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Gadalf the Great Demon by Sweet princess

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36 weeks in, and what have I learnt?

You can learn a lot when you’re pregnant.  I feel like I have, so keen to get all this good stuff out onto a page before I forget it again, here’s my top ten things I did when I was pregnant that I wouldn’t change and would recommend to anyone who finds themselves “up the duff” 2,135 more words

I didn’t Know I pregnant 🤰.......

As the title says I didn’t know I was pregnant with my second child  and yes this is true.

So on Friday March 30th around 230 in the morning I was having trouble stomach pains to the point I could lay down or sit or anything so I called my parents screaming in pain I can’t move or anything my boyfriend and daughter were sleeping in bed and I didn’t was to wake him because he had work in the morning so my mom and I went to the emergency room and seriously I couldn’t sit or stand I had to walk and pee a lot and honestly that hurt to so they made me pee in a cup and it came back positive for pregnancy which confused me because I just had my period and honestly I thought I was only 3 weeks along and around 30 minutes later I was still in pain and now scream and cursing like a sailor and now one would help me and then the doctor came couldn’t find a heartbeat so I thought I was having a miscarriage then we saw full grown baby on a ultrasound I was like what the hell then all of  sudden we hear over the loud speaker l&d to the er and I had about 50 doctors come and help me and I am screaming for my mother and my mom thought I was going to have a heart attack  or something worst then all of sudden a said come on you got to push and I scream push what! 74 more words

[Droid447] Sapphire's Quest Brothel

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The Truth Behind Morning Sickness

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