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Ray Honeyford: “a language which is dishonest"

“By exploiting the enormous tolerance traditional in this country, the race lobby has so managed to induce and maintain feelings of guilt in the well disposed majority, that decent people are not only afraid of voicing certain thoughts, they are uncertain even of their right to think those thoughts. 110 more words

Politics/Current Events

The Bread Story

Grandma Mastropaolo was the eldest of five daughters—the only daughter who was born in a starving Sicilian village. In 1906, she and her mother traveled in steerage to meet her father on the other side of the world. 1,030 more words


Would you buy music without hearing it first?

So much trouble caused in our world is as a direct result of prejudgment, making assumptions, and stereotyping!

As a man of colour, I venture into environments where, often I am the odd one out! 669 more words

Reflections On Life

Being Animal

“It was a time when parents who abused their children were simply called ‘strict’, when the spiritual lacerations of profoundly exploited women were referred to as ‘mental breakdowns’, when girls and women who were tightly girdled, tightly reined and tightly muzzled were called ‘nice’ and those other women who managed to slip the collar for a moment or two of life were branded ‘bad’”. 848 more words


Hollywood Depression: It Can Be Wrong

A take down of various stereotypes dealing with pop culture’s misgivings about clinical depression, as presented by this Buzzfeed article. 

Now, I try not to talk too much about myself, but sometimes my own personal experience and the portrayals of that experience in pop culture and media can be so unduly, undoubtedly different. 1,388 more words


Why People Hate K-Pop So Much

So, the first thing I have to state, is that I live in Europe, more specifically in Hungary. And K-Pop here is not one of the most loved music genres. 458 more words


Changing Black - MLK

October 18, 2017 (Original start date was March 2016)

I’ve not written or posted an original work in quite some time, but a question I found on Quora (footnoted) this morning, triggered me to complete something I’d started 10 months ago, so here it is. 2,617 more words