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Feminist Literary Theory

After I finished reading “The Book Of Negros” it is very clear that the main character Aminata’s experiences relied on her gender more times than not. 771 more words

Labour's Foreign Buyers Ban (1) - More holes than Swiss Cheese

Where to begin is hard. There are so many holes in this policy and related pronouncements that it is akin to Swiss cheese (Gruyere).

However, to get us going let us look at an easy hit. 175 more words

The TRUE Meaning of Veganism

The prejudice of human supremacism (the belief in human superiority) is the root cause of ALL animal use and environmental destruction.

At its core, veganism means… 366 more words


Ego Vs E, Go!

In any inter-personal relationship or argument, a truth has three parts.

  • First part of the truth is the truth that I think and believe in is true.
  • 534 more words

A Fine Brush on Ivory

Watercolor of Jane Austen by her sister, Cassandra, 1804

A Fine Brush on Ivory: An Appreciation of Jane Austen is a light academic analysis of Jane Austen’s writings by Richard Jenkyns, a professor and researcher of classical literature. 387 more words


The greatest part

of my illness may be Stigma.


That is what I have obsessed about all year.

Last year was a tough year for stigma. 182 more words

On Teaching as a Muslim Woman in Hijab

Many of you know that when I first started teaching at Staten Island, it was an incredibly difficult experience at first. Many of you were even concerned for my safety and suggested I get out of there. 1,004 more words