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Two poems by Charley Barnes

79 weeks old

When I asked the doctor what to expect in the next six months,
he made the same expression that I once made… 219 more words


Pregnancy take two. (The final chapter)

The final chapter to my three part story of my pregnancy with my second son. This final chapter more like the entire second half of my pregnancy… 1,169 more words


Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia The First Trimester Diaries

During my second pregnancy I wrote diaries here on the blog to share what my experience was like in case other people with fibromyalgia were curious. 422 more words


8 Unusual Baby Traditions

This article appears in the Winter 2018 Issue of Pregnancy Bump & Baby Magazine

Pregnancy and childbirth is a magical, mystical time for anyone. The making and birthing of little people is no less miraculous, no matter how many times we’ve experienced it. 1,313 more words



So, as you can tell from the title, I’ve had a miscarriage. I just felt like something was not right this last tuesday. I had some cramping, but they felt exactly like period cramps/aches and not like the twinges and whatnot from a couple days before. 1,117 more words


I’m literally sweating from every part of my body - Surviving Summer pregnant

After the heat wave over the first May bank holiday weekend and the recent summer weather, I realised I am no way ready for the summer let alone being pregnant for nearly all of it! 37 more words


10 ways to Live Your Best Pregnant Life

Can you live your best life Pregnant?


It is  true, pregnancy will challenge you, it will fatigue you, and it will transform you. Pregnancy is one of the most miraculous events you can experience, but that’s not to say its easy. 401 more words