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David Cassidy & The Partridge Family Temple

Former teen idol David Cassidy, best known for playing Keith on The Partridge Family, has passed away on 21 November 2017 at the age of 67. 1,236 more words


Astros Big Moment: Part II

In case you missed the Part One, I discovered an episode of The Jetsons titled ‘Astros Big Moment’ that aired on 1 November 1985, exactly 32 years to the day before the Houston Astros’ “Big Moment” winning the 2017 World Series, as predicted also by Sports Illustrated three years earlier. 631 more words


Death of Mafia Boss Toto Riina

Salvatore ‘Toto’ Riina, former chief of the Sicilian Mafia, died in prison on 17 November 2017, one day after his 87th birthday. Here we find another great example of why month counts matter, as 87 years is exactly  473 more words


Mugabe Falls (From Power)

Remember the #MugabeFalls meme of 2015? Robert Mugabe, the 2nd President of Zimbabwe, wiped out in front of a crowd on February 4th of that year, and now on 15 November 2017 the freedom fighter turned dictator has been kicked out of office by a military coup and placed on house arrest.  1,097 more words


Two prophetic voices.

Jonathan Kleck:  A Chilling Preview: NYC Water Event

Dana Ashlie: Part 1: Americans Must Watch

Both of these messengers with youtube channels back up what they say with scripture. 196 more words

Truth Movement

Magnum Pi and John Hillerman

John Hillerman, the actor best known for his role on Magnum PI, passed away on 9 November 2017 in Houston Texas. He was also born in Denison Texas, home to President Eisenhower and (if you can believe it) the town where gunslinger Doc Holliday had his dental practice! 162 more words


The Death of Roy Halladay

Legendary MLB pitcher Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay died on 7 November 2017, less than a week after the Astros won the World Series, when the amphibious light-sport aircraft he was piloting crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. 922 more words