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Preparing for Premocracy

Former academic and failed political candidate Anek Laothamatas has advised Thailand to prepare for the reincarnation of Premocracy.

The Nation reports that Anek, who seems to be a junta messenger, has told political parties that they should make some sort of agreement or hammer out an “understanding” with the military junta and/or it “proxies.” 316 more words

Going to the goats

Prime Minister and junta boss General Prayuth Chan-ocha went south in what some say was a campaign trip and a publicity exercise.

It did not go well. 399 more words

The old propaganda tricks

We at PPT haven’t spent much time on the dead king’s upcoming funeral.

That said, we did have a critical post yesterday that was about venal propagandizing for the monarchy… 528 more words

Updated: Absurd defenses of feudalism

Update: A reader rightly points out that our headline is potentially misleading. Let us be clear: the absurdities are all on the side of those implementing, using and defending the feudal lese majeste law. 818 more words

Updated: 6 October and dictatorship

A few days ago PPT post about the new website has been launched from Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Political Science, to establish and maintain an archive about the massacre of 6 October 1976. 394 more words

Following some trails and not others

The media seems flooded with Yingluck Shinawatra stories. Dozens of them. And most of them are about the “hunt for Yingluck.”

We understand that the anti-democrats, including the Democrat Party, are beside themselves with rage about Yingluck’s disappearance, but we can’t help feeling that the attention is over the top. 326 more words

Updated: Royal wealth and the squeeze on the taxpayer

Academic Pavin Chachavalpongpun has recently published an op-ed at The Japan Times. “A very wealthy monarch grows wealthier” examines the July “reorganization of the Crown Property Bureau, to pave the way for his control of this financial wing of the monarchy.” 1,164 more words