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13 weeks!

We had our 12 week scan yesterday and had the best news you could have that baby is healthy, happy and that I’m further along than I though woohoo! 147 more words


That moment.

When your test comes out positive and you just cannot believe it so you demand a second opinion.

Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone!


Big announcement - the beauty of secretly blogging !

Hi guys,

I have a really big announcement to make! The beauty of blogging without my family or friends knowing, is that I can share secrets with you even my parents don’t know yet! 306 more words


Introducing our precious Baby Zac!! Born 09.02.16 at 38+4 Weeks Pregnant

Our gorgeous precious miracle was born on 09.02.16, weighing a healthy 7lb! We could not be happier and cant stop smiling! The love I have for this little one cannot be put into words!!! 23 more words


The Journey of Motherhood Is Filled With Numerous Gestures

This is one truth of women’s life! The journey of motherhood has various gestures, which are faced by every woman. The joy of being pregnant leads to many other feelings that come by and goes by at the time. 146 more words

I'm what now?

I’m pregnant …and not newbie 8 months to prepare pregnant no … I’m get your stuff together its coming in 3 months pregnant. I know you’re thinking “How the Hell” so let me explain. 380 more words


If I Wanted Your Outdated Advice, I Would Have Asked

I am almost 14 weeks pregnant and ready for the advice to stop already. I told family as soon as I found out (around 3 weeks a long) and got a lot of congratulations and no advice, it was amazing and surprising! 1,420 more words