We’re 10 weeks. 10 weeks, how did that happen?

It feels like the race is on. Cerclage placement is in less than two weeks and I feel like I need to soak up every ounce of my freedom because after that my life will consist of strict bed rest. 68 more words

Carrying A Rainbow

I carry your heart in mine

This morning I heard my baby’s heartbeat via our Angel Sounds doppler (which arrived three weeks earlier than expected! WA HOO!). I have never heard a more beautiful sound in my life. 397 more words

Quick Update

For the first time in my life, cutting back nicotine has been successful. YAY! I am almost at the end of the “cutting back” journey, and I’m so proud. 360 more words

7w2d and a little bit of honesty.

I am 7w2d! HUZZAH! Before I get into the meat of this post, I’ll update on how things are going. Saw the baby again at 6w5d, nice healthy heartbeat and a great size. 323 more words

I have so many things to update you all on.

Things here in Deutschland have been nothing but hectic, but mainly because I’m so nauseous I can hardly function.

Things with the baby are going well so far. 366 more words

Still pregnant!

For the first time since my pregnancy with Teddy, I am seeing actual progression. Beautiful progression. Progression that, despite all odds, is actually making me feel optimistic. 210 more words

Lucky number 3. I hope.

I am pregnant…again. Tested positive yesterday and saw really beautiful progression this morning. THEN (because I’m insane), I tested again with SMU and saw even *more* progression. 149 more words