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The Roundup: The Earth Isn't Flat, Tim Lahaye, and Tim Kaine on Climate Change

Yes, Virginia, the Earth is Round: We’ve known that the Earth isn’t flat for quite some time (say, 2200 years or so). Yet there exists a tiny portion of the population that still thinks that the planet is a flat disk. 182 more words

Nationalism and the Heavenly Kingdom: How Pentecostals Responded to World War I

This Week in AG History — July 1, 1916

By Darrin Rodgers
Originally published on PE-News, 1 July 2016

The summer of 1916, one hundred years ago, was bloody. 668 more words


Are you ready for the coming persecution?

A friend of mine, posted the following as a comment to a Facebook status update I authored:

I was born in the late ’50’s and became spiritually aware in the ’60’s. 2,728 more words