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My Very First Musing Post

I posted these “musings” or observations if you will, on Facebook during the foggy days and weeks postpartum. As you can see, details are sparse in the beginning. 354 more words

~Welcome To My Blog~

Finding out you are pregnant is such a happy moment. After announcing it to the world you are on cloud nine but then that fades and you realize you have to get back to the reality of figuring out what things to add to your registry, parenting classes, birth plan and the list goes on and on. 354 more words

Pregnancy Week 17/18: Fitness

This pregnancy has definitely had its ups and downs with fitness since the onset. I came into the pregnancy is relatively good shape. In fact, I would say that at certain points over the last three years, my postpartum fitness was actually better than before I had been pregnant with Atlas. 579 more words


what to pack in a hospital bag

When it comes to packing a hospital bag, I believe there are two extremes; not knowing what to pack and over-packing. But after packing for two previous deliveries and staying in a hospital, I’d like to think I know what is actually necessary and what isn’t. 202 more words


The baby is the size of 1/2 LEGO brick! [8 weeks pregnant]

I am a little behind on my updates already! I hope this isn’t a sign for my whole pregnancy! I am 8 weeks and 5 days today! 319 more words

Even Miracles take a little time..

Well the last couple of months have been somewhat unreal to say the least……

We had our IVF trip to beautiful Barca. The new clinic was fabulous, and we felt in such safe hands. 1,798 more words


The First 13 Weeks

On July 7th, I told my husband I’m going to take a pregnancy test. He said “okay” we waited just a few minutes and I came in the room smiling, and he says “you’re joking”. 568 more words

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