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Celebrate the "Not Yet" - by Andrew Wood

The title of this post points to a joyful theological truth. I hear these words, “not yet”, and I am compelled by my God to move, to work, and to love. 717 more words

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Thank you! - by Andrew Wood

The past few weeks I have received a number of notes from people in our community and surrounding areas simply saying thank you to HOPE for the work we do. 621 more words

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Going Deeper - by Lu Anne Tilson

One of Hope Resource Center’s greatest joys is coming alongside women as they choose to carry their babies by offering necessary, on-going support at absolutely no cost. 686 more words

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The Alternative - by Andrew Wood

The past few weeks have brought about a great deal of distress among our country. Distress that, at times, has even seen the pro-life and pro-choice communities come together in calling for action against the profiting and harvesting of body parts of aborted babies. 595 more words

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What Crisis Pregnancy Centers are Actually Like

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article on Cosmopolitan’s Snapchat that came against crisis pregnancy centers. Coincidence that this article came out just a couple days after Planned Parenthood’s first scandalous video was released? 532 more words


A Story of HOPE

I love what I do. I love coming to work at HOPE every day. I love seeing lives celebrated and transformed. I love to share these stories with you. 1,060 more words

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The truth behind the abortion pill and help for women who change their minds

RU-486 is the “abortion pill,” which the FDA did not approve for use in the United States until September 28, 2000.  Even then, it was fast-tracked through the FDA approval process using “Subpart H” of a federal regulation that is meant to “accelerate approval of certain drugs for serious or life-threatening illnesses.”  Apparently, the Clinton Administration thought that pregnancy was akin to HIV/AIDS and cancer.   502 more words

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