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Heritage II

In relation to “Heritage“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

I agree with pulling down a statue of someone like Calhoun, if his writings were the foundation for slavery.

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According to Bruce Pardy, I Shouldn’t be a PhD Student

In the years that I have spent in graduate school, I have not once been subjected to a timed test. All of the work in my program of study is based on either written work or oral presentations. 2,646 more words


Mental Health Awareness - A good thing?

I’ve been observing a few conversations recently about whether the rise of Mental Health Awareness campaigns and training are a good thing. It’s interesting and a bit puzzling to me, so I’ve been giving it some thought. 1,300 more words

Mental Health

Why monuments are't our biggest problem...How Nelson Mandela Got it Wrong...and Why Racism Will Continue.

True history is a record of verifiable facts free from the prejudice of man. It must contain both his honorable, valiant, and noble deeds which ignite pride and gratefulness, as well as the deplorable and incomprehensible works of darkness that evoke shame and horror. 1,889 more words

Overcoming Loneliness

Love Eclipsed

Just sitting here
awaiting the eclipse
as America considers
raising its eyes to the sun
to see the moon pass
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Move Towards Peace....

I don’t often talk about the prejudice and bigotry I have experienced, but in the wake of Charlottesville, I think it important to mention.

I remember as a child of maybe eight or ten, riding my bike home from Sunday school, being pushed off my bike, punched in the forehead and being called a dirty Jew. 1,249 more words

When you're the minority

It’s known as the country of hospitality, and for good reason. Living for 4 1/2 years (1999-2003) in the welcoming but scorching and malaria-ridden African nation of Benin was simultaneously a joy and a monumental challenge. 1,647 more words