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Tip 78: PDA medical treatment

Treatment of a symptomatic PDA in a preterm infant is usually by fluid restriction. If the former has not been successful, ibuprofen can be used (indomethacin is no longer available in the UK). 91 more words


Perspective Blown

I had this great blog planned out about having perspective on Big Man’s premature birth. But then we went to his 14 year old well-check, and that fabulous perspective was blown. 295 more words


Full-disclosure Fundraising February

Full-disclosure February on this blog has turned into something more closely resembling fully-withdraw February. It happened kind of naturally and I’m not beating myself up for it, but I will make the observation that despite all my detoxing and positive thinking and lofty goals for spending this month improving my health and writing daily, I am just as tired and cold and inclined to hibernate as I am every single winter. 1,761 more words


Tip 76: PDA 2

Due to an increased left (aorta) to right (pulmonary artery) shunting, a significant PDA can cause renal impairment / failure, intestinal perforation / NEC, and severe IVH / PVL possibly due to systemic ‘steal’. 39 more words


Tip 75: patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

The incidence of PDA in term infants is ~60: 100,000 live births.

In preterm infants, especially with a birth weight <1500g, the incidence can be up to 33%. 32 more words


Wimpy White Boy Syndrome (WWBS): Let's Agree It's Not a Thing

Less than four, maybe five, hours after the emergency c-section, I was still trying to wrap my mag-addled mind around the fact that at 29 weeks, my daughter had entered this world with a heartrending shriek. 1,236 more words


Arizona baby born premature gets heart transplant

PHOENIX (AP) – Caylyn Otto bought a bracelet for her unborn son, but not for his baptism.

“I pictured it being on an urn or being buried with him,” Otto said. 446 more words