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Plum Love

It’s been awhile, hey! :) A little life update…as you saw we are having another baby girl! We have a name picked out too and we are very excited for Lia to have a sister to play with. 151 more words


3 tips for dressing your growing baby bump

It’s a question I’ve definitely asked myself multiple times: When to start buying maternity clothes? Well, now that well into my 2nd trimester, my belly is really starting to grow, my clothes are fitting less and less. 365 more words


It’s All White

After my last all black ensemble today let’s give a little shout out to it’s opposite, white. White gets a hard time for being far less flattering than it’s darker counterpart and that old rule – it shouldn’t be worn after Labour Day, what even is Labour Day anyway. 214 more words


The New Uniform

Simple dress and boots; the uniform of the pregnant woman. This is perhaps the last time I’ll get away with bare legs though, which creates a new problem, tights? 161 more words



So, when I was away in Arizona it snowed at home in Alberta, now I am back and it’s hot AGAIN! I feel like the cold weather is avoiding me, and I am probably one of the only crazy people who is like BRING ON THE COLD!!! 281 more words


Fashion Friday Pregnancy Edition is... Bumpin'

This might be a tough Fashion Friday topic for me to tackle. Yes, I’m the resident fashionista here at 2BD, but I’ve certainly not dressed for a pregnancy yet. 1,014 more words


Pregnancy Wardrobe Essentials

I’m just going to come right out with it. Your body is going to change. But just because you may not feel your best, you always want to look and feel your best. 772 more words