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Prem and holes in the road

The Nation will probably fix this story, but at present it appears as a strange combination of stories. Or perhaps Prem was found in a hole? 224 more words

Speculating on succession and conflict

Shawn Crispin has been reporting from Thailand for many years, and has usually published at Asia Times Online, often providing discussion of conspiracies and fears amongst member of ruling elites. 607 more words

Further updated: A year under the military boot II

In an article first titled “Thaksin: 2014 Coup Makers Helped by ‘Palace Circle’,” Khaosod has been forced to censor its reporting and now headlines the article “ 880 more words

Maintaining anti-democracy

NOT a single member of the National Legislative Assembly voiced opposition yesterday to a constitutional clause that would allow a non-MP to become prime minister. 331 more words

Prem and Prayuth

It is always revealing when the other meddling old man appears and babbles a bit. At least General Prem Tinsulanonda can actually still get about and support his favorite cause, the military and anti-democracy. 281 more words

Unelected PM and other anti-democratic plans

We recently posted on the unelected senate that will work to keep the military at the center of power. If that wasn’t sufficient in the rolling back of electoral politics some 25 years, the puppet Constitution Drafting Committee has now… 283 more words

How far back?

PPT has posted several times on the “inspiration” for the military dictatorship’s “governance” model being the era of unelected premier General Prem Tinsulanonda. While the Prem era was no golden era, with limited representation and a premier who ruled with military and palace support so that he treated parliament as a joke and avoided showing up there, it looked like the era The Dictator’s foggy memory considered the model for a throwback Thailand. 283 more words