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I never made it to my third trimester, but I did have to wear maternity clothes. Of more assistance to me after I delivered, ironically, were pants with a belly band because any kind of pressure on my c-section incision area was intolerable. 944 more words

These tiny diapers fit babies less than 2 pounds

Learning to diaper an infant can be hard for any new parent. For parents of babies born prematurely, it can be even harder to get an awkwardly large diaper on a fragile newborn. 328 more words


Babies Can't Wait, Feeding Clinics, Nutrition, and Bottles

When you’re an expecting parent, you might register for some bottles because they are the trendy thing to do. Before we had our daughter, I thought that glass bottles seemed like the way to go. 549 more words

This is what a 30 weeker looks like

A few days after my admission to hospital, it began to sink in that my baby might be born any day. Or in a few weeks. 518 more words


J.R. Smith on Premature Baby: God is Good

J.R. Smith is right. God is good! Unlike the rest of us.

The January birth of his third daughter, Dakota, is a story that is touching not only him and his wife, Jewel. 225 more words

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We got home from the NICU at the end of October 2016. While we were in the NICU (98 days of it), we really just focused on getting through the days and swept the stressful emotions we experienced under the proverbial rug. 656 more words

"Effanineffable 1: The Brain" #MondayMemoirs

This was one of my very first actual posts in my history of personal blogging. That was way back the Multiply platform days. But time sure does fly! 101 more words

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