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The struggle is real.

When I was early stages pregnant, Chris would tease me about having ‘baby brain’ if I forgot anything – from where I put my keys, to a story I was telling.

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week one - Finding out

So here it starts…

We weren’t planning to but we weren’t not trying to either..

It was a Sunday morning when it began, I had been feeling off for a week. 371 more words


Umbilical Cord Stem Cells - Stem Cells Can Save Lives

Adorable short video about cord blood :)

“Cord tissue contains unique and powerful stem cells that are being investigated for their ability to help repair and heal the body in different ways than cord blood stem cells. 67 more words

{ Your Bump }

I'm a Mommy!

Well…Braelyn Taylor Johns made her way earth side a week ago today! I’ll be writing about her birth story, but tonight, I just wanted to share a few short thoughts on my first week of being a mommy. 471 more words



i want most of my posts to be helpful, but on occasion they will be more emotional. Today i wanted to talk about the changes moms go through. 961 more words


My Experience With Gestational Diabetes

I’m not entirely sure I am completely normal or typical, but I felt I should share my gestational diabetes experience with others. For those that haven’t been following my pregnancy journey, I will start from the beginning. 1,842 more words


You Were the One (A Poem)

Yes, I placed enough hopes on you to

Fill a bottomless basket.

You were the one.

A best friend that she could protect and

Confess her secrets to in the… 278 more words

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