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Green Building Best Practices

  • Look for designs that use energy as close to its sources as possible to minimize conversion losses: passive solar heat, for examples, over electrical resistance heating.
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How to build a small town - or Prefab kit 006 if you prefer

I know a few of you have been waiting for this kit for a while, but I haven’t been ready to release it before now. It’s funny, but every now and then you become personally attached to your creations. 96 more words


aktivhaus b10 generates double the energy it uses

Prefabricated housing, also known more simply as “prefab” and “modular housing,” has many benefits, such as the off-site prefabrication and quick site installation time, vastly decreasing homeowner displacement and displeasure. 468 more words

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What is the matter with these people!

“Blood may be thicker than water, but it’s certainly not as thick as ketchup. Nor does it go as well with French fries.”
― Jarod Kintz…

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Treehouse Print Kiosk

Nerida Howard photographs 4orm’s carefully designed, prefabricated print kiosk for Treehouse, a school for young people with autism. The kiosk is intended to provide vocational opportunities within the educational environment and contains the reprographic services for the school.


Monogram Modern Home at Dwell on Design LA May 29 - 31

We’re traveling on a cross-country modern design road trip with Dwell in a prefabricated house, custom-built and outfitted with Monogram appliances. Our first destination in April was Portland, Oregon, and this weekend we will be at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, California! 155 more words


flexible garden shed design

The concept of flexible design is not limited to our interior spaces; you would be wise to consider it when planning outdoor living spaces and garden sheds. 547 more words

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