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On Selfie-Esteem

Yesterday at the dance studio my mom handed me a dress to try on– very cute, well-designed princess seam sleeveless gray stretchy dress. Not made for maternity wear, but… 493 more words

For My Pregnant Homies: Back Pain Edition

Hello ladies!

From what I gather, the number 2 most common complaint amongst pregnant women is back pain (number 1 being “pregnancy”).

Hence, today I’m going to write a bit about back pain and what the bloody hell we can do to make it better because AUUGH. 2,347 more words

Light Step Into Birthing in the U.S.A

I’ve recently looked under the surface into the deep workings of the birthing world. As I prepare for the next addition to my career in taking on the role of birth doula, there’s a natural deepening that happens. 3,198 more words

Ina May

5 Types Of Awful People In The World

People who ruin the endings of shows/movies

First of all, how DARE you! Second of all, how could a person ever think it’s okay to just ruin the ending of a movie or TV show?! 497 more words

Diet Tips for Pregnant Women

A half tablespoon of ground flaxseed sprinkled on cereal and salads can help control cholesterol, which can soar during pregnancy and breastfeeding, says Stacy Goldberg, R.N., a nutritional consultant in West Bloomfield, Mich. 86 more words

Diet Tips

Diet for Pregnant Women

Those who are expecting, I would suggest, read the following article on diet for pregnant women for knowing what to eat during this very important phase of life; pregnancy. 891 more words

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