’s Second season. 2,437 more words


Sandman and the predictive programming of 'Sliders'

The MGTOW man Sandman discusses what we could expect if women ruled the World, as well as mentioning episodes from a show that aired twenty years ago called “Sliders” which ‘predicts’ Hillary Clinton as President and several other such happenings… 11 more words

State Of The World

This Is Exactly Why I Can't Stomach Ol' AJ Anymore...

This is almost comical, even by Alex Jones standards… At one point I thought one of the veins in his forehead might pop. You know what burns MY britches Alex? 40 more words

New World Order

Saturday Night Live's BLATANT 9/11 Foreshadowing 1.5 YRS Before Event!

David Rockefeller obviously loves to corral hundreds of people into his building and get them to LAUGH at evil things he plans to do to them… 145 more words