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#10 Fractal Premise

Hi! For those who are new to this, we’ll be releasing shorter material every weekday from now until the end of spring break, at which point we’ll resume publishing issues every two weeks. 114 more words

Be a friend, not irritating

Sometimes you give people great advice. Other times you inspire them to do great things.

Just because you help someone or say something that could fix what they came to fix, doesn’t mean they will respect your gestures afterwards. 94 more words

First line to a story im writing :)

Among the restless grey of the struggling day, a breath so sharp it cuts away all the worries that the demons say.

A Prelude to Footnotes on the 2015 UK General Election

As I find myself in America due to reasons of love I find myself looking back at my native British Isles with some concern this General Election.  334 more words

General Election

He Called us Brothers and Sisters

How can I trust God today? I had to revisit this question specifically on the premise of Hebrews 2:11, “…Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters. 478 more words


Clones: How the Masters Use Them

Some stories seem to lend themselves to lots of clones, others not so much.  These are the clones examples I’ve noticed in the books I’ve read lately. 192 more words


Clones: Variations on Theme Through Character

One way of showing theme and thematic premise is through comparing and contrasting the main character’s thematic traits with those of supporting characters. Characters who serve this function are often referred to as 1,600 more words