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CWS Countryside Got Ooey Gooey!

Creative World Schools are equipped with an incredible World of Wonder! Our Exploratorium is an expansive space where children ages 3 and up come to investigate and explore a unique inquiry with amazing tools, loose parts, and inventive teachers! 159 more words


Toys that Teach: Color Sort Vegetables

Instead of buying the gigantic mess-monsters that are the 200 piece sets of pretend food, we chose to buy this simple vegetables and color sorting baskets from Amazon.com two years ago for my oldest son’s first birthday. 119 more words


STL Zoo with Grandparents

It’s been a while since I have written a blog because we have been a little busy around here. School has begun but before that, we took a family trip to the St. 351 more words

Fine-Motor Latch Board

If ever you want to feel super handy and proud of yourself for using a power tool, make your kiddos a “Fine-Motor Latch Board”. I’ve seen these all over Pintrest forever and after seeing both of my boys struggle to do things like use zippers, hold crayons, open containers, complete puzzles, and pick up small objects (all fine-motor skills) I decided it was time to visit the hardware store. 399 more words


Color Sorting + Scissor Skills= Geometric Art Project

We’ve been working on sorting and scissor skills this week. So, Saturday is a great day to bring the two skills together in this super simple Geometric Art project.  316 more words


How to Prepare Your Preschooler for School!

Going to full or even half day Preschool can be a big leap for 3 and 4 year olds! The experts at Creative World School have some ideas for how to ease the transition and launch into Preschool with positivity and excitement! 606 more words


Sorting by Color and Rocking Your Kid's World

Painter’s tape (my best friend)
Pictures of various objects that are primarily one color
Color word cards
A Wall
(We used a color wall display we bought from a teacher store, but you could easily use magazine pictures and construction paper. 598 more words