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Abortion: whose decision is it?

We’ll get straight to the point. One person has the decision here and that is the pregnant woman. The people around her can offer support, guidance and ideas but must respect her and her decision. 256 more words

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Finding the facts about abortion

People have strong opinions about abortion. Sometimes extreme, judgmental and loud opinions. Pro-life, pro-choice or somewhere in the acres of middle ground.

This is a personal matter, we’re not here to tell you that your feelings and beliefs are right or wrong. 414 more words

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What the hell do they think they're looking at?

Around about the time you start having a little baby belly and wearing maternity clothes you might notice some glances being thrown in the direction of your stomach. 389 more words

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I'm scared I might be pregnant

Your period hasn’t come. You can’t remember when it was due, a couple of weeks, a month? Two months? You’re prodding your stomach from time to time and maybe you’re pretty sure that you’ve got PMS today and this will all have been worry about nothing. 455 more words

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16-Year-Old Passenger Killed By Police Was Pregnant

FREMONT, Calif. (AP/CBS13) – Authorities say a 16-year-old girl shot to death by police in Northern California was pregnant.

Elena Mondragon was killed on Tuesday in Hayward. 114 more words