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Story - Siren

“A Siren swims a past a sailor ship and sees something shining in one of the portholes. She reaches a hand into the porthole to try and grab it; when she hears footsteps, and ducks back down into the water. 209 more words


Boiling: (v) to bring a liquid to the temperature at which it bubbles

It’s not that we forget old sayings, nor that they’re proven to be untrue, but rather, that their validity annoys us so much that we punish them and cast them into obscurity. 255 more words

B Words

Ecstatic Moments!

Life has two ecstatic moments,

One when the spirit catches,

The sight of truth,

The other is when it recognizes,

A kindred spirit…

Perhaps it is only in the land of truth… 26 more words

Karen Dowdall

Dying to Live

She is weak,

She is strong,

Her  heart beats wildly,

It no longer beats at all,

She can stand tall,

She has no feet at all, 39 more words

Karen Dowdall


In time I’m going back,

Into waves of memories,

And, suddenly I find,

The Summer sands,

Like a pulse,

Beating out a Summer heat,

And into my senses I breathe, 38 more words

Karen Dowdall