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Vitrification: the essence of the method and its advantages

Quite often, during IVF, future mothers hear such term as “vitrification”, but, in most cases, they have no idea what it actually means. And yet, exactly with the help of vitrification one can significantly increase the chances of successful pregnancy, simplify the scheme of infertility treatment and finally welcome long-awaited healthy baby. 605 more words

Bogdana Yarovaya: “At 21, I left the hospital with empty hands and a torn heart”

«I was alive, but dead on the inside. I was 21 years old, and I knew what death is, I knew what it feels like to outlive your own child» 1,146 more words

NGS - an innovative method for genetic diagnosis of embryos

Unfortunately, not always in vitro fertilization ends with the successful onset of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby. When carrying out IVF, it is possible to exclude child’s genetic diseases at the embryo transfer stage. 516 more words

Four Men and an (Potentially) Infertile Lady

November 8, 2018

🦆 Duck walk. 🦆 After my HSG test was completed and while I was still horizontal on the X-ray table, I was handed a GIANT wad of paper towels and the male technician said: “We can Duck Walk back to the bathroom for you to change.” This is the story of My Duck Walk of Shame. 3,726 more words


5 Things Pregnant Me Wasn't Prepared For

It only took a few weeks into my first pregnancy to realize that there were a handful of things I wasn’t prepared for. That this whole… 1,753 more words


Surviving the Party Season in Early Pregnancy

The Festive Season is upon us, but I must admit that I have found this time of year difficult in the past…

I have been pregnant over the past two festive periods and each one was equally difficult. 767 more words


Words of Wisdom from Me to Me

Each day this month I will be answering one question from these December Journal Prompts.

Day 12: If you could tell your past self anything, one year ago, what would you tell yourself? 553 more words