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This one goes out to the Dads.

I write about mums. A lot. A lot, a lot. But there’s another person that’s there, working hard and feeling just as worn out and emotional a lot of the time: dads. 736 more words


Tip 2: ROP screening

100% neonates <32/40 or <1501g at birth need to be screened for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).
If <27/40, 1st screening should be at 30-31/40 CGA. 30 more words


Tip 1: anaemia

The haemoglobin nadir for term babies is at 8 – 12/52 age.

External link: anaemia of prematurity (eMedicine)

Previously published: 11/06/13, 03/06/14


Zika Virus & Pregnancy

Zika Virus & Pregnancy


Ture Carlson and Tyler Zerwekh, DrPH

Shelby County Health Dept., Environmental Health Services Bureau

There has been a lot of news coverage on Zika virus the past couple months. 723 more words

Infant Mortality

Every day is a Victory

These are the words that a fellow NICU mom told me when we sat together in a small room where we pumped our child’s only food source for our babies born too early. 399 more words

Off Balance: An Emotional Footprint

It’s very pleasing to have a new contributor on this site. Toby Shipway is an anaesthetist with a special interest in prehospital and critical care medicine. 849 more words


Boob farts. 

The NICU is a sad place; a hard place. It’s a place you don’t want to be and when you get there it’s full of fears and tears and bad news a lot of the time. 681 more words