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Don't take the sprinkles, just don't!

I just passed two Dutch ladies while making a walk through town. And yes, they definitely reconfirmed the prejudices about the Dutch going on holiday. I just heard about one sentence of their conversation: 215 more words


This PSA is Brought to you by a Nerdy Girl.

In our mission statement here at TFN, we are pretty clear about our views on the current state of the geek world and prejudice.

Recently I was asked an interesting question, and it has inspired me to expand on the topic here. 633 more words

Public servants and their inefficient ways

Society has always needed scape goats for its many failures, it makes it easier if one can identify a person or group responsible for these failures, it avoids any difficult soul searching into the real cause of the problem. 2,004 more words


Engaging Systems

Our sins are not always the things we do.  Sometimes they are the things we fail to do.  Our sins are not always personal; sometimes they are communal or corporate. 310 more words

Pride v. Prejudice

A friend of mine asked why people were all of a sudden being uppity about the presence of the confederate flag on Facebook the other day.   763 more words


To The 'Friend' That Implied Islam Is Related To ISIS

Disclaimer: This is a serious post. Unfortunately, I have to use terms such as white or coloured people because it is essential.

A few days ago, I had this sudden flashback where I remembered a discussion I had with one of my former classmates. 694 more words


Passions and Peeves

I’m pretty flexible on most things, but there are certain topics…not so much. I’m passionate about learning what God went to so much trouble to reveal about himself in the Bible and his history with those who choose to love him back. 586 more words