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'Mr. Robot' Finale Pushed Because Of Plot Similarities To Virginia News Crew Killing

USA Network has made a last-minute decision to pull tonight’s first-season finale of breakout freshman drama Mr. Robot in light of today’s tragic killing of a local news reporter and a cameraman on live TV… 154 more words


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Another premeditated scripted CIA/Hollywood/Odummer New World Order Production from Anti-America Hollywood. Here is a longer version of the False Flag Shooting to go with these scripted Hollywood mind control series. https://youtu.be/36vp41t0hN0


Published on Aug 18, 2015

This is an episode of Barney Miller from back in the 1980’s. They make a mockery out of what is to come, an entire awakening public as to the evil of Rockefeller, and his treasonous statements and agenda, and pursuit toward a One World Communist Government of the United Nations. 202 more words


Rob Skiba folds, yet somehow this only pushes me further...

Man… Last night I was up during the wee hours, perusing my YT subs, when I figured I go and visit Rob Skiba’s “testingtheglobe.com… 1,595 more words

End Times

Video Games, Predictive Programming, and the 21st Century Skinner Box

Source: Activist Post, by Rusticus

Perhaps the most encouraging development in fostering freedom in our modern era is the rise of effective “counter-propaganda” to the machinations of Globalism, the likes of which have (arguably) not been circulated so widely since the… 312 more words


Bare with me as I show you how your textbooks want to kill you

The main reason for me making this video is that I am sick of scholastic material asserting the idea that depopulation and/or population control is inevitable and necessary. 713 more words

The (Not) So Obvious / The System / Corruption

The March Towards Civil War Is Rapidly Progressing

On July 25, The Common Sense Show published an article which demonstrated how far the dissident roundup preparation plans have advanced. However, as tyranny marches forward, there appears to be a push back which could result in a military coup in order to unseat the traitor residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 2,020 more words


VIDEO -- Simpsons "GREECE COLLAPSE" Illuminati Predictive Programming Exposed

via Vigilant Christian
Jul 17, 2015

The Simpsons have yet again “coincidentally” been able to predict a major world event in their cartoon! (Ya right!) … In this video I show how the Illuminati (a secret Luciferian society working as a shadow government in entertainment, banking, military, etc bringing about a NWO for the Antichrist) use popular cartoons to condition minds in preparation for their future agendas! 194 more words