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When I was a teenager I wanted friends so badly.  When I became mentally ill, then the opportunity of making friends greatly diminished, and now that door had closed. 39 more words

29 March ― 9 Bahá


Sanctify your ears from the idle talk of them that are the symbols of denial and the exponents of violence and anger. The hour is approaching when ye will witness the power of the one true God triumphing over all created things and the signs of His sovereignty encompassing all creation. 565 more words

Bahá'í Calligraphy


Struggling with stigma today.  It has become such problem, that I find it difficult to go out, and will only go to certain places. 188 more words


A huge thanks to Rev. Mindi at Rev-0-lution.org for this year’s Lenten theme, which I’ve slightly reworked under the title: “Advancing the Kingdom, Resisting the World.” 2,156 more words


Fake it till you make it

You’ve seen my pictures.  I’m a wheelie.  I’m disabled.  I’m a cripple.  I’m whatever you want to call me (I sometimes call myself a cripple right away so the word has no power when people try to insult me with it) but it better not be wheelchair bound.  570 more words

What Went Wrong With... People's Refusal To Accept Islamophobia As Both Prejudice And Racist?

There seems to be a growing number of people, especially on the right who reject the idea of Islamophobia; they either say it’s justified since modern-day terrorism is perpetrated by Islamic extremists or that it flat-out doesn’t exist because it’s somehow impossible to be prejudice against a religion (this second defence makes no sense whatsoever). 4,392 more words



In my world, feelings predominate. My mood and emotions swing from what I feel at the moment. It can result to the extreme of extremes depending if it is coming from a heart-warming compliment or stinging rebuke. 300 more words