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10 cool and glitzy outfit ideas for preggy Ladies.

Don’t think you’ve been shut off from your fashionable life because you’re heavy, As a fashionista you ought to slay in all conditions of life. But most times I get to see some ladies looking Boringly dressed all cause they’re pregnant . 67 more words


BREAKING: HB 2442 Passes Committee Hearings

One day after SB 1362 passed Senate Health Committee hearings, there is more good news to share with the dental community. Another one of our own, Erik Klintmalm ’18, provided personal testimony on Thursday morning to the House Health Committee regarding HB 2442. 322 more words

High BP: A cause for concern during pregnancy

Pregnancy and the birth of a new-born is one of the most fulfilling and wondrous journeys in the life of a woman. To ensure that this journey leads to an even more joyous time of new experiences and discoveries : awareness and preparedness for any medical complications is a must. 454 more words

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Resting ... sleeping ... slowing down ...

Your body has its own rhythm and when You slow down You start to perceive it at a deeper level. This brings me to talk to you about the importance of… 449 more words


Fancl Skin Renewal Pack Review

Fancl Skin Renewal Pack

Price: HKD210
Volume: 40g

Fancl is a relatively new company on my docket as although I’ve definitely heard of the brand and seen the products while passing by in the mall and so on and so forth, it never really occurred to me to try it out for…no real reason, really. 684 more words


When Pregnant Women Get Flu Shots, Babies Are Healthier - ESTHER LANDHUIS May 7, 2016 5:00 AM ET

Kimberly Richardson has never gotten a flu shot. Since she’s healthy and considers the seasonal vaccines a “best-guess concoction” of the viruses expected to dominate, the northern California gym teacher and mother of two says she didn’t want an “injection of something that may or may not keep me healthy in the long run.” 142 more words

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