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In my last post, I shared about how to manage pregnancy for fathers-to-be. This post is going to be about how fathers-to-be can assist with the labour itself. 468 more words

Serenading My Baby

For the past few weeks my baby has been moving non-stop, but not in any way I could control. We are playing tag with the little kiwi, trying to spot visual movement from the outside, or get some forceful kicks when daddy gets home from work, but just as our baby was endlessly stubborn during our ultrasounds trying to find out the gender, the stubbornness continued. 477 more words


My Decision To Start A Diet Plan

My kick-off post is going to talk about a decision that I made on Wednesday to take control of my weight and start a diet plan. 1,765 more words



I originally posted this many years ago, sometime in 2012. I was going through old drafts today and read this and found it funny. If I had to write the same thing today, things would change for babies 6-11, because everything changes once you lose a child. 615 more words


The Unthinkable

Friday, June 22, 2018 was the worst day of the ending of a chapter in my life.

I thought I was ready. I thought I was being prepared. 449 more words


I WANT TO EAT! (all the time)

OK! If you’re pregnant, you have to agree: The second trimester is better known as the “Starving Trimester”

I am hungry all the damn time and I feel like I’m going to become a whale by the end of it but there are so many restrictions on what to eat which grinds my gears. 320 more words


Blue or Pink?

From the minute I found out that I was pregnant, I was already eager to know the sex of my little sesame seed although the nerves and shock were skyrocketing through my body and kind of kicked the ‘gender thoughts’ to the curb. 390 more words