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Hello Third Trimester

We made to the third trimester and with the season change, the end seems so close!

How far along: I am between 28 and 29 weeks and Bowen should be bigger then a cauliflower. 248 more words

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My Favorite Baby Items that You May Not Know About!

Lately, so many moms have been coming up to me and asking me about things that I use for Hannah. Apparently, there are a lot of things I use that moms may not know about. 343 more words

New Flower

My sister visited us this weekend and she gave us this gorgeous potted flower! I have been meaning to buy some indoor plants, but I haven’t got around to it yet, so it was the perfect housewarming present! 140 more words

Coffee, Brunch, Nap

This shirt is basically the story of my life- Coffee, Brunch, Nap! Outfits like these are my favorite because you can look put together with little to no effort and who doesn’t love that?! 87 more words

Letter to Bo: 25 Week Update

Dear Bo,

Hey there sweet boy! So much has changed in the recent weeks and everyday I find myself saying  “I can’t wait to snuggle you up!” (but you need A LOT more time to grow, so stay put). 325 more words

Tiny Sprout

Preggo Crop Top

Lately I look like I ate a basketball (and pretty much feel the same way) so my entire wardrobe is one black cotton dress. This would be acceptable to wear all summer long, but sadly summer is ending, and I have to wear “real clothes” soon.  113 more words

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i am five months preggers!!!

I must admit, I have been lazy, I haven’t been working out as much as I would like to. Sure, work has been crazy, I am battling muscle cramps on my legs, really bad cramps and yea I do get tired. 358 more words