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31 Weeks

Pregnancy is something I never yearned to go through mainly because it always seemed just awful, but I feel it has truly changed how I view not only myself, but also the world. 8 more words


Is Baby Brain Real?

Since launching my first-time-dad blog series, I have shared many of my experiences (and failures) over the last eight and a half months but tonight I focus on a different subject – my wife! 440 more words


The days are long...

Have you ever heard the saying, the days are long, yet the years are short? That is how it feels right about now. I’m almost 18 weeks pregnant! 464 more words


Less than 6 weeks

Less than 6 weeks to go until our beautiful baby will be in our arms and in our lives.

It is currently the build up / wet season here in Darwin – which means the weather is disgustingly hot which means….. 361 more words


Pregnancy #2: Month 6

Oh, hey! It’s me and I’m 6 months pregnant. I’m technically 24 weeks and 3 days but I literally forgot that I had hit this milestone until Saturday. 915 more words


IVF cycle #2 FET #1 transfer

Today was the day, I am officially PUPO! (again) At 2:15 we transferred two embryos. The Dr said they were in excellent condition. He went over the stats of the clinic and the grade of embryos that we transferred he said that we have a 78% pregnancy rate and 22% of it being twins. 123 more words


advent week 1: hope

These days should be rich with meaning! I am pregnant right along with Mary, due only eight days after Christ himself was born. I should feel this Advent all the more forcefully—and really… 446 more words