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Pre-Seed practice #1

So, last night we cracked out the Pre-Seed (like a good wine that we had been saving).

I was only on CD10 yesterday so I’m not within my fertile time yet. 473 more words

Furry Little Beasts | Puppies

Hi! So, I have some exciting news for you! I am kind of late, because it would have been “news” a week ago, but: Last Wednesday my doggie Bayonne gave birth! 525 more words


Eight of My Friends are Pregnant...Yep, EIGHT!!

Within the last few weeks, 8 friends have announced they are pregnant (July was evidently a happening month for a lot of people…). Now, I’m pretty good at dealing with friends getting pregnant, and I have good coping mechanisms up my sleeve… 495 more words


Small mercies

So yesterday was one of those rare days when I felt glad I wasn’t pregnant or a mum… yet*

I went out on Friday night for my work Christmas do. 332 more words

This baby tracker will compare the size of your baby to stuff you know

Because size matters, people.

Being pregnant is both an exciting and terrifying experience. I mean, I imagine. I’ve never actually been pregnant.

I’m the first to admit I don’t really understand babies. 453 more words


Things I Take for Granted

Baca postingan dari Glory bikin saya pengen nulis tentang ini. Bukan, bukan soal kebebasan beragama dan isu sejenisnya, tapi soal hal-hal kecil yang seringkali kita (saya) sepelekan. 456 more words

Marriage Life

The Prakratik Living Guide for Expecting Moms

Pregnancy is tough enough without having to worry about what and how much to eat. There is a mind-boggling amount of information floating around about what to and what food to have for pregnancy and what not to include in a pregnancy diet, and frankly it can be quite confusing. 483 more words

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