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Cooking with a Preschooler: Fall Edition

Thanks to a big crop of Mackintoshes from my parents’ house, we are up to our ears in apples at the moment.  Just another great opportunity to get my three-year-old busy in the kitchen!   132 more words

Homeschooling at age two

We started homeschooling our son last year.

This year, he’s two and we are continuing down that path.  I often get strange looks when I mention we are already homeschooling.   232 more words


Joey's School Song

Joey’s been having a hard time in PreK being away from mommy and daddy.  So I came up with a new song to sing to him.  110 more words


Preschool Math: Compare Whole Numbers

What the hand does, the mind remembers.  — Maria Montessori

Our son is really into card games lately.  He loves “Go Fish” and “War” especially, but while playing “War, he was having a tough time looking at the cards and determining which was greater.   54 more words

9-17-2017 Journal Update

The House

I bought a new bookshelf to add a little more room to the too small desk.  It worked great because it fit my monitor for work and my printer on it.  323 more words


Oh, Hi There!

Hello out there! Here we are! Welcome back to StudioMaury!

Year seven is alive and well and we. are. cruisin.

As many of you all know, for whatever reason, it is almost humanly impossible for me to reuse content material from past years. 580 more words

Happenings Around Maury

School Memory Books

Binding Machine use #1: School Memory Books

Will keep all the paperwork in one convenient place and allow him to look at memories for years to come.