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Once again, I’ve been reminded that travel brings out the best and worst in coffee. People have different ideas about what tastes good, but they’re also part of geographic trends. 140 more words

Misunderstanding yourself: A classic negotiation blunder

Even negotiation instructors sometimes make negotiation mistakes. Since I recently made an exceedingly common mistake, perhaps it’s worth the public shaming that will necessarily come with sharing. 484 more words


Pipe Smoker Shrugged

Pipe smoking and carrying the weight of the world on one’s shoulders don’t go well together. There’s the choice: world or pipe and pouch. I’ve made my choice.


The problem with preferences

One of the core insights we come to through the regular practice of meditation is recognizing the nature of impermanence. This insight is valuable because it helps to free us from the suffering caused by grasping and clinging and wanting things to stay the same. 927 more words



How do we form preferences? What are preferences, actually? I have been thinking about when doing an assignment. Little did I know how much I should have learnt about it, however, it is good to have some interesting discussions related to this mystery. 859 more words


In The Eye Of The Beholder

The eye beholds quite a lot.  Yet it is not the eye beholds which is important.  It is, rather, the Beholder who decides whether the eye is beholding beauty or not.  212 more words

Words And More Words


It Is Okay To Dislike Me;

Really, It Is Okay.

~ One Of A Kind.

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