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All Hail World President Clinton

My sincere apologies for yet another post on Shillary, but her Gematria is the gift that keeps on giving. IMHO, the stand-out quote from the DNC was Hillary as… 246 more words


HER (2014) Predictive Programming for Hillary

HER =93. A Spike Jonze Love Story =93. Hillary For America =93. Timothy Michael Kaine =93. President Hillary Clinton =1193. War-Monger =1193. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. 334 more words


Clinton Wins Nomination: A Gematria Fiesta

Clinton Wins Nomination =1670 (Jewish). Military Industrial Complex =1670, and 167 is the 39th prime. Clinton was confirmed on 3/9 to speak at the AIPAC Conference, the first candidate announced, which is election confirmation in itself. 571 more words


The McMassacre in Munich

On 7/22 in Munich, a teenager named Ali David Sonboly shot up a McDonalds restaurant at the Olympia shopping mall, 36 casualties. It happened 32 years 4 days… 332 more words


Girl on the Brain Train Oct 2016

Published on Jul 18, 2016

I am still working on uploading old videos on my other channel… and this movie trailer came up today.. I saw the book cover come up in some of my other research about a month or so ago with another train derail.. 136 more words

Merging Planes

The Dallas Sniper RB Blood Message Clue

What’s up Reader, sorry for being AWOL over the last several days, I was at Pemberton Music Festival having an absolutely legendary time. Didn’t pay attention to any propaganda for a week and enjoyed a well-earned digital detox.

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Crooked Hillary Makes History

The media is making a big deal out of Trump’s tweet for being anti-Semitic in framing the Star of David on a background of dollar bills – as if it’s a derogatory slur and not a fact of reality that Zionist Jews run the global financial industry, and politicians like Trump and Hillary. 377 more words