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When looking upon the law of Karma you must think of the future, for with everyone of our actions we enter into our account book an item which will bear fruit. 152 more words


How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles Naturally

Get rid of your forehead wrinkles naturally

The primary causes of forehead wrinkles are frequent frowning, stress, aging, and sun exposure. There are tons of infomercials showing different ways to make you look ten years younger. 304 more words


Cardamom (Elatteria Cardamomum)

Cardamom (Elaichi) is the third most expensive spice after vanilla & saffron and definitely the most used spice for making sweets in India. Flavor, aroma, and a minty taste is what makes it so popular all over the world. 334 more words

Herbal Male Anti-Aging Supplements To Look Younger Than Age

Shudh Shilajit is used for treating many health problems since ancient times. It is a type of mineral which is extracted from the Himalayan mountain region. 442 more words

Premature Aging

A Spoonie Story- "I was so focused on what went IN to my body that I completely neglected what went ON to my body."

This is a guest post by my friend Jennifer Robins of Predominantly Paleo.

Jennifer writes…

I was diagnosed with my first official autoimmune disorder in 2008 after having my first two babies back to back (in under a year). 397 more words

Banish Dark Circles with Vitamin K!

This luxuriously rich eye crème, made specifically for the delicate eye area, helps to diminish signs of premature aging. Rich in Vitamin K, this crème also works wonders at helping to eliminate dark circles! 174 more words

Pros and Cons of Mineral Oils

Statististically mineral oil is an extremely common ingredient in personal skin care product.

You don’t believe me? Well then,check your moisturizers or better yet your hair product. 302 more words