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National Homemade Pregnancy Tests

  • Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach is commonly available in every house, as it is used for cleaning purposes. But, you can use this element for pregnancy also. 302 more words


Lemons, lemons, lemons...

I am writing this blog to help share products, information, tips, and much more with other women like me across the world!

Inspired by lemons came about because I am pregnant with my first baby! 116 more words

Kylie Jenner and the myth of postpartum weightloss

I have nothing against Kylie Jenner, like almost everyone else on the planet I like to keep up with the Kardashians. However I do have very strong feels about people, women, perpetuating the myth that it’s easy to get back to your pre-baby body without investing money, time and having an army of helpers, including some medical, at your disposal. 1,257 more words


Kristopher and Elsa


Kristopher took Elsa out for a birthday dinner to celebrate. He brought out the cake he made and she became a young adult. Elsa had but one wish… she wasn’t sure Kris would want to fulfill it… 100 more words

30th Week: Be Intentional

Dear Hanna,

Have a great day! Today is Day 1 of David’s 30th week. He must be very busy now inside your belly, as he prepares himself for the big day. 757 more words

Open Letters

Third Trimester = Tired All The Time

So, I’m only officially about  half a week in to my third trimester of pregnancy, and I  am already tired all the time. I don’t work a ton of hours anyways, and I usually get enough sleep or far more than I need, but I am still expelling a lot of energy into creating a new human life and boy does this baby take! 1,093 more words