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8th of January 2016

Today it’s the one year anniversary of my 20 week scan. The one where you expect nothing more than to find out the sex of your unborn child. 872 more words


A moment shared. 

Mumma’s taking a back seat today.

From Charlie and Oliver’s Dad, on a hilltop.

“A moment shared
I had a little moment today, a couple of days away from when our boys were born this time last year. 381 more words


Tip 70: hyponatraemia

Hyponatraemia is common in preterm babies, with up to a third of very low birth weight infants being hyponatraemic in the first week after birth. 51 more words


You are my bucket list

I didn’t realize the little anxieties that came with parenting. Maybe it was something I took for granted or maybe just never thought too much about it. 265 more words


I was grumpy yesterday, sorry.

I’m super positive and encouraging and I tell Oliver 20 million times a day how proud of him I am, and how well we think he’s doing. 608 more words


This grand vision

Big Man and I are training for a half marathon, which we will run on June 5th. I have this grand vision of us crossing the finish line, hand-in-hand, arms raised in a big, “Take that, prematurity!” kind of gesture. 274 more words


Best Preemie Toy? Try An O-Ball Toy For Easy Grasping And Playing

Preemies often wait a long time to start playing.  NICU life isn’t about fun, it is about survival.  Once your preemie is home, you will want to get the party started.   465 more words