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You know you're old, right?

It was late last fall when I started to feel grossed out by meat products- particularly anything that had come within an inch of barbecue sauce. 1,523 more words

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Three-time surrogate mother not in it for cash: 'I can use my life and health to make a positive impact'

She’s spent most of the last three years pregnant.

Come November, London real estate agent Heather Gunn will give birth for a sixth time — only this baby, like her last two, won’t be going home with her. 755 more words


Canada developing national Zika surveillance program as cases continue to grow

Canada is developing a national surveillance program to follow pregnant women who have tested positive for Zika to better track and understand its impact.

The news comes at a time when the Public Health Agency of Canada has reported the first fetus with “severe neurological congenital anomalies” resulting from the Zika virus as well as a steady increase in cases. 465 more words

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Studies shine light on mysterious placenta, how it goes awry

WASHINGTON — Scientists carefully probe a placenta donated after birth, bluish umbilical cord still attached. This is the body’s most mysterious organ, and inside lie clues about how it gives life — and how it can go awry, leading to stillbirth, preterm birth, even infections like the… 1,064 more words


Ashby: In 2016, hospitals still aren't recognizing women's reproductive rights

Just who exactly does the staff of Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital think they are?

Recently, multiple clinicians at the hospital refused to grant a patient the partial abortion she asked for. 645 more words


Calgary's 'Freeway baby' about to turn 18

Nicole Boles is looking forward to a small, low-key family gathering for her 18th birthday next week.

“Honestly it feels like another day,” she said of the upcoming milestone. 609 more words

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Mount Sinai Hospital's refusal to eliminate one fetus from twin pregnancy triggers human rights battle

TORONTO — A Toronto hospital’s refusal to reduce a woman’s twin pregnancy to one fetus — at least partly because of a doctor’s moral objections — has triggered a human-rights fight over the little-known but contentious procedure. 844 more words