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NICU and my PTSD

Nothing can really prepare you for parenthood; but for parents of premature babies the time to plan and the anticipation of a new arrival is dramatically interrupted. 701 more words

Premature Baby

Daisy Daisy

Daisy Daisy – my friend at university used to call me that, because she said I looked like the comedian Daisy Donovan and had similar facial expressions. 1,528 more words

Premature Baby

No more oxygen!

A couple weeks ago we met Logan’s pulmonologist for a checkup. She did a physical assessment, looking for retractions around his chest while he cried with annoyance or fear (he just had a synagis shot a few days prior). 573 more words

The Power of Storytelling

Each and every one of us has our own personal story. Our stories of course may be quite different and our experiences unique, but for parents of premature babies our journey into parenthood will overlap and our experiences may be reassuringly similar. 250 more words

Premature Baby

Preemies Are Not Just Little Babies

And NICUs are not cute.

I spent a good part of my life knowing virtually nothing about premature babies or NICUs so it comes as no surprise to me that while I am drowning in a sea of new information and terminology and struggling to understand and accept this new phase of life – not everyone really ‘gets it.’ 1,198 more words

Premature Birth: What it’s really like series

Smallest Things Founder Catriona Ogilvy spoke to Talya Stone as part of her ‘What it’s really like’ series.

You can read the original article on ‘Motherhood Real Deal’   1,717 more words

Premature Baby