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How Baby Scans Can Predict Preterm Birth

Preterm labor is also known as premature labor. If you give birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy then you have a premature baby. Having a baby scan from a baby scan clinic can decrease the risk of it. 345 more words

Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic Watford

The Rainbow after the Storm

We had suffered the unimaginable. I will never ever know how we survived Blake, but what I did know was I was in an extremely dark place alongside Graham, my husband, and my mum. 1,671 more words

Premature Baby

Light for Leo

There is nothing in this life more heartbreaking than the death of a premature baby. I just read this article in Surrey Mirror about the tragic loss of Leo Frost, who passed away in February after being born at 24 weeks and 3 days. 109 more words

Growing a Baby in a Bag… Is it Right?

Yes, as weird as it sounds that is fundamentally what scientists are trying to achieve – to grow babies outside of the mother’s uterus in an artificial womb. 954 more words

Like Water Over a Stone

“Like water over a stone.” This is a favorite quote of my ex-husband (and now good friend), pulled out to give hope to a situation whenever we ruminate about the joys and tribulations of raising our twin boys. 449 more words


Life Gets Grander!

A couple of years after Brooks was born, I made the trip back to that hospital with my BFFFFFF (2 Fs aren’t enough!) Dorothy. Her daughter-in-law had gone into labor at 24 weeks and they were unable to stop it. 347 more words

God Has His Own Plans

When I married my husband in 2001, I added two more daughters and a son; as well as a grandson and granddaughter to my growing family! 1,623 more words