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You’re not crazy, cravings are real!

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage that most women will experience at some point in their lives. Another stage they will most likely experience is “the crave”. 359 more words


Breastfeeding is For Everyone -- How YOU can be successful too

I am a mother of three children under three have been trained and previously worked as a Lactation Counselor both privately and in a hospital setting. 658 more words

Welcome to Motherhood...Introduction

Partaking in the creation of life is a wonderful experience.  Think about it, for nine months (give or take) a baby is growing in your womb.  273 more words


How to relieve cold in babies

Any kind of health related discomfort to your baby, not only disturbs him but also disrupts the routine that you so carefully form around him. Cold is one such problem that is unavoidable and when you get it, it takes a while before it leaves your system. 149 more words


Contradictions and conundrums 

As we end our first full week back on birth control I’m left with the same feeling as before- it’s strange being on medications that help you get pregnant by not letting you get pregnant. 201 more words


Suddenly Pregnant: My Journey From Being a Heavy Smoker To Becoming a Non-Smoker

During my first pregnancy, quitting smoking was a piece of cake. I finished a pack in the evening and decided I’m done. The following days were rough, though. 810 more words


Useless Baby Advice

As the name of my blog suggests I’m cynical and with that comes an innate ability to be irritated by people in general. I don’t show it, I’m generally pleasant to people. 327 more words