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Religion: The View from the Coming Generation

I found this video on viralthread.com, and found it fascinating to see what was, to me, a different view of religion being expressed by children. 104 more words

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White Afros

Succinct and powerful while not too patronizing, today’s Huffpost article by Zeba Blay entitled “4 ‘Reverse Racism Myths’ that Need to Stop,” dispels four myths, really erroneous convictions that discomfited white people have about an historically discriminated population’s unique struggle. 252 more words


by any other name it is still the same - get out of my life

Since I was a small girl treating people differently because of their color, size or appearance has bothered me.

A lot.

Hearing or seeing this type of callous ignorance actually makes my stomach hurt, and I want to be sick. 316 more words


Elul 13

I pride myself, you know, on being somewhat of a conservative. I don’t like change much. I avoid it. I try to maintain traditions, and when needed, to develop them. 892 more words


When & Why Did Our Moms Become Less Than Human?

Recognize & Address America’s Long-Standing, Expanding National Epidemic of Childhood Abuse & Neglect

When & Why Did Our Moms Become Less Than Human?

Hi. I am puzzled by something, perhaps someone can help? 729 more words

Child Abuse

The Birds and the Bees?

Do you remember when you first learned the details of male/female sex?  Do you remember what you were thinking as you tried to picture what was being described?  459 more words



Rosters were distributed yesterday, and immediately upon scanning the seventh grade list, one number stood out to me. And no, it was not 79, which is the (exorbitantly high) total enrollment of the grade so far. 1,314 more words

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