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It Shouldn't Matter if He is a He or a She........

Like most of America, I watched the Bruce Jenner interview on 20/20.  I was touched by the level of emotion he felt at disclosing his life-long secret.   707 more words

Why Bruce Jenner's 'Transition' Reflects the Failing of the Modern Human Being

By The Bug

Representing YOU

We are pathetic.

Yes, the human race is truly the biggest joke our universe has played on itself.

It is simple math and essentially we are fundamentally, not only insane, but lack complete ethics, decency, and, most importantly, accountability. 1,088 more words

Bruce Jenner


The first time I ever saw a dark skinned person was when I was seven.  I was walking with my Mom down a street in the small town of Easton, Pennsylvania when we happened upon some black men unloading a delivery truck.  333 more words

Christian Life

Bruce was right. Kids are adaptable and we shouldn't use them as a disguise for our prejudices.

BRUCE Jenner’s interview where she detailed her decision to transition from male to female was inspiring, informative and most importantly brave. By choosing to come out as transgender, Bruce has managed to educate the masses about the heartbreaking process of being trans and the courage it has taken to make the leap into leading the life that she wants to lead. 450 more words

In the Nursing Home

by Thomas Davis

Memory silks like a worm
into a place where comfort ought to be.

Inside a kitchen, bristling with energy,
the woman sits beside a young man… 284 more words



About Bruce Jenner:

An adult male “couldn’t wrap his mind around” a transgender identity, and an adult female said she was “insulted” that Bruce Jenner said, “I think like a woman.” 15 more words

The New Black, bullets and racism - Black Politics on the Web

As I stand in line at the Super America, the man ahead of me uses a credit card to pay for his gas; the clerk smiles, the transaction happens and its over. 217 more words