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Old men renewed

What is that statement by a dead philosopher? George Santayana, reflecting his times and his political conservatism, stated:

Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. 525 more words

Cheering the dictatorship

Shawn Crispin has long been based in Bangkok as a journalist. Most of his writing in recent years has been for the Asia Times Online. Much of it has been conspiratorial revelations based on anonymous sources. 894 more words

Deep problems, no solutions

An article at the Asian Nikkei Review he concludes: Thailand, it seems, is losing its luster; economic and political reforms are vital for restoring it. 129 more words

Reuters on lese majeste and crushing dissent

Aubrey Belford at Reuters has compiled an in-depth report on lese majeste that is worth reading and considering. It is spawned by the huge spike in lese majeste charges and the lengthy and cruel sentences being handed out by the military courts to “offenders,” some of whom have been entrapped into “offending.” 636 more words

Prem and the junta

Former unelected prime minister and current President of the king’s Privy Council General Prem Tinsulanonda has celebrated his 95th birthday by, in the words of a Khaosod headline… 162 more words

Who cut the forests?

Self-appointed Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha has an opinion on pretty much everything. As The Dictator his opinion is widely heard even if his opinions are those of a cloistered military bureaucrat with little knowledge of real life. 629 more words