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Regina Boston Marathon runner with baby on board reflects on strides made by women

The old slogan, “you’ve come a long way baby” seems an apt description for a pregnant Reginan who completed the Boston Marathon 50 years after the first female officially ran the race. 579 more words

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Social services take twin babies away from Spanish woman who gave birth to them at 64

A Spanish woman who gave birth to twins in February at the age of 64 has had her babies taken away by social services.

Authorities in the northern Spanish city of Burgos said that Mauricia Ibanez’s seven-week-old babies were “vulnerable” and had been placed with a temporary care family. 209 more words


Hygiene of pregnant women

Hygiene during pregnancy should have a special level of safety and take into account the increased sensitivity of mucous membranes. Strict adherence to the rules of hygiene during pregnancy should enter into your habit. 331 more words

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Tocophobia: Up to 10 per cent of women have a pathological fear of childbirth

A measure of fear about childbirth is normal. But for some women, the fear is pathological — and can be so extreme that they avoid becoming pregnant. 1,534 more words


Saskatoon marchers call for more midwives

Marchers say Saskatchewan’s 15 midwives are not nearly enough to meet demand.

The message was delivered by about three dozen women and men who marched at Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital Saturday, some with babies and toddlers in tow. 304 more words

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Babies to blame as stressed younger women at risk of heart attacks, joint British-Canadian study finds

More than 350 Canadian people a year, many young women, may be falling victim to stress-related heart attacks, new research suggests.

Cardiologists found women were most at risk from the condition, which has been linked to emotional stress caused by events such as a family bereavement as well as the exertion of extreme exercise, pregnancy or labour. 228 more words


Nutrition rules in the third trimester of pregnancy

What happens in the third trimester? The growing uterus supports the stomach, and the hormone of pregnancy progesterone reduces the tone of smooth muscles, including the esophageal sphincter, making you suffer from heartburn. 249 more words

Pregnancy And Childbirth