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My Running Must-Haves

Runner’s all have different pieces of gear that they have to have to run. Whether the choice of equipment be driven by superstitious or by the tried and true method of testing them out and it working the best, there are several different items that you just can’t leave behind. 1,312 more words

Need for Speed

I’m happy to report that 19 weeks into a ~41 week pregnancy I am still happily running strong. I’ve hit up a lot of local races, with some mediocre times but all walking away satisfied with the effort brought forth. 1,197 more words

Mundane Things Make a Runner Happy

About 6 months ago my Garmin’s “run reset” button stopped working. I tried troubleshooting it but short of sending it back to the manufacturer (with an $80 diagnostic fee), there was no way I was going to get it to work. 150 more words

First Trimester Recap

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I figured I’d give a not-so-short recap of how my first trimester went.  If pregnancy posts aren’t your thing, feel free to skip this.  1,094 more words

Shamrock 8k Recap

Phew! What a whirlwind of a weekend. Let me quickly (ha) recap my race and some other things that happened this weekend.

Our travel was delayed by a few unforseen circumstances (including snow, what was the heck was that about?)… We arrived at our hotel in Virginia Beach at 12:30 pm. 971 more words


Running, pregnancy, and skin care

Running is still going. I ran a marathon relay a few weeks ago and lucked out with the shortest leg possible, 5.4 miles. The past two weekends I managed a ten mile run and eight mile run, so I know I’ll most likely make it to the finish of my 8k race this weekend in one piece. 1,073 more words

Pregnant Running

Round 2 of Pregnancy and Racing

Crushing it while Pregnant = 1:18:07 for Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half

On the starting line early Sunday morning on January 18, my head was spinning with excitement entering the known, yet unknown of a 13.1 mile race at the early 5 week mark of my pregnancy. 2,993 more words