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Love is mortal, we are free

I’ve put a lot of physical, chronological, and psychological distance between me and the person who fell in love with C. Telling the story of how we met and how what I imagined as a Notebook level romance degraded into him cutting me off without so much as a good bye after 4 years of friendship feels distant. 577 more words

Winds of racism are everywhere

When I came to Egypt, I thought I will forever get away from racism.  Living in Singapore as a minority race has its downside, although, technically, my race was the original inhabitants of Singapore.   1,257 more words

Maya Angelou, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

”People in Stamps used to say that the whites in our town were so prejudiced that a Negro couldn’t buy vanilla ice cream. Except on July Fourth. 9 more words


'It's Easy'

It’s easy they say,
Easy to make a name for yourself and to singlehandedly make a difference in the world,
Easy for you to be yourself and have fun, 114 more words

The Deep Roots of Human Prejudice

The roots of human prejudice are so deep, and it is so pervasive, that it almost feels like second nature to man.

While it is widely believed that men are born free of prejudices, you would find it hard to believe just how naturally they come to us. 222 more words


Looking For Apertures...

The thing about labels is that they have rather strong adhesive..some labels are very difficult to peel off and often leave a residue…occassionally the label does not actually fit the contents… 101 more words


Naked Thoughts

Recently I did model for a an extraordinary figurative realist artist which I was fortunate to meet at an art fair.  I did mention to few of my friends but it somehow surprised me the similarity in their their reaction – ‘Did you pose naked?’. 261 more words