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Again... its been a LONG time!!

I am already 34 weeks in this pregnancy, I am SUPER behind on writing. The pregnancy has been absolutely wonderful. I have finally “POP”ed and you can tell that I am actually pregnant and not that I ate a hamburger. 623 more words


The power of rituals

When we grieve, we can feel the we lose all track of time and reality.  The smallest and simplest of tasks can feel impossibly difficult. Finding and engaging in simple rituals can really help.  80 more words


8 Biggest Misconceptions About Abortion

Our perception about abortion is not only skewed but highly distorted as well. When we think of abortion, we think of tiny fetuses, covered in gooey stuff and blood, martyred to save a woman’s lifestyle. 546 more words

Thought Bite

Effects of Smoking While Pregnant

Smoking has adverse effects on one’s health. And, when pregnant, smoking may lead to different types of health complications not only in the mother but also in the baby.   210 more words


A Two-Mum Pregnancy Story: 34 Week Scan

My placenta is anterior and low lying. Sometimes this can result in the need for birth via cesarean section (which I desperately hope to avoid). Fortunately at our 34 week scan, we discovered that my placenta has moved up and is not covering my ceevix. 32 more words

Two Mums