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The Truth About Scent Of Attraction Is About To Be Revealed

OUR SENSE OF SMELL can discern much more than we realize. Unlike our other senses, olfaction reaches the emotional part of the brain faster.

What are Pheromones? 1,177 more words

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10 Natural Ways of Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Nowadays, men are suffering from more sexual dysfunctions than their previous generations. Long working hours, night shifts, irregular diet, too much of processed food, unnecessary use of medicines, lack of sleep, exercise and personal time are making life harder. 469 more words

Not performing at job? Have more sex to fix it!

Such are the times that people have started thinking that they can only do justice to their professional lives when they start working overtime to earn extra money and appraisal from boss. 708 more words

The Ultimate Tips to be Women’s Favorite

How you act and how you treat them are also important. If you want to attract girls, you have to pay attention to not just your looks, but your words and actions as well. 1,053 more words

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Why men and women’s libido should not be compared?

Women have been tied up by age-old belief that they show sexually submissive behaviors in comparison to men. Same goes for men as well.  In our society, it is stereotypical gender based behavioral boundaries which decide and shape opinion about a gender. 661 more words

Why sex is an Important exercise?

The Importance of Sexual Routine

Many people associate a healthful lifestyle with habits that are not exactly interesting for people. The very image of men and women pulling heavy weights, extreme workouts and following strict diet is not everyone’s cup of tea. 979 more words

How To Please Her Regardless Of Your Penis Size?

We know how depressing it is when you look at your little buddy and feel that it is inadequate to help you live a happy routine every day. 547 more words