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For Your First Birthday, Hugo

My Darling Hugo,

Mummy and Daddy so wish you were with us tomorrow, so we could sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you. We wish we had a mountain of presents to wrap, to add to the others you would get from friends and family. 827 more words


Another Day to Celebrate

I’ve decided February 15 will also be a day of celebration in our house…. February 14 is love day. February 15 is life day. Because although one year ago… 773 more words

Mamarazzi Ramblings


Technically, ‘legacy’ is my word of the fortnight. I wasn’t able to post last week because I was struck down by a vomiting bug. I shall spare you the gruesome details, but suffice to say I felt pretty rotten. 820 more words


The First Night

There’s something really strange about going to the hospital pregnant and leaving without your baby. I’m still not used to him not being in my stomach. 205 more words


Gestational Hypertension Update

ACOG issued a report on Hypertension in Pregnancy in November 2013. Key points:

Proteinuria is no longer required for a diagnosis of preeclampsia – It can be diagnosed if mom has high blood pressure (gestational or chronic hypertension) plus… 277 more words


The Beginning


Until a few weeks ago, everything in my pregnancy was going as planned. I went to every prenatal appointment, and everything looked good. I started to have a little bit of swelling when I woke up in the mornings, but that was normal…Until the swelling didn’t go away. 441 more words


Everyone Should Know About Pre-Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome

Pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome are life-threatening conditions that can happen in pregnancy. Thankfully they are rare, but they can and do kill women and babies. These illnesses nearly killed me, and they took the life of my much-loved baby son. 1,047 more words