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Cross-Out: Sums to 12

Chris asked for a new game yesterday, and I didn’t have one ready (Gasp!) So we made one up together called “cross-out”. This was quick, easy to organize, and he had fun playing it and ‘cheating’. 348 more words


Tiny Human Perspectives: What About 0?

What is up with 0? It is nothing, nada, zilch. So why spend time thinking about nothing?

While playing a game with dice (labeled 0-5 each), pre-schoolers had no trouble thinking about zero as nothing. 284 more words


Making Timely Decisions. #HackingEarlyLearning

As leaders you are asked many questions in a day (or even an hour).

  • Do we have inside recess?
  • How many sections of (insert grade level) will we have next year?
  • 560 more words
Breaking Out Of The Kindergarten Box

Rolling to 100

I had the pleasure of volunteering in my son’s Kinder class for 100 day. She had a great ‘filler’ game that I wanted to adapt and share. 266 more words


How Many Are Hiding?

This is a great game for tiny humans in need of some entertainment while waiting at a restaurant. Just make sure to ask for an extra children’s cup to play. 297 more words