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puke ! babies gastric feeding tube premature baby

puke ! babies gastric feeding tube premature baby

cant watch don’t watch as your premature baby has a gastric tube fitted.

the very thought of  it could make you feel sick sometimes.so why does a premature baby need one in the first place , well the sucking reflex in premature babies only matures during the last few weeks of pregnancy. 133 more words

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Our Preterm Baby Part Three: NICU and Beyond

The NICU at NYU is staffed by incredible doctors and nurses doing everything they can for an array of preterm and ill babies. It’s an incredible place, filled with incredible people. 861 more words

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Our Preterm Baby Part Two: Labor

Its funny how things work out. With all the bumps we’ve hit bringing the baby home, labor and delivery were the smoothest parts of the road. 203 more words

Navel Gazing

15,000 people have signed!!!

15,000 people have signed because;

✒️… sitting beside an incubator is not be maternity leave
✒️…hooked up to a hospital grade breast pump is not maternity leave… 168 more words

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QC residents raised awareness of dangerous disease in babies

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Dozens of Quad Citians are walking to help premature babies.

About 80 gathered at Vander Veer Park in Davenport Saturday, May 14 for the third annual “Miracle Milk Stroll.” The event raises awareness about the use of human breast milk to prevent Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). 126 more words


Moderate Progress

The most recent test results are in and the 24 hour protein is still stable, down slightly but not enough to change it from stable to decreasing. 464 more words

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