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An interesting read: Are Preterm Parents Happy?

I came across this interesting article this evening about very-preterm births and how parents are affected. Little Bear is not the same as the preemies in this article, as he was not very premature (VP) or very low birth weight (VLBW), but a 34 weeker and I am amazed every day by how far little Bear has come and how much he has caught up with other 8 month old babies. 10 more words

Placenta Previa – My Pregnancy and Birth Story

I’m returning to my original plan, after diverting to share with everyone about the awful loss Scott, by sharing a post that I have previously written, for someone else’s blog. 1,650 more words

Finding a Congenital Heart Defect at the Worst Time

A congenital heart defect, for those that don’t know, is one that has been present since birth. In these modern times, with so much screening, tests, and other procedures doctors are capable of, most are found at birth and can be dealt with in the most appropriate way. 1,686 more words

Turning 1 ...

What a year! This time last year our worlds were turned upside down as Poppie hurtled into our lives. At just 27 week + 1 day pregnant a check-up by the amazing midwives at St James hospital turned into a visit to the delivery suite, followed by an emergency C-section and then Poppie arrived at just 1lb 9oz! 624 more words

Premature Baby

Welcome Baylor Mark Mathews

November 25th

Happy Thanksgiving (yesterday) babe. Right now your daddy and I are sitting in a dark hospital room, it’s almost 3 am. Your dads trying to get some sleep on the couch but I can’t seem to even close my eyes. 2,089 more words

The Beginning

It’s taken me awhile to write these next couple of posts. Thinking back on this experience brings all those emotions back, and it’s a little hard on me. 1,488 more words

The Beginning

Hydrocephalus: In short it is a neurological condition that translates to water brain. There are fewer than 200,000 US cases per year. It is very rare.   788 more words