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Watch Seripisut

A couple of days ago, PPT briefly mentioned Seripisut Temiyavet and the military junta’s attack on him for his comments on military corruption.

We think he’s worth watching for a while. 202 more words

Repackaging old dreams

Thailand’s conservatives and anti-democrats desperately want an unelected premier. Their view, as it has been for almost four decades, is that this will allow them to get a “right” and “good” person to run the country in their interests. 433 more words

The nominee premier

PPT can’t keep up with the weird, stunning and downright perplexing news on Thailand’s military dictatorship and its efforts to smash the country into its preferred shape. 257 more words

Unleashing extremism

Unleashing extremists has long been a tactic employed by the military when dealing with political opposition. This was especially clear during the 1973-76 period when rightists associated with the palace and often led by military figures were used to create unrest and destroy opponents. 380 more words

Getting the story straight

The Nation reports that the military dictatorship has received some unsolicited advice from the (anti)Democrat Party.

The royalist Democrat Party has a spokesman named Ramet Rattanachaweng who has decided that the intolerant and illegal “government” needs advice on getting its story straight on the… 244 more words

Updated: Who are the cheats?

Readers will become bored with PPT’s posts on the corruption and nepotism of the military dictatorship as representative of a deep and long history of military and bureaucratic corruption. 679 more words