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Moments of HopeĀ 

There’s been times with Little O where we experience moments of hope.

Moments consultants have said ‘he’s on the right track’ or ‘I’m really happy with him.’ 163 more words


Shock, Trauma & Hope: A Life changing journey through Neonatal Care

It has been 140 days since I heard the words “Oh this is not good, not good at all. This baby has to come out”. It’s been 139 days since my baby was born at 29 weeks by emergency c section, weighing 2lb 2oz, having stopped growing some weeks before. 721 more words

Premature Baby

The Troubling Loss of the Car Seat

I felt the familiar bite of envy today when I saw a dad walking into a bookstore carrying his baby in a car seat. Oh, those were the days. 369 more words


The capers of Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Nappy Boy

As D is three it’s been quite hard getting him to understand why Little O is always in an incubator, and why, when he comes out for cuddles he can’t play. 202 more words


Generous Ventricles

The hardest day to get through was Wednesday, the day after we got the news that London would need an MRI and a neurosurgery consult. Though we knew that the challenges of having a preemie were not over, we did not expect to encounter an obstacle quite as scary as this. 908 more words


The Roller Coaster

When I first came on to the Neonatal Ward every nurse and doctor told us it would be a roller coaster.

We would take one step forward, seven back and that would be our journey but that they would be there with us every step of the way. 293 more words



The first time you leave your baby is quite scary and you have to trust the person or people implicitly. Afterall they’re your most precious things! 350 more words