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The Sad State Of Our Jail System

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Sometimes you hear a news story that compels you to read more about it. Such was the case this morning when  I popped on the tv and heard about Jessica Preston, a woman who was pulled over in mid-March 2016, initially because she had a rosary and cross hanging from the rear-view mirror in her car, supposedly obstructing her view of the road. 514 more words


What NOT to say to a pregnant woman.

My  V L O G on what not to say to a pregnant woman is out now! The minute a woman gets pregnant it’s almost like the rest of the population gain a free pass to comment, advise and accidentally insult the pregnant woman. 81 more words

The Pregnancy Diaries

Luna's Birth Story by The Bazaar Mumma

This week, we are sharing the part 2 of the birth story from the Bazaar Mumma! If you’d like to catch up, you can read part 1  1,399 more words


Changes and symptoms during the ninth and last month of pregnancy

You only have four weeks to get your baby born, you do not sleep well and you get tired much faster, in these weeks your baby’s kicks will also decrease a lot, because he does not have enough space to move around, he’ll be in a fetal position Which lasts from weeks to delivery. 350 more words

Et Your Baby Born


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R. Qui fecit cælum et terram. 708 more words


Mexican Fertility Drink

You’ll notice that the shape of this bottle looks like a woman. A pregnant woman. Beautiful packaging, for sure, and a nod to the belief that this regional Mexican drink is purportedly a fertility drink. 194 more words


Psycho For Love: Michael G. Pelkey killed his wife, Diane Pelkey; He was convicted by a military court and sentenced to life in military prison

From Pelkey’s appeal: During March and April of 1994, appellant was tried by a general court-martial composed of officer and enlisted members at Fort Carson, Colorado. 105 more words