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FCC Small Cell Order - Preemption

On September 27 the FCC adopted new rules that apply to the deployment of small cells on utility poles, light poles, buildings and other infrastructure. The order largely preempts state and local authority and today’s blog will focus on the preemption issue. 861 more words

Regulation - What Is It Good For?

Corporatism is infringing on your backyard like never before

Companies are lobbying state legislators to bar local governments from regulating their business. And it’s working.

Source: Corporatism is infringing on your backyard like never before – The Washington Post

Guest Opinion

HIPAA Does Not Bar Missouri Common Law Claim For Wrongful Termination In Violation Of Public Policy--Or Other State Common Law Claims

Both federal district courts in Missouri allow state common law claims based upon HIPAA violations.

In Kusgen v. Lake Regional Health System, No. 2:11-CV-4255-FJG (W.D.Mo. June 11, 2012) (Doc 20), Judge Gaitan of the Western District of Missouri dealt with defendant’s motion to dismiss plaintiff’s Missouri common law claim for wrongful termination for violation of public policy based upon… 713 more words


More Paid Sick Leave Turbulence in Texas

With a GOP trifecta–the governor is a Republican and both chambers of the legislature  have a Republican majority–one would not expect much PSL activity in Texas. 243 more words

Paid Sick Leave

Equal Protection Challenge to Alabama Preemption Law Can Proceed, Court Says

The challenge to Alabama’s preemption law lives to fight another day, according to an Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision last week. In 2016, the plaintiffs made various race-based challenges to the   190 more words

PSL Litigation

Pre-emption of local control


by Carla Rautenberg and Deborah Van Kleef

5G wireless technology is coming. Municipalities throughout the country have been suing state governments to try to retain some local control over the placement of small cell antennas and associated equipment. 615 more words

Paid Sick Leave Quarterly: 2Q 2018

The vast and complex patchwork of PSL laws added in 2Q a New Jersey law–the 10th PSL state–and an ordinance in Duluth, Minnesota. This summary includes: 1,500 more words

Paid Sick Leave