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The Hair Exhibition(ist)

Advertisement – Continue Reading BelowIn addition to reading uninterrupted for hours at a time and trying everything on the menu at the local Dairy King (yes, Dairy King), last week I indulged in something else I rarely have the occasion to: people-watching at the mall.This wasn’t your fancy, half-indoor, half-outdoor designer mall filled with boutiques and boutique eateries where a casual lunch is likely to cost as much as the least expensive t-shirt at Barney’s Co-op but rather the traditional kind of mall, the Lanford mall, if you will—a one-level, brown brick, public high school looking building that still has a Spencer’s Gifts and prefers its dimly lit, slightly unsafe looking arcade to the faux Vegas gloss of a Dave & Buster’s. 243 more words

Singer Selena Gomez prefers to date older men

Singer Selena Gomez has revealed that she would love to date older men. The 23-year-old singer, who had an on/off four-year-relationship with Justin Bieber, 21, says she is self-conscious about looking younger than she is because she is attracted to older men. 6 more words


Charlie Sheen Prefers Transsexuals, Pays Extra For Unprotected Sex, Former Madam Claims

It’s been just over 24 hours since Charlie Sheen confirmed that he’s HIV positive in an interview with Matt Lauer.
In that time, countless details have emerged about Sheen’s reckless and very active sex life. 11 more words

I Can't Wait To Be Her Favorite Again!

My baby who is turning 10 months tomorrow, suddenly prefers her Dad over me these past few days. I have been very jealous lately that she crawls to him and sleeps on his chest at night. 219 more words

Pregnancy & Motherhood

He Feels Safer Alone

So he told me he prefers to live alone, he feels safer that way. I live far away, it s a plane ride to see him. 90 more words

Analysts Claim Teens Still Prefer Print Books

In a flawed bit of analysis, Nielsen researchers are claiming that e-book adoption is slow among teens, an interesting finding if it were actually true. 451 more words


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Why The World Prefers to Register a Domain Name in India

Web hosting companies have sprawled and spread like no other since they first came into existence in the early 2000’s. Entrepreneurs found it as a lucrative business venture as it only required a one-time only large capital investment. 10 more words