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Scared by Mike Chin

We honeymooned in Orlando at the Universal Studios theme park and found our way to a Jurassic Park-themed boat ride through thick trees and velociraptors—fun in an ironic, retro way. 941 more words


A controversial project on pregnant women

The Polish Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Marek Michalak, has recently called the president for his support in fighting FAS – fetal alcohol syndrome. He argued that it is the states responsibility to ensure that an unborn child is protected against its irresponsible mother who either drinks alcohol or takes psychoactive substances during her pregnancy. 148 more words

ICM Twinning Project, Workshop & Seminar: Prevention of Obesity During Pregnancy

Aug.18, 2017, Ulan Batar, Mongolia

The main purpose of the Workshop held 16 – 18 August at the Intermed Hospital, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, , was to explain the “Happy Baby, Health Mom” App and to train midwives how to use it. 282 more words


Baby by number

I count a lot at the moment.

I’ve not really said it outside of my house  or to anyone except my husband, but we are trying to make our child – and it involves… 573 more words


Hydration During Pregnancy

This is a must read. I for one did not suffer from morning sickness but I also used to drink lots of water in those days.   347 more words


Shame On Me...I Know!

It’s been entirely too long since I last posted. What can I say? Life just gets crazy sometimes. So crazy, in fact, that since my last post over a year ago documenting Little Man’s 2nd birthday party I both found out I was pregnant AND had said baby…that baby is now 4 months old. 304 more words