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Preterm Cognitive Function Into Adulthood

Reviewer:  Roxanne Rich

Article:  Breeman et al. Pediatrics 2015; 136; 3:  415-423

Link:  here

Objectives:  To determine how stable cognitive functions are from childhood to adulthood for very preterm (VP)/very low birth weight (VLBW) compared with term-born individuals and how early adult cognitive function can be predicted. 1,134 more words


#2: 'Sawyer'

It cannot be advised
Yet imparts the quality
Of lace upon the leaf at rest.

I will! and I will smell the smell
Of that strange hotel
Where the sick receive the water of the well
Where you slept, all day, within a limpid shell
Something like Purell, forever

I will taste the taste
Of that young, and awful waste
Mercury tang on the hem of the tongue
As I went to the bathroom
For nothing but to think, and rest
And first few drops of vapor of
The cloud that threatened rain
That never came
Gathered in my chest. 79 more words

Partnering With Parents. One Size Does Not Fit All

The journey from conception to the labour floor and then for some to the NICU is not a straight one.  There are times of joy, interspersed with sadness, denial, anger and eventually acceptance, as initial news of being pregnant leads to complications in pregnancy and then eventual admission of an infant to the NICU. 953 more words


Miracles...and World Prematurity Day

As many may know, today is World Prematurity Day. Prematurity is obviously an issue that hits close to our hearts, as Noah & Ryan entered this world nearly 6 years ago four months before they were done “cooking”. 1,335 more words


Imagine - World Prematurity Day

Today, November 17th, is World Prematurity Day.  In honor of our micro-preemie, I am re-sharing a poem I wrote years ago. I’d tell you to close your eyes to imagine, but then you wouldn’t be able to read. 1,323 more words


A Mother's Expectations

This post is in honor of my daughter and all the other preemie survivors out there. You are strong and have inspired us all! Happy World Prematurity Day… 1,132 more words


World Prematurity Day 2015

Today is World Prematurity Day, a day to raise awareness, and, for me, one more chance to celebrate. Did you know that on average there are 15 million babies born prematurely each year? 234 more words