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When prejudice is its own brand of patriotism

With Donald Trump leading the Republican polls on a wave of prejudicial fervor to “take back America,” and men like Marco Rubio taking the aggressive stance that conservative politics are the only answer to America’s social ills it might pay to step back and look at what that phrase “Take Back America” really means. 1,083 more words

You Can Sit By Me

Our daughters are both working and learning the hidden lessons of the professional workplace.

Interestingly, sometimes it still resembles high school.

There are the adults who take their job seriously, consider it a calling and have the foresight to encourage and train the future of their professions…and there are those who don’t. 421 more words

Parenting And Management

HIV Transmission: No "Good AIDS/Bad AIDS", just people

As a newly appointed HIV psychologist, I’ve been taking some time to better inform myself. I’ve been reading NAM’s Living with HIV and this in itself has provided an opportunity to examine societal (and my own) prejudices. 841 more words

How are we defining gender, if not by feeling?

I keep coming across this notion that transwomen can’t be women because they don’t experience the world of What It Is To Be Female. I had to have a think about that; I realised, I don’t have a clue what it is to be female. 3,290 more words


Testing ethical acuity

Ethical sensitivity is best cultivated through examples. To test this proposition I ran a class in which ethical matters were addressed through a series of contemporary case studies. 875 more words


Adam Lambert: ‘King Of Queen’ Branded ‘Filthy’ By Singaporeans

Less than 12-months ago Adam Lambert was being widely praised after an incredible performance as part of London’s New Year celebration. As reported in Inquisitr at the time Lambert was trending worldwide after turning in a stunning performance with Queen as part of “Big Ben Live” celebration.

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"They let their fears drive them. And that turns them into weapons."

“The thing Trump’s really good at is getting otherwise rational people to clamp down harder on their fears and prejudices.  These people aren’t monsters.  They’re completely normal.   54 more words