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Babies to blame as stressed younger women at risk of heart attacks, joint British-Canadian study finds

More than 350 Canadian people a year, many young women, may be falling victim to stress-related heart attacks, new research suggests.

Cardiologists found women were most at risk from the condition, which has been linked to emotional stress caused by events such as a family bereavement as well as the exertion of extreme exercise, pregnancy or labour. 228 more words


Nutrition rules in the third trimester of pregnancy

What happens in the third trimester? The growing uterus supports the stomach, and the hormone of pregnancy progesterone reduces the tone of smooth muscles, including the esophageal sphincter, making you suffer from heartburn. 249 more words

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Bouncing back after baby with Mommy and Me programs

Getting back into shape after having a baby is a vital, but daunting step for many new moms. Thanks to a series of Mommy and Me programs organized by the City of Saskatoon, moms can ease back into a fitness routine designed especially for them. 705 more words

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Empty Arms supports grieving parents after loss of a pregnancy, infant

The loss of her child led Briana Koop to seek support, but all she found were online groups and blogs.

The help she encountered online was great, but it only went so far because she didn’t get to meet and form real relationships with the others in the same way she would in person, she said. 410 more words

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Prisoner's miscarriage in jail cell raises questions about health care, critics say

Critics of the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre say it’s disturbing and disgraceful that a 28-year-old prisoner suffered a miscarriage in her jail cell after her cries for help, she said, were ignored by staff for 10 to 15 minutes. 588 more words

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Ottawa inmate who had miscarriage in cell says her cries for help were ignored for up to 15 minutes

A pregnant inmate who suffered a miscarriage in her Ottawa jail cell said her cries for help were ignored for 10 to 15 minutes by staff who wouldn’t call her an ambulance – and instead took her to hospital in the back of a prisoner transport van. 1,116 more words


My thoughts in words of our missed miscarriage and saying goodbye to our precious baby boy 

It has been awhile since I have blogged. I never could have imagined I would be writing this post. I’m laying in bed, not able to walk more than a few feet to the bathroom because of extreme blood loss due to losing our precious baby boy at twelve and a half weeks along in the pregnancy. 2,096 more words