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Testing 1, 2, 3...

“Is this thing on?” is what’s usually said when you take the stage for the first time. This is exactly how I feel right now. 136 more words


Quiet Friends

I was having issues with my kids staying still and being quiet during learning time. I came across these on another site and I have to say it  253 more words


Must show you!

On Wednesdays we color in PreK. Towards the end and even in the middle kids run up to me to show me the progress of their alphabet writing/coloring worksheet (today was L). 77 more words

Fibro fog/I forgot what the hell I was talking about

Five weeks. Five weeks?! I know. I won’t make excuses. Shame on me. But I will tell you a little about what has kept me away for so long, especially after blog-teasing you with a ton of extra posts leading up to my disappearance. 963 more words

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Monday's Bright Spot

I’m starting a new weekly segment – Monday’s bright spot.  Each week will include comedic relief from the adorable kiddos in my life.  Starting Monday off with a laugh can only help the rest of the week go more smoothly!  84 more words


Groundhog's Day

Today went pretty well but it was definitely a learning experience. Firstly, there are not a lot of good groundhog books. Then more than half the kids showed up 10 minutes late (after I had already finished the most fun parts of the program).. 163 more words


Came here to say...

That I’m pretty disappointed to have found this
(On Danielle’s Place)
planning the craft for the Groundhog’s Day program on Monday.

These hats would have been epic. 22 more words