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Concocting constitutionalism

The Bangkok Post describes The Dictator as “furious” about reporting on the relationship between the king and the junta’s government.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha seems to be in a lather over perceptions that the king has stepped beyond the bounds of his constitutional position. 694 more words

Chipping away at 1932

Several times since we began in 2009, PPT has marked the 1932 Revolution by reprinting the first announcement of the khana ratsadon or People’s Party. 933 more words

Regression not change

We usually consider claims about “change” as implying a move forward. When we read that “Real change is coming in 2017,” we realize that change can involve regression. 370 more words

Brotherly love

The 2014 military coup was intended to make up for the failures of of the 2006 putsch. In many ways, that 2006 intervention was General Prem Tinsulanonda’s coup. 552 more words

Another privy councilor appointed

The new king’s Privy Council appointments are looking rather haphazard and lacking in advance planning.

Although we stated that it was widely expected that the new king would put his stamp on the Privy Council. 262 more words

Two more privy councilors appointed

The Nation reports on the Royal Gazette announcement that the king has appointed two more members of the Privy Council, bringing the total membership to 13. 92 more words

Updated: Mutual back-scratching

It is not a secret that companies that do well in Thailand have tended to be big “donors.” Most conspicuously, they fork out millions each year to various royal things, including charities, projects and just handing over bags of money for unspecified royal use. 769 more words