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Do you know what I've been thinking of a lot lately?


I’m almost 29 weeks pregnant and I am racking my brain trying to remember what my first pregnancy was like and what the first few months with my now two year old daughter were like. 472 more words

Working It Out

Lactation Consult - Surprising News

After struggling with breast feeding for a few weeks, I finally scheduled an appointment with the lactation consultant. I had already seen 3 lactation consultants while we were still in the hospital, and 2 at the pediatricians office…..but I went ahead and scheduled with someone else. 366 more words


Pregnancy and the Growing Public Criticisms

(Photo courtesy of Hello Magazine)

Lately a recent public criticism has come out about the pregnant weather woman who was being almost shamed for her choice in maternity clothes. 256 more words


I don’t have that much time.

The melatonin aided with the 2(3?) glasses of rando fridge wine is kicking in.

When the going got tough this summer (major debrief coming, someday) I would call it ‘The Anna Orbit of Bad Luck’ 877 more words


Positive.....it's still all positive..!!!

We went in for our scan this morning. It was the same room and same Dr we got the bad news at 9 ½ weeks that it was all over so I got a funny feeling going in. 321 more words

May 30th, 2014

As you guys might have guessed, this is my birth story…

I was 41 weeks and 2 days into my pregnancy when I finally gave birth to my babygirl. 581 more words


Post Partum Must Haves: Surviving a fourth degree Tear

As a first time mom I didn’t know what to expect when it came to delivery and after care for myself. I knew there would be blood, and likely a good amount of pain, but I was assured from other moms that it wouldn’t be all that noticeable. 337 more words