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I Will Miss Those Days

I remember the days when I had Imani sleep on my chest so she wouldn’t forget to breathe, which happens with babies born very premature (14 weeks early). 73 more words


What seems like two years ago, I submitted a short essay to the Denver Post. To my delight, I heard back from them. They wrote that my essay was being considered for online publication as a guest commentary. 301 more words

Denver Dad

Appointments, appointments, and more appoinments

When we brought home our micro-preemie from the NICU, we had 2 pages printed out for us of follow-up appointments. It’s been almost 4 months since we brought him home, and there’s still one specialist we haven’t seen. 504 more words


how physics saved two million premature babies

Do you sometimes spend hours watching MninuteEarth videos? We’re definitely guilty.

We are so excited to debut MinuteEarth’s newest video about the CPAP device.

Check out who makes a cameo at 2:28!


Whats in a due date? Timing is a funny thing, because today I read this post from straight shooting, funny and real Mia at Cigarettes & Calpol. 479 more words

Micro-Preemie Life

Whenever you plan on starting a family, you have in your head a healthy nine month pregnancy. At the end of this 9 month journey, you envision bringing home a healthy, happy bundle of joy. 1,197 more words


This is what a 30 weeker looks like

A few days after my admission to hospital, it began to sink in that my baby might be born any day. Or in a few weeks. 518 more words