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Bluesman B.B. King 'in home hospice care,' his website says

(CNN)Blues legend B.B. King is battling health problems, with a message on his website saying the 89-year-old musician is in “home hospice care.”

King was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital Thursday afternoon, CNN affiliate KLAS reported, because his daughter, Patty King, said he wasn’t eating and was dehydrated. 218 more words

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Premarin: A cruel way to fight menopause

Many women, upon reaching menopause, reach for prescriptions to treat their change-of-life symptoms.

Premarin is one of the drugs women are often prescribed as a hormone replacement therapy. 242 more words


Why Do So Many Women Have Anxiety Disorders? A Hormone Hypothesis (NPR.com)


Hmmm, why do so many women suffer from anxiety? Is there a hormone connection? This researcher found that when women were in a menstrual phase in which their estrogen levels were high, their “fear extinction capacity” was much better, in other words “they were able to control their fear, or express much less fear, compared to the women that came in in the early phase of their cycle… when they had low estrogen.” 230 more words


Angelina Jolie and her choice of bio-identical hormone therapy


A recent article in Health-TODAY.com – “Angelina Jolie’s ‘bio-identical’ therapy raises hormone questions” – challenges the safety of ‘bio-identical’ hormones versus conventional therapies including those of the Premarin family that contain conjugated equine estrogens (CEEs). 1,688 more words


"Why Premarin Still Needs Horses" - Horse Collaborative

I don’t know what makes me look at horse dramas lately, but I believe this article on Horse Collaborative is worth to share.

So, imagine yourselves standing still 24/7, with a device attached to your butt to collect your urine for manufacturing purposes. 59 more words


Pfizer continues to promote conjugated equine estrogen drugs based on flawed, antiquated science


Science has given us medical miracles and technology is light years ahead of what existed when the FDA approved Wyeth’s patent for Premarin, formulated from the urine of pregnant mares, in 1942. 791 more words

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