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My IVF Story

I’ve gone back and forth about starting a new blog and sharing this post for quite a while. In March 2017 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Athena and finally it felt like our family had found its missing piece. 2,821 more words


The Bacterial Microbiome and (Male) Brain Development

A new study out of Singapore suggests that alterations in the microbiome affect the development of the brain’s immune system (the microglia) in males more than females. 275 more words


The wake up call.

Today started out like any other. I got to work, set about my day, and started my epic to do list.

Since waking up I did feel a little fragile, tiny bit light headed I suppose. 786 more words


They grow so quickly...!

“They grow so quickly”… people with kids always used to say this but I could never relate! Now I can!

Four weeks ago I was in the most agonising pain as I went through my 72 hour labour which the resulted in my beautiful baby boy! 543 more words

Underrated Post-Pregnancy Products

This post contains affiliate links. 

There are countless lists out there of every post-partum item you should have stocked in your mommy care bag. From witch-hazel to granny-panties, those lists are great and helped me a ton, but I found there were a few unmentioned items I picked up along the way that I absolutely fell in love with. 1,185 more words


This Woman Tried To Get Help For Her Postpartum Depression, But Then The Nurse Called The Cops On Her

Jessica Porten had done everything right — a few months after giving birth, she set up an OBGYN appointment to talk about her post-pregnancy symptoms, including a particularly brutal case of… 948 more words

For Vincent

This is a poem I had written for my son in support to him for his upcoming surgery.
My son’s surgery date is February 2nd and we’re all scared. 200 more words