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Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month Part II: Joey's Story

Because of the rush into surgery and due to my platelets being dangerously low, I wasn’t able to have the full anesthesia normally given to a woman having a c-section. 1,371 more words

Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month Part I: Connor's Story

September is Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month. NICA month was created to raise awareness and honor families who have experienced extended NICU stays, and the nurses and doctors who work hard to care for and provide hope for the families of the sickest babies. 2,595 more words

Article Review 1

Preeclampsia is characterized by new onset hypertension and proteinuria after 20 weeks gestation.  Though the pathophysiology has not been fully defined, preeclampsia is thought to begin when the fetal trophoblastic cells and maternal endothelial cells fail to adequately remodel to supply blood to the fetus.  382 more words

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Notes on a hospitalized pregnant woman Pt. 20

Dr. Lukenaar comes in every morning to check on me. Most of the time everything is looking good and we end up chatting for a few minutes about politics, the bureaucracies of the hospital administration or the conservatives of Utah. 1,393 more words

Notes on a hospitalized pregnant woman Pt. 19

My internet service called me and basically asked: So you moved and discontinued service? Where is our stuff? And I was like “it’s at home, I’ve been sick in the hospital.” And then this lady (who sounded like an old lady with a bible), said “you do sound awful, I can tell you’re really very sick.” So now I’m concerned that I have a terrible frog voice and I sound like a really very sick frog person. 1,396 more words

Blakely's Birth Story

My birth center bags were packed at 37 weeks pregnant and I was ready to go. Every night I went to bed thinking that I would wake up around 2 am to a contraction but every morning I woke up feeling just fine and no baby in sight. 1,855 more words


Notes on a hospitalized pregnant woman Pt. 6

Day 12: August 23rd. Evening.

The NST results (twice a day) are perfect. Great “acceleration”. Great “variability”. This test takes up 1-2 hours of my day. 897 more words