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Why The Smallest Things campaign is so important for preemie mums

Imagine for a moment giving birth to your baby but instead of having them placed onto your chest, feeling their warm moist skin against yours, hearing their every breath and bleating cry, they are whisked away from you with just a glimpse of their tiny skeletal, pale, lifeless body. 603 more words


The build-up to his birthday is always the hardest. This year has been incredibly difficult because having a preschooler is one more reminder of what could’ve been and what currently isn’t. 80 more words


Things You Need To Know About Kidney Dialysis and Pregnancy

When you are a woman and want to become a mother, there are few things that you wouldn’t do to get pregnant. The maternal instinct is coded in most women and even though maternity is not their primary goal in life, it is, by all means, an important decision that will affect every aspect of their existence for as long as they are alive. 772 more words


My son birth story.

So I’ll let you in on the most traumatic night of my life.

Lets start with before I gave birth: pregnancy.

My son was a planned pregnancy and it took a few years to fall pregnant with him, but when we did we were overjoyed. 942 more words


My Pregnancy Number 1.

My first pregnancy wasn’t planned. As me and my husband were tryingtrying for a baby before, however we felt it will happen whenever, little did we know it happened two months after he arrived to the UK. 348 more words

The Days Before Elijah

Ever since Lydia was born, I have enjoyed hearing others’ birth stories. Some are encouraging, inspiring, or at times, intimidating, but all have been useful in preparing me for another birth. 1,389 more words


On the eve of the end of November, prematurity awareness month, this is what it means to me

It means highlighting the statistics of premature birth, 15 millions babies worldwide born too soon. That’s 1 in 10.

It means highlighting the political issues, when your baby is born premature, it means your maternity/paternity leave starts straight away. 408 more words