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The Countdown Begins & Anxiety Sets In!

The days are winding down and my baby boy’s arrival is getting closer and closer! He’s moving around so much and I’m experiencing contractions every day; I know he’s just about ready to escape from momma’s belly and take on the world for himself! 300 more words

You're Not Gonna Be Young Forever: When Are You Having More Kids?

I don’t know if any of you have children or are unexpectedly pregnant, but for right now I only have one child, whom I love dearly. 1,218 more words


Prenatal massage at Amara day Spa

Getting a massage after a long days of work was one of the things I do to relieve the stress my body is feeling. I usually get a massage atleast once or twice a month at a massage parlor nearest to my office. 422 more words

Tricia's Post

How Much is Enough?

Being 27, It seems like a lot of my wife and married peers are starting to think about starting a family and having kids.   Some already have kids and they are great parents, while other’s think they are not able to afford having kids. 538 more words


Baby Prep by Week 29: A Haul

I’m not sure how a lot of women feel at this stage. I definitely feel like I’m a little behind, but with 11 (in theory) weeks to go, I think it’s okay that we still haven’t bought bigger items. 867 more words


Surgery & eggs

So yesterday I had my egg collection surgery. The surgery itself went fine and I don’t really remember it. They give a twilight sedative and usually you don’t remember a thing. 405 more words


T-Minus 9 Months Part-1

I’ve been married for 10 years and together with my husband for 15 years. I wanted to wait until I was older to have children. But then the years went by and honestly I enjoyed being childless. 483 more words