What Happens When Your Child Asks About Their Deceased Sibling?

Most parents are concerned about emotional and physical development when it comes to their children – when’s the right time to talk about the birds and the bees? 396 more words


Welcome to the world, sweetest girl

Fiona Ruth K was born via successful VBAC on December 1, 2015 at 11:05am CET. Water broke at 3am while I was in bed, and we arrived at the hospital right in time for active labor to begin. 245 more words

Sweet Sentiments ...

Over the weekend we went to visit the neighbor…….okay I realize this sounds stupid “visiting the neighbor” and it is stupid, but shit life just gets busy. 184 more words


Good Days...

What a fucking fantastic day this was. Saturday March 28th, the day of my 8 week ultrasound. I took it as a good sign that I wasn’t that nervous about it, I figured it was my intuition. 499 more words



My first milestone was blood work, beta’s to be exact. The highest beta from my last pregnancy was 5234, which is normal for about 5 weeks pregnant. 62 more words



A rant for ya’all during the early weeks of PGAL (pregnant after a loss)…

“You can’t stress yourself out” Fuck off. I hate this fucking statement, I hate it so much. 112 more words


6 Weeks...

To be exact I’m 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant today. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since I found out I’m expecting again and almost 18 weeks since my D&C for retained tissue. 764 more words