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A Note About the P-word

Not that P-word. Sheesh.

Writers are often asked the same questions by readers. These are among the most common:

“Where do you get your ideas?” 836 more words


Time for shifting premises of life on earth

Reading some history, it occurred to me … entire history of human kind is based on one single premise: “must be bigger/better”

We extrapolate that to “must conquer, must defend”, “must induce my idea to as many as possible, must reign and own as much as possible, must take a stand on what I believe in, must defend what is rightfully mine, must train/educate my children to believe in what I believe, to carry on my assignment, must fight to survive, …” 85 more words

Spirituality For Fun Project

Pulling it together: Prologue to The Elements

 And everything comes together?

Or so I thought. The benefit of sharing is at times immeasurable.

I was at the 1/3 mark of my final edit… in the build-up and final polishing of product of the PROLOGUE to The Elements ‘The Broken Light Of Reason’… 395 more words


[Menulis] Premis

Sewaktu masih jadi editor inhouse, hal pertama yang ditanyakan editor kepada penulisnya sebelum menceritakan apa pun tentang novelnya adalah: “Premisnya apa?” Biasanya, sih, penulis yang dimaksud (apalagi kalau penulis baru), akan tertegun dengan mata memicing dan alis mengerut, minta dijelaskan, premis itu makhluk macam apa. 349 more words


YA Review: TWO SUMMERS by Aimee Friedman

I love books–and movies, for that matter–that play with time and space. When I came across the description for TWO SUMMERS by Aimee Friedman, I was intrigued by the premise. 483 more words


How to Attract Readers?

Some books turn you off whether it’s spelling mistakes, cheesy cliches, or Mary-Sue characters. On the other end of the spectrum there are books that attract you. 1,128 more words