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When My Blood Pressure Rises

I went to the doctor the other day.  

Everything is fine, I’m healthy. But ever since having Max, I get nervous about having my blood pressure checked.    929 more words

Potentially Dangerous Pregnancy Complication Leads to Significant Health and Cost Burdens for Mothers and Their Babies

What should be a joyous and exciting time for soon-to-be parents can sometimes take a turn for the worse if the mother develops a blood-pressure related condition called preeclampsia. 519 more words


Pregnancy, Cholestasis, Preeclampsia and a Miracle

Pregnancy, Cholestasis, Preeclampsia, and a Miracle …. Dec 12th was supposed to be the day my grandson was to be born into this world by… 1,616 more words


Screen Brave

Technology is a great thing. It keeps people together. But something has happened to me personally in the last couple of days that has upset me. 806 more words

Losing weight after Baby: 3 social media accounts that helped me

My severe pre-eclampsia caused me to bloat up by about 30 pounds of water weight during pregnancy which I lost in a single day after Baby was born. 660 more words


My first pregnancy was marred with preeclampsia complications before I even knew the totality of the what the condition was and how harmful it can be to mom and baby. 701 more words


Facts about pre-eclampsia that every pregnant mother should be keen on

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication that takes two forms: mild preeclampsia that is associated with high blood pressure, water retention and protein in the urine. Severe preeclampsia, the most dangerous is often characterized by severe headaches, blurred vision, intolerance to bright light, fatigue, vomiting, pain in the upper abdomen, bruising tendencies and loss of breath. 450 more words